Interview! Part 2 of 3

So I am officially declaring it Interview Wednesday here at Castle Inanity.  Not only do you get the fabulous episode of the Scoop below with the one and only Wepdiggy (no, seriously, I googled him and there really is only one Wepdiggy on the planet earth), but I've got the second installment from the series of OldDarth interviews. He promised me a pony if I would chat with him for awhile, but I think it's a trick pony, and that's a really bad pun.

Anyway, in this edition of OldDarth and Frea Shoot the Sh--Breeze, the topic is something I think a couple of you might find interesting. That's right, the migrating habits of the African Swallow. Because, you know, the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow is that--

Wait a second, what? The interview is about Fates? What Fates Impose? Who the hell wants to hear about that? Geeeeeez. Well, at any rate, enjoy! And thank you, Old Darth, for taking the time to put this together!

Interview with Frea O'Scanlin 2 by freaoscanlin

- Frea


  1. alladinsgenie4u8.9.10

    @Frea and OD - Thanks a lot. Awesome Second Part. Loved it all the way.

  2. Anonymous8.9.10

    Frea, you sound a lot like my brother's friend. She's lovely. If you are her (doubtful since there are billions of people on this planet and the odds are against that, but still) then you are lovely. I mean, you're lovely anyway . . . wow this just got awkward. Sorry

    Love the story. Keep up the great work! =)

  3. I cant believe you gave me a shout out, I feel special, your awesome, made my night :) I do have to say that I have saved many of your quotes, I haven't read one yet that I haven't liked yet!

  4. FINALLY! You are embracing the idea that these are Acts and not parts. When crafting a morality play of such epic (God I need a thesaurus) proportions, it's fitting to refer to the segments as Acts!

    And I do enjoy your quotes, although I am partial to Dr. Seuss & CS Lewis myself. In fact, I particularly like this one about friendship: "Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art.... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival."
    — C.S. Lewis.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Anonymous9.9.10

    Fun interview. Yes, I made it through this part as well despite my antipathy for podcasts in general. You're just that good. ;)

    OD, interesting that you pointed out that as writers, our predilection for genre and tone may not match what we prefer to read. I actually mentioned this to Frea the other day. For myself, I gravitate towards suspense, action and drama. But oddly I love the lighthearted, poignant and wistful tone of S1 the most. Go figure.

  6. Genie - No problem! Glad you liked it!

    Anonymous - to make things really fun and even more awkward, is your brother cute? :) Thank you for the compliment!

    Nicky - You've mentioned the quotes in your reviews several times, and I always pay attention to reviews. I have to keep my tech specs up for JohnClark (and I gave him a Monty Python joke), I pick out the good quotes for you, and I put the Sallie in for mxpw. Win-win-win! :)

    PeterO - Yes, yes, you've won me over. I can now imagine the main character from "The Drowsy Chaperone" narrating What Fates Impose. "The melody is lovely, but the Russian Robots are just...I love the tune!" That joke probably only made sense to me. Oh well. Oooh, I love CS Lewis. He had a quote from one of the very first chapters 3 or 5, I think.

    Aardie - I feel all flattered and stuff that you're not skipping ahead! D'aww. And I definitely agree that it's write what you know, not what you love because sometimes writing what you love just doesn't fit. I read ten thousand romance novels a year (confessional time!), but if I tried to write one... well, Fates is a romance, which tells you exactly what you need to know. Ten books after the main characters meet, they've figured out the feelings are mutual! Oh, publishing fail. :)

  7. OldDarth10.9.10

    Guess that makes me the only consistent one here then! ;)

    Stories that push characters hard are always my favorite. Which is why WFI rocks for me and why Frea's season ratings surprised me.

    And Chuck has such a great cast that for me it would be a shame if the show kept things light like in Season 1 and never let the actors show their full range.

    Look at Josh Gomez. Until Chuck Vs The Beard I was leery of Morgan becoming a bigger part of the show because I did not know if Josh had the acting chops. The Beard put those concerns to rest. Eagerly awaiting more Morgan in Season 4 now and am fully confident Josh can handle weightier material.

    Way cool!

  8. Glad to see you've embraced this and BTW I got it! I saw The Drowsy Chaperone on Broadway and think it’s fitting that you paraphrase a musical about a guy who is agoraphobic and lives through a record album. When he plays the album, he comments "I love that sound. To me, that’s the sound of a time machine starting up." and I think of the many internal conversations Chuck has with himself as he navigates his new life. He really does become the Man In The Chair. But again, if you haven’t seen the show, you wouldn’t get it.

  9. Peter - OMG, can you imagine Chuck waking up like the Man in the Chair, looking over at Sarah and going, "Who are you?!" That just totally made my day!!!


  10. Anonymous10.9.10

    Well, that's an interesting question you pose about my brother, Frea . . . My friends think he's a cutie and I don't necessarily disagree. It's more that I've never looked at him in that light.

    And you are welcome for the compliment =) It's well deserved

  11. As a fellow /broadwaynerd and out of the closet Gleek who keeps all his playbills (much to the chagrin of my non-packrat wife - and paid for his daughter's BFA in theater arts so she could work at Starbuck's - damn yeah I can see it!


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