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Chuck, we need to talk about your reading material. SEVEN KIDS?!
It's been awhile since I've put out new ebooks on the site, and a lot of that can be blamed on the fact that I've got Shiny Disorder, I suppose.  Or a busy life, either way.  But today, I'm pleased to unveil two awesome authors on the blog for download.

I'm sure absolutely nobody is surprised that I converted Chuck vs. the Sound of Music into an ebook, given how much I loved that story.  You can go ahead and grab that fabulous work here, natch.

The second author I'm really excited about because I haven't converted anything of hers yet, but that's right, you can get brickroad16's Collide, fresh off the ePress, right here.

And, you know, for those fans of Violet Bartowski, don't forget to nab your copy of That Which is Greater: A Thanksgiving To Remember.



PS - If you're reading the story for the first time as an ebook here from Castle Inanity, please do me a favor and go review the author's work at fanfiction.net to let them know!


Icons! Chuck vs. the Business Trip

Hey, look, icons from Chuck vs. the Business Trip. What, bored, me?  Never.

If you want 'em, leave a comment and let me know so I can online stalk you and see the lei'd Chuck and Sarah.


Castle Review - 4.09 - Kill Shot

A sniper on a killing spree is terrorizing New York City. With the clock ticking down to the next murder and nothing to go on except a killer with no apparent motive but to instill terror, this could prove the team's toughest case yet. The hunt is made even more complicated when Beckett begins to experience increasingly strong moments of PTSD - moments she tries hard to hide from Castle and the detectives.

I know, I know, we're changing things up here at Castle Inanity yet again. All I can say is, both Frea and I are pretty busy these days with things in real life (whatever that is) and so we're always looking for things that can make our maintenance of the blog more efficient. To that end, I'm going to be taking over Castle reviewing for the foreseeable future. Don't expect a detailed analysis like Alris provided. This will just be my quick thoughts on the episode. The detailed analysis I leave to you.

So what did I think of 4.09 - "Kill Shot"? Click the link to find out!


mxpw vs. Frea - Chuck vs. the Business Trip

Chuck vs. the Business Trip
Season 5, Episode 04, Original air-date November 18, 2011

Chuck and Sarah must stop an assassin after the Intersect at a Buy More convention. Jeff shows a new side to himself.

Max here, posting the review this time, and you know what that means. That's right, drooling over Sarah in the Nerd Herd uniform. And there's no Frea to stop me. Mwuaha.

Sarah in the NH uniform, best thing ever or best thing of all time? Discuss.

Okay, to be serious for a second before we get back to the truly important things, this episode was written by Kristin Newman. Frea's crush on Newman is well known, but after Business Trip, is Frea still in love with the future Mrs. O'Scanlin? You'll have to read the review to find out.

More after the jump!


The Minions Speak: Shoe — Chuck vs. the Business Trip

Hey y'all, it's Shoe again and I'm going to give my thoughts about Chuck Versus the Business Trip. I told Frea I would try to keep this short until I mentioned that there was a pool featured in this episode, and y'all know what that means...


Brain Lint the Second

It's Quistie Day!  To some people, this may mean "Thursday," but to the people in the know (aka the cool kids), this is a day dedicated to the wonderful, the marvelous, the talented quistie64.  Yes, yes, Max, things have been awful for you ever since quistie and I joined that mutual appreciation society. Don't stop running on that hamster wheel.  The Dr Pepper fountain's not gonna run itself.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I asked quistie to write a second Brain Lint column about Chuck vs. the Zoom, and she wonderfully complied. Unfortunately, she complied in November, which is a bad month. My already scatter-brainedness shoots through the roof.  So this literally sat in my inbox since she sent it.

But it's Quistie Day!  Which means I get to post it.  Do you need some marital advice?  Are you a spy at the beginning of your career in the corporate sector for the first time?  Are you married to an equally hot spy and need some tips on how to make the marriage work?  Don't worry, quistie has you covered...after the break!


mxpw vs. Frea - Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips

Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips
Season 5, Episode 03, Original Air-date November 11, 2011

Chuck has some fears about Morgan having the intersect and it going to his head. Elsewhere Sarah helps Casey navigate his relationship with Gertrude Verbanski. And in the meantime Devon is spending his paternity leave with baby Clara at home but quickly finds it unexciting and that leads him to the Buy More where he makes a startling revelation about Jeff and Lester.

So far, Max and I have managed to stay chipper in the face of a show that constantly puts our least favorite character, a character that has inspired Castle Inanity's very first safe-word, in the spotlight. We've enjoyed two episodes in a row where it seemed like Chuck has found his spine (it wasn't in Sarah's purse) and Sarah has been pretty cool (on top of the fact that she's Sarah Frakking Walker) and even Casey has been hilarious (your CASEY unit now has a mate: Gertrude!).

But when the episode turns Morgan into such a douchebag that he even frosts his tips, can Max and I keep our streak up, or is this going to be a special pessimist vs. pessimist edition of mxpw vs. Frea?

Check the break to find out.


Inane Chatter - Castle 4.08 - Heartbreak Hotel

Again, sorry for the delay, folks. My fault again, along with some technical difficulties, prevented this review from going up in a timely manner. But it's here now, so read and share your thoughts!

Happy Veteran's Day!



Shoe vs. BDaddyDL: Two Minions Enter, One Minion Leaves

Frea's Note: The reason this review is so late is my fault and nobody else's.  They got this to me on Sunday, but I've either completely forgotten or have been abducted by very kind aliens that let me tweet from the belly of their spaceship. Either way, here's the Minions' Look at Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit!  Enjoy!

Hey y’all! Shoe here again but this time, I have my fellow minion, BDaddyDL, helping me out with the Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit review. This is a bit of an experiment, so we’ll see how it works! Enjoy!

Team Bartowski is trying to get Carmichael Industries off the ground after having their assets frozen by Decker. Their competition, Verbanski Corp, attempts to lure Sarah Walker into their business only to try and recruit John Casey. Casey and Verbanski have a romantic past, which complicates a few things between business associates. Also, Morgan is not adjusting well to having the Intersect in comparison to Chuck.


mxpw vs. Frea - Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit

Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit
Season 5, Episode 2, Original Air-Date: November 4, 2011

The team takes on a missing persons case and have to establish themselves as Carmichael Industries in the face of a rival security firm led by Gertrude Verbanski. Meanwhile Morgan adjusts to being the intersect and Chuck being his handler.Also the Buy More finds a new and unlikely spokesperson who helps to drum up business.

Okay, so it's less than an hour to midnight in Central Time, but I want it noted that for me, it's still Monday! I didn't miss this deadline. *gasp, pant, whoosh* Click the break, where you'll join an mxpw vs. Frea already in progress!


Inane Chatter - Castle 4.07 - Cops and Robbers

Sorry, guys! The lateness of this review is entirely my fault and not Alris's. I got swamped with school and tonight was the first bit of free time I've had since the episode aired.

Anyway, I'm sure you don't want to hear my excuses. Let's get on with the review!