Outtake Scene

So this one doesn't fit after everything I've written in Fates and the plotlines coming up, but it's such a fun scene that it needs to be shared with the world, so it's being relegated to the blog. I picture this scene happening between 17 (The Halloween Chapter) and 18 (the Depressing Chapter).

Hella Prepared


A Scenelet from 29

Since I didn't post a preview with 28, I've decided to post just a little bit of 29, which is still in the process of being named. This is a fun scene. Chuck and Sarah are running in the park on the day after Thanksgiving, and they're chatting about life, the universe, and everything.

Without further ado, your preview:

Beside him, Sarah cleared her throat. He glanced over. “What was up with Ellie yesterday?”

“Oh.” Had it been that obvious? “Um, right. She was displeased with me because I didn’t deliver the letter.”

“You wrote it?”

“Yeah, a couple nights ago. While playing ‘Call of Duty’ with Casey.”

Sarah’s stride slowed just for a second. “You got Casey to play a video game? Willingly? You didn’t have to break his thumbs or anything?”

“One, that would defeat the purpose, and two, yes. He had a good time once he figured out how to use the controller, too.” The memory made him grin.

Sarah seemed to take a minute to absorb that, staring at the ground as they ran along, switching from sidewalk to cedar-chipped path to cut across the park toward Chuck’s apartment. They would do another round of the park before their run was complete. “So that’s where you went yesterday? To deliver the letter?”

“What, you weren’t sitting at your computer, tracking my every movement?” Chuck smiled to remove the sting from his words.

“Ha.” Sarah let the silence fall again before she flicked a glance at him. “Why didn’t you deliver the letter?”

We'll find out probably Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

- Frea


The Original Pickpocket Scene

Fun fact: I didn't write this. No, this was written by the lovely and talented Crystal.Elements, who is just so freaking awesome, you have no idea. She showed me around Stanford and we talked about Fates and fanfiction (seriously, she's got a doozy in the works) for hours, so I offered her this scene and she more than rose to the task. Unfortunately, I had to change some things about it to fit it to the Fatesverse, but the original is so cute and so funny, I wanted to share it here in its full glory.

Pickpocket Your Battles


What Fates Impose, the Playlist (Pt 1)

So music is something that's always going on in the background whilst going through the writing process, and Fates has some pretty fun tunes attached to its creative process. Thought I'd be vain and share some of the inspirations here.

And these songs do apply to the different characters and their varying perspectives, sometimes. Other times they're just what I was listening to while the chapter was being written.

Here we go, in no particular order:


Preview for Chapter 28

I didn't put one up on the end of What Fates Impose, so here's just a little snippet of the upcoming chapter, for those of you that follow my blog faithfully. :)

Chapter 28: Drafting (Name Subject to Change)

“Any luck?”

Chuck didn’t look up from the computer monitors in front of him, though his shoulders tensed a bit. “I’m sorry,” he said, crankiness flavoring every syllable so deliciously that he enunciated more than usual, “did you happen to hear me shout ‘Eureka’ or something? Because I must have missed it myself.”

In the doorway, Casey’s smirk grew so loud that Chuck had to look up from his desk. “So…no, then?” Casey asked.

Chuck scowled. “Yes, no. Don’t you have guns to clean?”

“Always. This is more fun.” Casey crossed his arms over his chest, his smile broadening. He wore the G-man suit today, but since Chuck hadn’t flashed on any immediate threats in the LA area, he’d been stuck in the office all day. Which made it only too understandable that he would be haunting Chuck’s office right now. Outside of stakeouts, Casey didn’t handle boredom well—or at all, really. And he’d learned early on that a frustrated Chuck was a source of hours of entertainment. He grunted now. “Maybe we should give this to the boys down at the home office at the DNI. Seems you’re not nerd enough for the situation, Bartowski.”

“I’ll have you know, I worked three years in a row on the winning solar car that my fraternity brothers and I built,” Chuck said before he realized that he was essentially walking into a trap.

Indeed, Casey’s smirk broadened. “Nerd,” he snorted, and walked away whistling, mission accomplished.


Truth, Lies, and the CIA 2

They're the scariest roommates on the planet. Don't believe me?

Truth, Lies, and the CIA Pt 2

This was ridiculous. She should’ve felt nervous. After all, she was quite probably entering some secret government undercover base—or maybe she was just going to some computer office. She had no idea, really. Chuck and Sarah had never made it clear where they worked, but she figured that Chuck’s new office, which had always seemed suspiciously and easily set up, was probably the headquarters for Operation Prometheus.

Operation Prometheus. Top secret, NSA-CIA black ops joint operation. Level six clearance, whatever the hell that meant.


Frea and Her Fates Journey

So I'm in California right now. Usually, I'm a Midwestern girl, cornfed (well, usually just corn cereal that's coated with lots of sugar) and awesome because of it, but I've been in the Golden State for a little over a week. In that time, I've done a lot of things, but this trip is slowly morphing into a What Fates Impose journey. Think I'm kidding?

BAM, Scary Stacks!


Rooming with the CIA: ALT POV from Fates

So the deal is, my grandfather passed away this week, but I had a lot of time on my hands, so this scene was born. It's a little rawer than my normal Fates writing, but when I'm in a mood, I can't really work on anything with a set tone. So I wrote this and I'm probably going to abandon it, hence the posting of it here.

- Frea