Outtake Scene

So this one doesn't fit after everything I've written in Fates and the plotlines coming up, but it's such a fun scene that it needs to be shared with the world, so it's being relegated to the blog. I picture this scene happening between 17 (The Halloween Chapter) and 18 (the Depressing Chapter).

Hella Prepared

“Hey, Sarah, have you seen the…” Chuck let his voice trail off as he began yanking drawers open at random, hoping that none of them activated some sort of gun vault in the wall like the desk in the living room of the Bachelor Pad. Since most people kept their junk in the top drawer of the desk anyway, he started his search there. He didn’t have much time—gaming night with Morgan—so he hurried as he shifted through the doors, knocking what was probably a neat filing system out of whack.

“Seen the what?” Sarah appeared in the doorway, fiddling with one of her earrings.

He glanced up and paused. Something about the act of taking off an earring…

“Chuck?” Sarah asked, her hands moving to the other ear. Since she was wearing a tank and skin-tight capris, he figured Frank was about to get another beating. “What are you looking for?”

“Uh.” Chuck looked down and focused on the desk drawer for a minute. “The white-out? I messed up a report, and I don’t want to start over again.”

“Second drawer down, on the left.”

“Right.” Chuck pulled open the drawer and almost missed Sarah’s wince as he pawed through. He sought about for a suitable lie. “Due at Morgan’s for a game night.”


“But I want to get this done first.”

“I can finish it for you.”

“No, no, I can do it.” Chuck glanced up briefly to grin. “It’s not fair for you to do all of your work and then mine on top of it.”

“Mm. Well, thank you.”

“Hey, no problem, I’m a fair—” Chuck’s hand stilled. In fact, his body went still. “Uh, Sarah?”


“You can really find anything in this desk, can’t you?” A grin spread slowly across his face as he drew his hand out, a line of foil packets dangling from his fingers. His eyes cut from them to Sarah as his grin continued to broaden. “Somebody believes in being prepared.”

One of Sarah’s eyebrows went up. She crossed her arms, earrings still in hand, and leaned against the door frame, just watching him. It was hard to see in the dim lighting of the dusk-laden office, but he could have sworn he could see a flush beginning to light up her cheeks.

So he crossed around the desk and sat, twirling the string of condoms around a finger. “Planning to get busy, were you?”

“Gotta be prepared for everything.”

Chuck’s eyes ran up and down the string of packets. “That’s hella prepared, Sarah.”

Inexplicably, the cool look changed to a smirk, and she straightened. Each step toward him was slow and measured until she was invading his space just the slightest bit. She leaned forward, her face really close to his. The smirk intensified, just a fraction.

His mind stuttered.

“What’s the matter, Chuck?” she asked. “Did I get the wrong size?”

And before he could do anything but stammer or drool or worse, she snatched the string of condoms and sauntered out.

The back of her neck, he saw as she left, was bright red.

Chuck stayed right where he was for a full thirty seconds.


So why doesn't this fit into Fates? I have my reasons. We're embarking on a plotline where timing and pacing is everything, and this scene just throws a spanner in the hyperdrive. And I'm sure some of you are asking, how can Chuck be oblivious after that exchange?

IS he oblivious, readers? Or is he just not self-confident to the point of utter confusion about why Sarah would like him, so he's repressing?




  1. OldDarth26.6.10

    I vote for the latter.

  2. i'm like addicted to your writing :) you're very good at it. can't wait for the next chaper. xx lana

  3. Anonymous29.6.10

    Chuck's not oblivious; he just thinks she's way out of his league.

    You're right, this scene doesn't fit. There's no way that Chuck (who a chapter or two later would be so embarassed by seeing Sarah naked) would EVER tease her about finding condoms in her desk (I presume it's her desk).

    It's much more likely that, if he found the condoms, he'd just turn bright red and hurredly put them back where he found them. However, if Sarah saw him find them, she'd probably tease him about it (or at least smirk at him).

  4. Anonymous30.6.10

    I'm guessing the latter. He's probably refusing to acknowledge the hints since that possibility is so far out there to be probable.

  5. Anonymous19.7.10

    What an amazing, funny great, romantic outtake

  6. Anonymous19.7.10

    Being somewhat self contained, this scene will fit in to 'Fates' at some point in the evolution of their relationship, and when it does you should definitely use it. Clearly not until Chuck has a little more of a clue about Sarah's feelings - but oh, what a fun ride that would be if she decided to watch Chuck squirm as she poured on the gas. ;)


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