Just a Brief Announcement

So for the past few days, fanfiction.net has been freaking out and I've even gotten emails that people can't access chapters of Fates.  Well, seeing as I am vain and I love people being able to read my stuff and I hate relying on ff-net, I decided to do something about this.  That's right, I archived Fates.  You can read it all here.  Just use the sidebars, helpfully split into the different parts, to navigate through the chapters, or click "Newer Post" to go to the next chapter at the end of any given post.

And I'm also thinking about opening up chapter threads on Castle Inanity the day after I put a chapter up so that people can debate, if they like. Plus, it's just easier than replying to PMs, which I'm kind of iffy about anyway.

Anyway, that's all for now.  Back to work on 40.

- Frea


What WHAT?

I happened to pop in on my traffic page over at FFNet and was pleasantly shocked to find that Kill Bryce has already reached 50 story alerts with just two chapters. I mean, wow! Are you guys awesome or what? Seriously, I didn't expect the story to get that kind of attention so quickly, if at all. If you're one of the people keeping up with Kill Bryce, then this is for you, as my way of saying thank you. :)

4x02 - Chuck vs the Suitcase Icons!

So, yesterday while I was photoshopping some stuff for something else, I grabbed a few images from the episode and made icons. Only six this time, but if you want one, just leave a comment and let me know you took it. :)




mxpw vs. Frea - Chuck vs. the Suitcase

Chuck vs. the Suitcase 
Season 4, Episode 02, air-date September 27, 2010

Summary: As the team tracks down a high-tech weapon in Milan during Fashion Week, Chuck discovers some issues in his relationship with Sarah. Morgan uncovers a flaw in Buy More's security, and Casey tries to acclimate himself to living in Burbank.

The truth?  This episode is all about Sarah Walker.  And mxpw and Frea couldn't be happier...or could they?  See the review, after the break.

Instant Reaction: Chuck vs the Suitcase

Tweet 1: Immediately thinking of the JT song "Sexy Ladies." #ChuckItLive

Addendum: Firstly, Justin Timberlake is ridiculously good. Secondly, I don't know how you see Karolina Karkova and not think of that song. "Just lettin' you know/ that I got sexy ladies (Oh!)" Someone asked last week who would be on my "I'm not gay, but if they insisted" list. Justin Timberlake is totally one of those people. Karolina Karkova, on the other hand, is on the "Please please please please dear God insist" list. Subtle, yet distinct differences.

More after the break!


Always One Step Behind

So I was a little bored this morning.

No, I have no idea where this came from.

No, I don't think it has a point.

Unless it made you smile.

In which case, that's the point.


- Frea


The Roundup, Episode 2: Knowing More

Since it's been quiet on the blog lately, how's about some writing links?

So I've got some fun links today that kind of go hand in hand with a lot of the philosophies I take up when writing Fates, and I can't wait to share!


mxpw vs. Frea - Chuck vs. the Anniversary

Since mxpw and I are too lazy to do official write-ups of the episodes and we're not fast on our feet like Chris, we decided that since we always rehash the episodes over chat anyway, we'll just post that here.  Each week, somebody will take the optimist side and the other the pessimist.  I got to be the optimist first (you'll see why) and mxpw and I had a fun time playing point-counterpoint.  Or as it sometimes went, point-I agree with you but counterpoint!  First up: Chuck Vs. the Anniversary, aka Short Skirt, Long Jacket (Sarah wears one, Chuck wears the other; together they're a Cake song!). 

4x01 - Chuck vs the Anniversary Icons!

Writer's block/slight neck pain march onward, which means I had a little time on my hands. Thanks to Strahotski getting the screencaps up, and my own taping of the episode, I had some screengrabs. What's that mean?

Icons, of course! Check 'em out after the break.


Instant Reaction: Chuck vs the Anniversary

Tweet 1: Entertainment Tonight is the worst lead-in for #ChuckItLive. They actually tell you to watch Dancint with the Stars. #WTF

Addendum: This is true. Every time I tuned in to watch Chuck a little early last year and saw Entertainment Tonight, all they talked about was Dancing With the Stars. Wow, NBC, you really know how to run a network.

More after the break!

Sneak Preview: Fates 39

Since I'm so excited about the premiere tonight, why not a little taste of the next chapter of What Fates Impose just to tide you over until 7 or 8 p.m. rolls around?

Here you go!

