Frea and Her Fates Journey

So I'm in California right now. Usually, I'm a Midwestern girl, cornfed (well, usually just corn cereal that's coated with lots of sugar) and awesome because of it, but I've been in the Golden State for a little over a week. In that time, I've done a lot of things, but this trip is slowly morphing into a What Fates Impose journey. Think I'm kidding?

BAM, Scary Stacks!

No, seriously, I had to drop my parents off at an airport not too far from here, so I took a little sidetrip to visit the most awesome Gleek/Chuck fan on the planet, Crystal.Elements. Let me tell you a little bit about Crystal. She's freaking fantastic. You think she can't get any cooler when you're talking to her online, but then you go and meet her, and she takes you around Stanford and shows you really cool parts of the campus...

And suddenly you blink and you're in a coffee shop and it's three hours later.

She's like a time lord.

Just part of the scenery, walking around Green Library. Chuck, Sarah, and Casey faced down Magnus Ragnhildur in this library, though Frea didn't know exactly who cool this place was at the time.

So Chuck and Sarah and Casey all go around Stanford in my epic story, What Fates Impose, running into exes, frenemies, and even a guy with a crossbow. Seeing the campus (which was nothing like I'd pictured it in my head) and the library (ditto), and getting my very own temporary library pass to visit the aforepictured Scary Stacks (where Sarah may or may not have imagined her and Chuck doing a lot more than reading)? FREAKING EPIC.

So that was the first part of my journey. The second part of my journey came while driving my parents to the airport (and back again). It's from Chapter 23 of Fates, and mxpw had to walk me through this scene.

But I can now say I've been to an In-N-Out!

How cool is that? I'm not as daring as Chuck. I didn't order Animal Style Fries, though my mother scolded me afterward because she thought they sounded delicious.

Now, if my Fates journey involves a crossbow, the Santa Monica Pier blowing up, getting kidnapped on the way to Chinatown, bunkers, or Siberia, you will all be the first to know. Except if any of that actually happens cos I really don't think I have Chuck's luck.

And, just because I can, here's a picture of my grandpa. He's the reason I came out here, after all.

That's my grandpa. Isn't he just the dude? I miss him.

- Frea

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  1. I recently lost my grandmother so I can understand the pain it must be causing you. For me it was a very sad event and a relief as she had been sick for a long time.

    I cannot think of how you can be able to at a time like this write such a wonderful and engaging story, but I commend you.


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