An mxpw Retrospective

Here is a brief rundown of my thoughts regarding the final season of Chuck. I plan on doing a much longer post when the show officially ends next year, but I wanted to jot some things down while yesterday's panel was still fresh in my mind. What follows are my personal opinions only.

You can see my thoughts after the jump.

P.S. New Curtain Call entry drops tomorrow AND the Fringe Rewatch is back, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel (chat starts at 7:30 CT).


I Lied!

Isn't it annoying when I do that?  I was like, I'm gonna go away and do stuff, but then I thought of stuff to blog about!

Anyway, I got bored and I have chapter 49 sitting on my hard drive.  mxpw will be the first person to tell you that I get antsy if I sit on a chapter for too long.  But I don't want to post it yet. So...what is a girl to do?  Oh, that's right.  Contest!

In Chapter 50, I will be using two songs.  Not saying in what capacity or anything, just that they're both songs I like.  Since I know we're a bunch of music nerds and people seem to like Fates, I thought I'd offer it up as a contest.  So your contest:  Guess the song.

Song #1

  • I played it in marching band.
  • The singer's first and last name are both first names.
  • It's obscure, but when I think of this singer's name, I also think of a polka-dotted bowtie.  Take that how you will (it doesn't mean said singer actually wore a polka-dotted bowtie).
  • Said singer's name is used in the movie Dave.
  • The song was inspired by a case of mistaken identity.
  • It also may or may not make me think of Adam Baldwin's first movie.

Song #2

  • Has been used on Chuck, pretty early on.
  • I have met one of the singers (he has a place in Colorado).  I was taller than him (this is rare).
  • It is four years older than Song #1.
  • In the year it was released, it reached Billboard Hot 100 number one single.
  • I have two songs of this title on my computer, different songs by different singers.
  • Referenced in Scrubs episode My Bed Banter and Beyond.

I figure those clues are nice and vague!  First one to guess either Song #1 or Song #2 gets to read first three pages or so of Fates 49!


Happy Guessing!


PS — please keep one guess per song to each comment.


Lazy Summer Serial: Curtain Call #6

Sorry for the silence of the Frea lately.  I will attempt to get more stuff going on with the blog, but Comic Con is coming (I don't think any of the CIA are going, but, you know, my Twitter feed seems to be nothing but the people who ARE going talking about how they won't get to make it to everything and meanwhile, my eye is twitching because I will be spending that entire weekend working or studying for my Java final.  *eye twitch*  Oh, and writing, too.  I'll try to update everybody on the progress of Fates 80....once there's actually progress).  Also, if anybody IS going to Comic Con and wishes to be a guest blogger for Castle Inanity, send me an email or hit me up on Twitter.

Anyway, it's the 18th!  That's awesome news, as it means that it's time for another installment of that great story What Fates Im—wait, what?  No Fates?  Oh, fine.  Have some Curtain Call instead.  Sarah has an equal chance of shedding clothing in either.

Okay, maybe that's also a lie.

Anyway, my screen is doing that thing where it's beginning to move around in place, which means it's time for me to nosedive into the keyboard or get some sleep.  Here's the plan: you read Curtain Call, leave a comment, and make mxpw's day since he has class.  Ready?  Okay, go!

— Frea (and mxpw)

PS — Fringe chat tonight on the blog!!! 7:30 CST!


Frea the Fangirl

I promised to blog "SO HARD" about this on Twitter the other day, but then life smacked me in the face, but here it is, my write-up on what it was like to get to go see Meg Cabot, author of many of my favorite stories, speak.  Warning: there are lots of capital letters, quite a bit about Frea's past, and yes, dragons, aliens, a chuckwagon, and pirates.

Would I make that up?  Well, yeah.  But I'm not this time!  I swear!


Lazy Summer Serial: Curtain Call #5

Here we go!  It's that time again!

Yeah, I really have nothing funnier or wittier to say than that.

Enjoy the story.

Frea and Maximus


Lazy Summer Serial: Curtain Call #4

We last left our dashing hero hanging from a cliff and our breathtaking heroine tied to a railroad track.  The fair lady Ellie was unconscious, the Captain of Awesome rendered immobile and tied to an anvil that could fall and strike his awesome head at any moment.  All looks hopeless for our merry band of renegades; will Chuck Bartowski save the day?  Or will evil and the vile Mr. Shaw win once and for all?  Stay tuned for the next episode of—waaaaaaaaaaait a second.  None of this really happened.  Shaw?!  In a Maximus and Frea story?*  What noise is this, Frea?