Favorite Episodes

So to celebrate the final part of Premiere Week--which I should've put more thought into going in, but Fates, real life, and an old case of tennis elbow that lives in my neck sprang up, so my apologies--meant that I went around to my fellow CIA to ask them to give me their favorite episodes.  You may or may not be aware that Season Four of Fringe Chuck is appearing on TV screens across the nation tonight, and we here at Castle Inanity thought we might help get everybody excited for the upcoming season by revisiting everybody's favorite moments throughout the series.  If you look closely, you might be able to spot some of our writing tendencies scattered throughout our favorites.
**SPOILER ALERT**: mxpw likes the episodes about Sarah.  You have been warned.


Fates Extras

Recently, Ayefah asked me for a floorplan of the Heartbrake Hotel, given that a lot of action took place there. Well, I have no future as an architect, but here are some drawings I whipped up in Photoshop, as well as a name chart to help you keep up with some of the cover names in Fates. You can click on the pictures and get the larger versions.

The Scoop, Season 1, Episode 6: All Roads that Lead To TakeItTo22 are Winding

In a continuation of Premiere Week, I bring you a gift from Day 5. 

That's right, our very own mxpw caught up with TakeItTo22 the writer of All the Roads that Lead to You are Winding. For simplicity's sake, we sometimes just call it Roads because here at Castle Inanity, we are lazy like that. Kind of like how I didn't open up Photoshop to make a Scoop graphic tonight because Fates was calling my name. But hey, look here, a shiny new interview!

Man, that intro sucked. Let me try this again.

Hey, Frea here. We've got a real treat for you tonight. That's right, our very own mxpw sat down and caught up with the brilliant writer of All The Roads that Lead to You are Winding. Tally, as she's called for no good reason whatsoever (Frea likes to name things randomly), has not only written Roads but a companion piece (Confessions of a Nymphomaniac...Spy (ellipsis optional)) and the wonderful Chuck Vs. the Replacement. Does she, like Wepdiggy, employ a taskforce of unwed mothers to do all of her dirty work? Would she turn Chuck into the best horror movie ever like Justin? Can she keep up with Chris in a conversation about music and albums?

The answer to one of those questions is yes. Read the interview and you may find out which one, but probably not since they talk about much better things than that in the interview.


I Am Tomorrow, I Am Today

As part of Premiere Week here on Castle Inanity, I humbly submit to you all, my latest one-shot. It's entitled I Am Tomorrow, I Am Today. Find it after the break.


Premiere Week Day 2&3!

So I was lazy last night and didn't give a gift to the blog.  My bad.  So today, I give you two gifts:

Chapter 38 of Fates is complete.

And for those worried about forgetting something that's happened in the two very action-packed months of Fates, check the top of the blog, under the big picture of Sarah.  You might find a surprise waiting for you.

Or you can just click here.




Premiere Week Day 1!

So in a week, there will be a new episode of Chuck.

This is a little bit exciting to me.  I'm not going to lie.  I've rallied the members of the Cabal, stocked up on Dr. Pepper (they had a sale at the local gas station), locked everybody but the cranky sensei dog out of my writing study, and have decided to devote this week to the thing that is most awesome in all of our lives:



Why We Watch Sarah Walker

So, it's mxpw's birthday. Look around. You had to have noticed.

Now, I write the Why We Write series here on Castle Inanity. And maybe that philosophical approach has given you the impression that I'm trying to be above issues of vanity. Well, I gotta say, mxpw's b-day has given me the perfect opportunity to dispel that myth. In honor of our very own Double Agent, this entire blog post is dedicated entirely to exploring why Sarah Walker is so awesome, and why so many of us tune in every Monday to watch her.

Spoiler: It's because she's f'ing hot.

Happy Birthday, mxpw!!!

From Crystal: Hiya, mx. :) I know this isn't much, but we (that is, Frea and I) wanted to make your birthday special, and what better way than to splatter the blog with everything Yvonne? Hope you like it! And don't worry, I've got a resized wallpaper version waiting to be sent, just in case you want it as a desktop background. ;)

Seriously, mx, you are the best. Thanks for always being there to chat with me at the most random of times (even 4 in the morning during school, when I'm completely freaking out over papers) and being the most amazing beta reader ever. Kill Bryce just keeps getting better and better with you around to help me. Hope you have an AWESOME birthday, buddy. :)

From Frea: I've already said you're awesome twice, and I meant it both times, but seriously, man, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  HERZLICHEN GLUECK ZUM GEBURTSTAG!   Thank you for being there to hold my hand whenever Fates is being mean to me, and for always making me laugh, and for being so in love with Sarah Walker I have to strive to make her the best I possibly can, and for being the best co-writer I ever had.  You truly do rock, man.  And so does Crystal for making this awesome background.  Also, I heart Yvonne's earrings in that picture.  Random, I know, but there you go.


