Hi! You seem like a really cool/interesting/knowledgeable-about-something-really-obscure/Chuck-loving/Avengers-loving/Arrow-loving/writer-shaped type person. Where else can I find you?
If you look over there in the sidebar, you'll find some of my links to other social media sites and where my writing is stored. For specific writing stored on the Tumblr, I’ve got an Avengers fanfiction tag and a Chuck fanfiction tag you can peruse to your heart’s desire. I’m probably most active on my Livejournal at the moment.  I also don't post much at FFN, so if you're looking for my newest stuff, you should probably check my AO3 page.

Also, if you look at my fic page, I list pretty much every single thing I've written by fandom, when I wrote it, how long it is, and status (complete, incomplete, abandoned). Have at it.

Do you have a transformative works policy?
I DO NOW! Boy howdy, needing one of those is like putting on the big girl panties after being in pull-ups for a long time. But I have one, and it's long and complicated (read: it's not), and you can feast your eyes upon it here.

Hey, I have a cool story idea! Can you write it/read it/beta it?
Sometimes I solicit prompts (which can be anything from three sentences in length to over a thousand words) on my Tumblr. When I do so, it is perfectly fine to send me your prompts. These are short stories that I usually don't put more than an hour of work into, and I will absolutely not take on any epic-length or pre-plotted stories. If you have written out an entire timeline, for example, it is my belief that you should write that story yourself. Also, I retain the right to refuse any prompt that makes me uncomfortable or doesn't interest me. I ask politely that you do not send me unsolicited prompts. I would love to write these for you, I genuinely would, but I have a very full plate at the moment and when you ask for a prompt and I can't fill it when I've filled so many others, it makes me seem like the bad guy. Please do me a favor and don't put me in that position.

For beta reading/reading over fic, I am completely unreliable as a beta reader. I will sometimes offer to beta read for close friends, but I will not usually beta for total strangers. The reasons for this are two-fold: I am a harsh beta reader and do not hand-hold, and if given a choice between betaing somebody else's story and pursuing a writing idea of my own, I will usually choose the latter. If you are looking for a beta reader, I suggest checking message boards relating to your fandom, or Tumblr. Thank you.

Hey, I’m a new writer looking for advice. Got any for me?
Sure, I've got a whole tag full of writing advice. Candidly, the best advice I can give you is pretty much the same advice any other writer will give you: Write. Read. Experience. Write some more. Pay attention to the things you like in writing and try to do those yourself. Get a good beta reader, somebody you trust that won’t try to overpower your work with his/her own agenda and can help you grow as a person and a writer. Don’t be afraid to fail. Keep moving forward. So on and so forth.

How do you make the ebooks you’ve got on the downloads page?
I use a program called Calibre, which is free. You can Google it. I usually download or copy the files from ff-net or AO3, do all of the formatting myself with a text editor, and run it through Calibre to make the files. The covers, I design myself. You can see most of them here.

You’ve got several unfinished stories. Are you ever going to finish them?
I don’t like to leave stories unfinished, but sometimes it can’t be helped. I don’t abandon stories maliciously. Rest assured that even though the unfinished stories bother you, they bother me probably ten times more. That said, I do need to focus on other things. Sometimes, it’s real life, sometimes it’s another story whose voice is talking louder to me.

Is there more coming in the Greater verse?
Yes, there is, though I appreciate the patience while I work on it (these things, sadly, do not write themselves, which would make my life so much EASIER). The plan right now is for there to be two more stories: one involving Carina and a final, epic story “closing out” that universe. I know some people would prefer I just keep writing in that universe forever, but things must come to an end, and I pray that end is soon for this ’verse.

I don’t think What Fates Impose is actually finished. There’s so much more of the story to tell.
The summary line says complete. If somebody else wants to go in and try to “finish” Fates, by all means, have at it. Please understand that in the event that this happens, I will not read it. I would be flattered, of course, but it’s a personal preference. In addition, trying to “twist my arm” and cajole me into writing more on it will only serve to make me angry. Please respect that I consider it finished. Thank you.

How about Curtain Call? I’m jonesing for another hit.
Right now, the cowriter (the great mxpw) is in a very intensive training program, and if we do return to this story, it will not be until 2015. I know it's frustrating, but I care more about his future than I do about fanfic.

And Guide Us Home?
As of June of 2014, I have decided to abandon this story. I apologize to anybody that feels hurt by this move, but it's better for my mental health that I don't return to this story.

What’s your favorite show?
Fringe. No contest. But I love the first two seasons (and assorted episodes afterwards) from Chuck, I like Orphan Black, Parks & Rec and Community, Arrow, Raising Hope, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Gilmore Girls. My favorite movies are How to Train Your Dragon, Ocean's Eleven, and The Avengers, which I also write fic for.