Transformative Works Policy

Frea’s Transformative Works Policy:

If you’re going to do any of the following based on any of the stories I’ve written, non-fandom specific:
• Meta Commentary
• Podfic
• Sequel**
• Prequel
• Missing Moment
• Translation
• Remix
• Fanart
• And much, much more
I require a pony.*

*I do not require a pony. I embrace all of these things happily and would love to see them exist and would be incredibly flattered by their existence. All I ask is that you credit the original work and contact me (here is my email, and you can PM me on ff-net, LJ,and Tumblr) to send me a link when you’re done so that I can faint and upon being revived share the link with all and sundry.

** One note on sequels. I will, of course, be happy to pass the link on to all fans of the original work and probably write you a glowing write-up if you choose to write a sequel to any of my stories. With some stories, though, I may choose not to read any sequels written (**coughcoughFATES**) because I simply have a terrible head-space around those stories and need to look after my own mental health first.

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