You're right, of course.  Either I've been imagining Curtain Call as Sand Pirates of the Sahara**, or I'm out to cause trouble, like Max constantly worries I will (he told me yesterday that he spends a lot of time worrying about the havoc I've created and how long it can be until he gets online to minimize the damage....I have no idea why).  But the good news is that the new edition of Curtain Call, our Lazy Summer Serial entry for 2011, is here at last!  And it's a doozy.

Quick recap:  Sarah's an actor.  Chuck's besotted.  There's bad people in the world.  Ready?  Go!

— Frea

PS — Don't forget to join us on the blog at 7:30 CST tonight to chat about Fringe!!!

*Yes, I'm aware that both of us have written stories with Shaw in them. Shut up, you.

** If you got that without googling, you now know one of the entries in Frea's top five movie list.


Fringe Rewatch Reminder Episode 1.07

Just a quick note to remind everyone to join us tomorrow night to watch episode 7 of season 1 of Fringe, In Which We Meet Mr. Jones. No, I'm not describing what happens in the episode, that's actually what it's called.

It's been fun chatting with all of you awesome people as we've watched three episodes thus far, and I look forward to doing it again. Reminder, the chat here on the website will open at 7:30 PM Central, and we'll start watching the show at 8 PM. So be here tomorrow, and we'll chat it up once again. Until then...



Late last night, I took to Twitter to address some concerns that I had with the fanfiction world as a whole. Below are what could amount to rules. Don't feel bad if you've fallen into any of these traps, though. It's been confirmed that I, Frea, and mxpw have each broken at least once of these rules.

Hit the break for #FanfictionConcerns.

Lazy Summer Serial: Curtain Call #3

Right on time, our third installment of Curtain Call, in which Chuck almost swallows his tongue.  Several times.


mxpw and Frea


Just a Reminder...

Don't forget to tune in tonight at 9/8c for our great Fringe rewatch!  We'll be watching the Arrival, the fourth episode of the first season.  For those of you in the states, you can stream it here for free through the WB's fantabulous website.  Or you can buy it on Amazon or iTunes, too, if you want to show your support!  This time, I'll actually be around to chat with everybody, as well as Wepdiggy.  Really hope to see everybody there!

— Frea

PS - Even if you're not going to watch the episode itself, feel free to drop in on the chat room.  Yes, there will be a chat room, right here on the blog.  Muhaha.

PPS - Chat opens up half an hour before the episode starts.


R&J — Passion in Providence, Part I

This picks up right after the Boston series. Happy Fourth of July!

— Frea


Reminder to Rewatch

Don't forget to join us here at Castle Inanity at 8 PM Central (9 Eastern, 6 Pacific) for the Fringe Rewatch 2011, where tonight, we'll be watching episode 1.03, The Ghost Network. We'll also have a chatroom for the viewing party go live at 7:30 Central, so make sure to check back here to chat away will all your Fringe Friends! Oh, and a quick reminder: You can watch the episode streaming on the WB website in the United States. Look forward to seeing everyone later tonight!


Lazy Summer Serial RESULTS!

So over 600 votes came in this week, deciding which story Maximus and I will be writing until Season Five hits our screens and brings us back the lovely Levi and Strahovski quality time we're missing so much that we're starting to twitch.

...Okay, that's a lie.  I'm not twitching yet.  But mxpw might be.  I distinctly heard some Gollum-like crooning over the precious, which I'm going to take to mean SWP. Don't worry, that's normal.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank everybody for taking the time to vote and give feedback.  I know we probably didn't make it easy on you: the nature of the game with the choices is that you were voting based on your faith in us. Thankfully, there are an abundance of good Chuck fanfic writers providing excellent stories of all AU types (hi, Tally!  Sorde!  ninja!) that should make up for the lack of the other four stories.

So I'm sure you're dying to know which story won.  I could probably prattle on for a couple more paragraphs (I'm talented that way), but the winner is after the break!

R&J — A Love Affair in Boston, Part V

And this concludes the Boston part of our story, which I'm sure neither protagonist will forget.  mxpw says this section has his stamp of approval.  No idea why.