Some Goodies

Chuck, we need to talk about your reading material. SEVEN KIDS?!
It's been awhile since I've put out new ebooks on the site, and a lot of that can be blamed on the fact that I've got Shiny Disorder, I suppose.  Or a busy life, either way.  But today, I'm pleased to unveil two awesome authors on the blog for download.

I'm sure absolutely nobody is surprised that I converted Chuck vs. the Sound of Music into an ebook, given how much I loved that story.  You can go ahead and grab that fabulous work here, natch.

The second author I'm really excited about because I haven't converted anything of hers yet, but that's right, you can get brickroad16's Collide, fresh off the ePress, right here.

And, you know, for those fans of Violet Bartowski, don't forget to nab your copy of That Which is Greater: A Thanksgiving To Remember.



PS - If you're reading the story for the first time as an ebook here from Castle Inanity, please do me a favor and go review the author's work at fanfiction.net to let them know!


  1. Crumby29.11.11

    Thank you.

  2. Anonymous29.11.11

    Thanks Frea,

    I hate to correct you, however it is not a Shiny Disorder. It is the Shiny Object Theory (bordering on scientifically proven law). It affects all of us, although some are more susceptible than others.

    It does make a great excuse though. Wait, no it is a valid reason not a flimsy excuse.


  3. I would really like to read Chuck's review of SOM...

  4. Anonymous1.12.11

    thank you. My kindle is that much closer to complete.

    - mobi

  5. NeilN2.12.11

    Thanks for doing that great cover for SOM, Frea.


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