Crystal and Frea


Interview! Part 2 of 3

So I am officially declaring it Interview Wednesday here at Castle Inanity.  Not only do you get the fabulous episode of the Scoop below with the one and only Wepdiggy (no, seriously, I googled him and there really is only one Wepdiggy on the planet earth), but I've got the second installment from the series of OldDarth interviews. He promised me a pony if I would chat with him for awhile, but I think it's a trick pony, and that's a really bad pun.

Anyway, in this edition of OldDarth and Frea Shoot the Sh--Breeze, the topic is something I think a couple of you might find interesting. That's right, the migrating habits of the African Swallow. Because, you know, the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow is that--

Wait a second, what? The interview is about Fates? What Fates Impose? Who the hell wants to hear about that? Geeeeeez. Well, at any rate, enjoy! And thank you, Old Darth, for taking the time to put this together!

Interview with Frea O'Scanlin 2 by freaoscanlin

- Frea

The Scoop, Season 1, Episode 6: Wepdiggy, Anna Wu, and Psychos That Are Adorable

It took forever and a day to get Wepdiggy to agree to do an interview for "The Scoop." First, we ran into issues with our agents: my agent started some fisticuffs with his publicity manager outside of Nobu last weekend and we're still dealing with the fallout from that, and then I didn't have the interview room perfectly set up for Wep (the Fiji water wasn't cold enough, the Cubans were actually Zamimbian, and I forgot to pick out all of the blue M&Ms from the bowl), and then, of course, there was the issue of dueling temperaments.  I'm a hothead, but I'm nowhere near as bad as Wepdiggy.  He threw a fit--A FIT, I tell you--when I mentioned that Daleks were just so cute with their little earlights and their wee little hands.

But all joking aside, I have nothing but the utmost respect for this man, mostly because I NEVER know what I'm going to get next with him, and I love being surprised.  So getting to sit down and chat about his writing (which, for the record, I adore), and life, the universe, and everything with him was nothing but an absolute pleasure.  Wepdiggy currently has 65 stories posted in over five different categories up on ff.net, and time has proven that the man can do anything.  BUT, can he stay on subject when faced with an interview with Frea?  Read on to find out.  :)


What the Frak is Wep Reading? Week 5

Your Weekly Fanfiction Recommendation (Except for the one week I forgot)

Welcome back everyone to the column in which I tell you stuff you should read, or should have already read. And this week, I promise the recommendations won't kill any kittens.


The Interview! Part 1 of 3

Frea O'Scanlin Interview - Part 1 by freaoscanlin

Okay, let's see if this works.  Here's what happened.  OldDarth aka Lou aka OD aka my favorite Canadian who is not my friend Matt or Nathan Fillion or Tanya Huff or Stana Katic--well, back when this sentence had a point, OD and I sat down and had a chat about a whole bunch of things, like that tiny little story I'm writing, and how I feel about Chuck and the like.  And OD was kind enough to record it.

Thing about the interview is, it's over an hour long, which means that's kind of a long time to sit down and listen to lil old me and just the perfect amount of time to listen to OD, so he then kindly broke it up into three very fun chunks.  So here it is, part 1 of the interview, which is about 20 minutes in length.  We talk about some really fun things, like, uh, me.

Oh, yeah, and Chuck.  We talk about him, too.  Part 2, which is about What Fates Impose, will come out either Wednesday or Thursday, and then Part 3 will come out next weekend sometime!




Another Weekend Contest

Good news!  So I posted a page of the next chapter of What Fates Impose, name still to be determined.  If you want to read that eeeeentire scene, mxpw and I have a contest going.  Since we're the coolest people on earth, we spent Friday night in a Twitter war that, sadly, mxpw won.  Our weapons?  Words, bitc--people!  Yeah, like I said, we're super cool.

Posted after the cut is the Twitter feed between Frea (aka Lell) and mxpw (aka mxpw999).  First person to post the correct story and chapter number for the referenced stories in the feed--in order--gets the entire first scene of Chapter 38 of What Fates Impose.  A few of them are gimmes, I think, but there are some difficult ones mixed in just to make things...interesting.

And yes, there are twenty references.

Since the Blog Has Been Quiet

How about a little taste of what's to come in Chapter 38?  And by a little taste, I mean almost a full page since I don't have an update date on the progress bar yet!


The Results!

Bungalow, the underdog in this story, almost came back at the last minute to win the poll, but the Hayloft crowd was relentless, and they took home the trophy.  It's mostly written (I told you it would be short!), and it will appear, with the actual gift I'm giving mxpw for his birthday, on September 10th!  Tune in then!


What the Frak is Wep Reading? Week 4

Your Weekly Fanfiction Recommendation (Except for the one week I forgot)

Welcome ladies and germs to your weekly go-to spot for all things Chuck fic, and what you should be reading (or you should have already read).