Instant Reaction: Chuck vs the Anniversary

Tweet 1: Entertainment Tonight is the worst lead-in for #ChuckItLive. They actually tell you to watch Dancint with the Stars. #WTF

Addendum: This is true. Every time I tuned in to watch Chuck a little early last year and saw Entertainment Tonight, all they talked about was Dancing With the Stars. Wow, NBC, you really know how to run a network.

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Tweet 2: Watching #ChuckItLive in HD for the first time. How hot will @y_strahovski look in HD? Details in 2 minutes.

Addendum: I just got High Definition television for the first time. The attractiveness of Yvonne Strahvoski in this medium was the question of utmost importance.

Tweet 3: Sarah Connor, bitches. #ChuckItLive

Addendum: That, uh, that really says it all. Hi, Linda Hamilton!

Tweet 4: Answering my earlier question: Incredibly hot. #ChuckItLive

Addendum: Seriously, if you have the opportunity to see Sarah Walker in HD, do it up.

Tweet 5: #ChuckItLive and Morgan are on some fast ass planes.

Addendum: I didn't realize at first that the intro to the episode was supposed to be lasting months.

Tweet 6: Calling it here: #ChuckItLive flashes on that menu.

Addendum: Almost had this called. Though it did play a role later in the episode so I'm still going to call this a win for me.

Tweet 7: Can we make #SarahConnorBitches THE hashtag for every time Mama B shows up on screen for the first time in a #ChuckItLiveepisode?

Addendum: Please?

Tweet 8: I am totally okay with EMPs. #ChuckItLive

Addendum: It's actually a law that EMPs are the most acceptable ridiculous sci-fi plot device. Didn't you know?

Tweet 9: I am even more okay with Sarah one-shotting a dude in the face.#ChuckItLive

Addendum: Freelz.

Tweet 10: Morgan's photo shoot? Hilariously creepy. #ChuckItLive

Addendum: Also, I'm sorry to say that Zac Levi looks like he's gotten a little fluffy over the break. Where's that semi-chiseled Chuck vs the Final Exam physique, Zac? Okay I'm just jealous that he's even that much in shape.

Tweet 11: Did we really get a primetime sexting mention? So awesome.#ChuckItLive

Addendum: Little did I know. LITTLE DID I KNOW. (Did you just say "little did he know"? I wrote a book on "little did he know.")

Tweet 12: Vandalay Industries! #SeinfeldReferences #ChuckItLive

Addendum: Chuck is the most referential show on television. As a highly referential writer myself, I am TOTALLY OKAY WITH THIS.

Tweet 13: The Return of the Buy-More. Not quite on par with the Returns of the Jedi or the King. But close! #ChuckItLive

Addendum: Okay it's not really even close. BuyMore seemed kind of superflous in this episode, too.

Tweet 14: "My mind just broke." #ThingsChuckIsThinking #ChuckItLive

Addendum: In retrospect, I should have done a whole #ThingsChuckIsThinking hashtag. Ah well. Live and learn.

Tweet 15: Awesome Level 5: Government ruins your job opportunities awesome. #ChuckItLive

Addendum: Can we get someone to write a fanfic of what exactly Beckman did/said to Chuck's prospective job employers during that stretch? Please? I feel like this could be a great crack fic. I am employing you, Wep. DONT LET ME DOWN.

Tweet 16: Did... Did Morgan actually initiate a possible sexting relationship between #ChuckItLive and Sarah? I think that's awesome level 6.

Addendum: Little did I know. LITTLE DID I KNOW.

Tweet 17: "I either leave or they die." #Lineofthenight #ChuckItLive

Addendum: It was, hands down, the best line of the episode. Even if it was a little sad. Casey had some AMAZING quips on this season premiere.

Tweet 18: Oh my God Morgan did. #ChuckItLive

Addendum: Little did I know. LITTL-- Okay I'm done now.

Tweet 19: EVERYONE respects the beard, Chuck. #TrueFacts #ChuckItLive

Addendum: Maybe this is just because I am a dude with a beard, but seriously Joshua Gomez's Morgan beard is pretty freaking sweet. And I know first hand the level of automatic respect that comes with having a freaking sweet beard.

Tweet 20: Those of you who had a problem with Sarah not being badass enough have been pwned. #ChuckItLive

Addendum: Also, I didn't mention this in my tweets, but we also got like four upskirt shots of Sarah. That felt vaguely perv-ish but also kind of awesome? Maybe just perv-ish.

Tweet 21: Best plot device ever. #ChuckItLive

Addendum: Seriously. In what other show can you get an entire sexting subplot? Morgan taking over for Chuck and the disturbed looks on Sarah's face? F'ing priceless.

Tweet 22: Chuck goes badass is the only good non-romantic thing to come out of Season 3. #ChuckItLive

Addendum: Yeah, when Chuck goes into badass mode, Zac Levi immediately goes onto the "I'm not gay, but if he insisted" list.

Tweet 23: Did... Did Chuck seriously just take out ten guys? #ChuckItLive

Addendum: Did he kill them? I thought Chuck didn't kill people? Did they kill each other? Does that count? WHAT HAPPENED I DONT KNOW.

Tweet 24: That's a good rule. #ChuckItLive

Addendum: Chuck you are like the tax code, finding those loopholes in your relationship rules. You jerk. Good on you Sarah, closing that stuff up. Can we get Obama to do to corporations what Sarah did to Chuck? #YesIWentThere #WaitImNotOnTwitterAnymoreWhyAmIUsingHashtags

Tweet 25: Seriously, the family stuff has always (and kind of strangely) been the strongest part of #ChuckItLive.

