Just a Brief Announcement

So for the past few days, fanfiction.net has been freaking out and I've even gotten emails that people can't access chapters of Fates.  Well, seeing as I am vain and I love people being able to read my stuff and I hate relying on ff-net, I decided to do something about this.  That's right, I archived Fates.  You can read it all here.  Just use the sidebars, helpfully split into the different parts, to navigate through the chapters, or click "Newer Post" to go to the next chapter at the end of any given post.

And I'm also thinking about opening up chapter threads on Castle Inanity the day after I put a chapter up so that people can debate, if they like. Plus, it's just easier than replying to PMs, which I'm kind of iffy about anyway.

Anyway, that's all for now.  Back to work on 40.

- Frea


  1. Sparky30.9.10

    Frea,you are killing me here :P

    If we are gonna get new chpaters of Fates sooner,then it's okay to be vain :)

  2. Anonymous30.9.10

    That is such a great news. I don't like FF.net much to start of and now that it decided to go crazy on us, it has become such a pain. But Fates is safe and on a prettier site, so that's wonderful.

    On a related note, is your Casey project the fanfic were we are finally gonna find out how Casey found Chuck and Sarah? Because if so, I am very excited.


  3. Anonymous30.9.10

    Oh, so cool!

    This is the point at which I would declare my undying gratitude, if our relationship was remotely real, Frea! ;)


  4. Sparky, oh, good, those ricin-flavored oreos I sent you are working? ;)

    Lily, my Casey project is actually separate from the Fatesverse. It's a bit cracky, actually. Kind of a comedy in line with "Wingman," but not that strange. Or is it? And yay! You think my site is pretty!

    Joe, our relationship isn't real? Alas. I set up an entire archive for you! :-P Your love is evidently tough to buy. *dramatic sigh*

  5. Ayefah30.9.10

    If you want another multi-fandom archive to put 'Fates' in, there's always the Ao3. Kick-ass tagging system, run and owned by fans, commenting built into every chapter, and no danger of censorship if you write sex scenes. Not that that's really an issue with 'Fates', but it might be someday. :P

  6. You think I should post up over there? What's the link?

  7. Anonymous30.9.10

    You treat your readers incredibly well - thank you!

  8. Ayefah30.9.10

    It's at: archiveofourown.org.

    A few years ago I would have suggested LJ as backup, and it is still the best site if you want discussion of each chapter, but the corporate bosses in Russia are turning more and more into a-holes these days. Ao3 and Dreamwidth are fan-run, at least.

  9. Anonymous30.9.10

    Hey Frea, is the Casey project you have listed in the side bar the "Abides" fic you had on your FF page, or is something different?

  10. Anonymous1 - It helps to have the best readers on the planet. ;)

    Ayefah - Thanks for the link! I'll definitely check it out, though I think I may be okay with the blog archive backup and ff-net. I had my other stories on four or five different sites, but I kind of like the centralization of Fates.

    Anonymous2 - Nope, completely unrelated to the Fatesverse. I think I took Abides off of my profile because I'm 90% sure it's never going to be written. Fates being as long as it is, you'd expect Casey to be a more major character, yet somehow that hasn't seemed to happen. :-/

  11. Sparky1.10.10

    I would hope that you don't dislike me enough to send me poisoned food. But maybe i'm an optimist :)

    BTW,where do we review your stuff? Now we have 3 places :)

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  13. The archive is great! It's clean, easy to navigate, and I love the idea of opening up chapter threads on CI for debate & discussion. It will be my preferred site when I am at my computer. It is difficult for me to read on an iPhone, so I hope you continue to post on FF.
    And thanks for posting the rest of the Fates universe up there. Makes for convenient one stop shopping.
    And finally, chapter 39 - oh my! I never thought grinning for so long would hurt so much. I want to read it again before I post a formal review - but I can now see why this chapter took a little longer. A very well crafted, believable first date indeed!

  14. Anonymous1.10.10

    I am definitly intrigued by your Casey story. I love Wingman, I thought it was just the right sort of strange.

    Squeel for chapter 39, it made my sucky day of studying cellular respiration, not so sucky anymore. I'll write a more coherent review as soon as I finish understanding the nuances of oxidization and reduction.

    Oh, and you should really open a discussion of the chapters of Fates. It would make waiting between each chapter a little easier. I mean you update crazily fast when one takes into account the high quality of your writting, but I am greedy. I am like Homer Simpson, no matter how many chapters you feed me, I am still hungry for more.


  15. I don´t know if this is the place to said this, but I'm thinking of starting a campaing to buy Tally a new laptop. Who's with me?

  16. Sparky2.10.10

    How did her laptop crash? Virus or hardware issue?

    One way or another,we want Tally with a functioning laptop :)

  17. OldDarth2.10.10

    Was that the first subtle reference to Intersect 2.0 in Chapter 39?


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