Set, Spike, Dive! Deleted Scene from Chapter 6

Catrogue wondered what the story behind Carina putting Devon in a headlock was. So...I wrote it. Enjoy!

Also, you can download the ebook version of the entire story here. Yay!


There's a New Story in Town

...and it's written by me.

Yes, that's right. I came back to Chuck. This idea hit me a week and a half ago and I've been working on it pretty furiously ever since (just ask any of the people I talk to on gchat). It meant doing a lot of research. Like, seriously, A LOT of research.  For a woman who can barely swim and ducks when she plays volleyball, writing a story where Sarah's the fandom equivalent of Misty May-Traenor and Chuck's diving off of the 10-m platform in no way qualifies under the rule "write what you know."

Erm, yeah, you read that right. Sarah does beach volleyball.  In the bikini and everything. If anybody's wondering if this story is my attempt to truly break mxpw, you're not far from the truth.

But so far, he's managing to hold it together while he betas one chapter after the next. Barely. It was touch and go for a little bit, but we only needed the defibrillator once, okay?  But I have not forgotten the ladies in the audience, either as Chuck is a diver. And you know what divers wear?

Yeah.  I hope you like the new story.  You can read it here on ff-net or here on AO3, and there's lots of adorables, Olympic antics, and Carina.  Like, lots of Carina. Way more Carina than Morgan.

Happy reading!


PS -- this is relevant.


Head's Up!

quistie64 has a blog!  You can read it here!  I've been scarce due to the fact that I went to Disneyland last week and took a true vacation with my family (yes, Space Mountain trumped my blog. Go figure), but I thought you should know that's where she is nowadays when she's not on Twitter.  You can catch updates from her story Chuck vs. the Sound of Music II there.