Addendum: One episode that, in retrospect, should not have been left off my favorite Chuck episodes list, is Chuck vs. the Dream Job. Every time we see a Chuck + Stephen or Chuck + Ellie scene, the writers seem to be able to handle that so effectively that I'm kind of astounded. It's like an immediate upgrade to the quality of the show. I don't know why this is. I wish that the entire show was this strong.

Tweet 26: Oh my DAMN Mama B is cold. #ChuckItLive

Addendum: That looked a lot like the Sarah Walker fight that Chuck flashed on in the pilot. I don't think it was an homage or a reference, but it certainly shows us how similar Mama B and Sarah Walker are. Which is fun! Also deadly!

Tweet 27: Okay that season preview looked epic. #ChuckItLive

Addendum: I'm not even going to spoil it. Just know that the word "epic" is totally applicable. Surriously.

Final note: What did you guys think of Chuck vs the Anniversary? Hit me up in the comments.


  1. Isabella20.9.10

    "Tweet 27: Okay that season preview looked epic. #ChuckItLive"

    Oh, my God, I know! My thoughts, exactly!! I'm so excited!!

  2. It was amazing.

    "Chuck, do you want to sext with me?"

  3. Anonymous20.9.10

    Chuck vs. the Anniversary reeked of awesomeness!

    Fabulous way to start off the week =)


  4. Anonymous20.9.10

    Gomez was amazing this episode. I can't wait for the Morgan/Alex/Casey subplot. Prediction: Morgan get's his beard torn off

  5. Anonymous20.9.10

    Also, who else is on your "I'm not gay, but if he insisted" list? Inquiring minds

  6. Not at all definitive, but off the top of my head, these people would be on my "I'm not gay, but if he insisted" list:

    Chris Pine (Kirk from Star Trek 2009)
    Jonny Greenwood (Guitarist for Radiohead)
    Beck Hansen (I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me)
    Zac Levi (When Chuck is in Ether mode)

    That's all I can think of right now.

  7. Anonymous20.9.10

    Favorite Casey line:

    "What's sexting?"

    Kind of disappointed in Olivia Munn in this one. No direct reference to her being Greta? I probably missed it.

  8. Ayefah20.9.10

    Morgan called Olivia "Greta" right after he slid into the new Castle, but he did it in the middle of some of his patented Morgan fast-talking so I'm not surprised you missed it.

    Gosh, this premiere made me happy. It wasn't quite "First Date" perfect, but it was miles better than the "Pink Slip"/"Three Words" combo we got last year.

    And yeah, Chuck and Ellie's scene together was just so well-acted and executed on every level that it made me willing to go along with the aggravating secret-keeping for now. MOAR ELLIE PLS.

    But if we never see Olivia Munn again it'll be too soon. How boring was she? And how on earth did she get hired for the Daily Show? I hope that future shallow guest casting will be of the Mini Anden variety, thank you.

  9. Yeah, the whole BuyMore storyline was realllly glossed over this episode. I am assuming that now that Chuck is back to being a spy/working at the BuyMore it will play more of a role, but this episode was blink-and-you'll-miss-it style. Which is sad because they probably broke their sfx budget on those shots.

  10. Kathryn21.9.10

    loved so much about this episode. buy more to castle slide anyone.

  11. You know, I always thought Castle was missing something. Thank you, Fedak, for confirming it: a giant slide. Best commute to work EVAR.

  12. Given the disturbed look on Sarah's face, I hope she figured out that Chuck wasn't the one sexting her , he was busy on the computer.

    The similarities between Sarah and Mama B make me hope for a you're too much like me , I don't want you near my son confrontation. After all,if Sarah thought untrained Ellie was scary, imagine how scary Mama B could be.

    Casey really does miss him. And relationships seem to baffle him.

    Chuck is still in good shape, it's just that the only time you see his full chest , it's when he's sitting up.

    And did anyone else notice Chuck's 3 governer watches? I'd like to know the story there. He'd have to explain them if he found them with his Dad's stuff or found the plans so I think he made extras using the original as a blueprint.

    I don't even get why they bothered putting Olivia Munn in. Maybe as a pop culture reference to attack of the show . Harry Dean Stanton was used much better in the ep.

    And that really is a dangerous place to put that button. People are attracted to things they shouldn't touch and they will find a way to get to them by accident. I think Beckman has forgotten that the Buy More is a functioning public place.

  13. I loved Sarah sexting with Chuck when she was on the plane to a mission. That just reeked of epic. It's such a far cry from professional!Sarah from the other seasons, but at the same time, it makes sense that now that she and Chuck are actually together, it'll hit her harder when they're apart for long periods of time (I could totally see an AP fic spawned from this episode).

    Best tweet: Tweet 15: Awesome Level 5: Government ruins your job opportunities awesome.

  14. Ayefah21.9.10

    ...Wow, I feel stupid right now. I dimly remember wondering why Chuck had three watches in a high-tech-looking box. Of course they were Governors. Oy.

  15. Anonymous21.9.10

    I loved the beginning when Chuck walks out and says "Honey, is this the gun you were looking for?". It shows a new dynamic to their relationship. Definitely looking for ward to more of that.

  16. Yeah i totally noticed the upskirt shots and really wondered what was going on. She has fantastic legs but i felt like looking away from the screen because i was like any second and we're gonna catch a view of something we shouldn't see. She doesn't need it to look hot.

    Overall, the episode didn't make me super happy. I want whatever they were doing in season 1 and 2 back.


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