Greater Winter Break Update

Hey all!

Just wanted to let you know that I’m updating That Which is Greater: Winter Break tomorrow. Please bear in mind that Winter Break is a transitional story. It’s setting up for my final Greater story, which I haven’t named yet. So I’ll hint at things in this story that may not come to fruition until the next, bigger story.

When I’ll be writing that, I don’t know. Also, still in limbo with regards to publishing things, so will let you know when there’s forward movement on that front as well.

I’ve posted two excerpts from the chapter on my Tumblr, but people may not realize what they were, so I’m including them here:
“What’s the matter, huh?” he asked, eyeing the woods once more. Where were Sarah and Casey? What was going on? “Does anything hurt?”

Violet hiccupped and let out a wail, sobbing out a name that he finally figured out was “Patrick!” Then she curled in, making herself as small as possible.
And here:
“Open? Sarah?” Chuck nearly started laughing, except it was kind of true. Sure, he didn’t know what she was thinking half the time and it drove him crazy, especially on those nights where they shared his bed with CIA and NSA surveillance. But with Vi, there had never been any real need to guess where she stood. She’d always been kind of an open book. And he knew better than to tell her that. “Yeah, I guess so. Vi took to her right away, and you know how she is.”

“Tenacious,” Sophie said. Sadness flickered across her face for an instant. “To the point of bull-headed. I’m sorry. She gets that from me.”

“Hey, I have my moments.” Sarah had called him names when he refused to budge on missions after all. “So what’s happening with the ‘somebody,’ then? Is he going to know about Vi eventually?”

“Eventually,” Sophie said. “If he, you know, sticks around.”

“That might change things for you,” Chuck said.
These were posted as part of “Sunday Six,” an initiative to keep myself honest. I post at least six sentences from a WIP every Sunday. I’ve done it for three weeks now. My first post was from Arrow, but these last two have been from Winter Break 08, which is titled Skirmish. You should see it on ff-net and AO3 tomorrow. If I get Chapter 9 finished today, I’ll likely post that on Thursday.

Thanks for the patience!

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Workin' at the Car Wash

Hey all!

Sorry for the fact that for a few days, the Downloads page has been nothing but a rickroll. It couldn't be helped. I was using a service to host all of the ebooks that kind of, as my friend Aardie put it, went into a death-spiral. I've gone and put all of the ebooks on Dropbox now, and that site seems pretty steady. They're all shared, with the exception of a few books that I need to update and will do so in the upcoming week.

Speaking of ebooks, there's a new listing on the page. I posted Pink Drinks and Pick-Up Lines yesterday (AO3, ff-net, Tumblr) and it's kind of long enough to merit its own ebook on my site, so you can get that here. As soon as Steampunk.Chuckster finishes the next spurt of her awesome Con Game series, I'll update that download for everybody as well.

Updates: Still stuck on Greater Winter Break. Am trying to have a chapter ready for Thursday. Keep an eye on my Twitter. I'll post more there.

Publishing Stuff: Nothing new to tell! Will update when I can.

Recent Fic:
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And that's all I have, guys. Stay sexy!



Temporary Site Maintenance

Hey all,

I've been using SugarSync to host all of the ebook files I've created, but unfortunately, they switched away from free accounts and I'm not willing to pay for an account that I don't really use all that much. While I work on an alternative, I'm going to deactivate my downloads page. I hope it have it back within a week.

Also, I'm having some technical difficulties with That Which is Greater: Winter Break. I'll let you know when Chapter 8 will be out.

Stay sexy!