Favorite Episodes

So to celebrate the final part of Premiere Week--which I should've put more thought into going in, but Fates, real life, and an old case of tennis elbow that lives in my neck sprang up, so my apologies--meant that I went around to my fellow CIA to ask them to give me their favorite episodes.  You may or may not be aware that Season Four of Fringe Chuck is appearing on TV screens across the nation tonight, and we here at Castle Inanity thought we might help get everybody excited for the upcoming season by revisiting everybody's favorite moments throughout the series.  If you look closely, you might be able to spot some of our writing tendencies scattered throughout our favorites.
**SPOILER ALERT**: mxpw likes the episodes about Sarah.  You have been warned.


Chuck vs the Wookie

I don't know if any of you have realized this from reading Chuck vs the Simple Twist of Fate, but I love soul-crushing scenes. And is any scene in the entirety of Chuck more soul-crushing than Wookie's final scene? Chuck, desperately pleading. Sarah, desperately-- and silently-- pleading. It's the defining Chuck and Sarah moment for everything pre-Colonel. And, oh yeah, the episode also has Carina in lingerie, girl-on-girl fighting, a goldfish, Chuck scoping out Sarah changing through the rear view mirror, Polish, and olive-free pizza (but, let's face it, that pizza has olives on it). Seriously. Very little more you could ask for, people.

Chuck vs. the Break-Up

Frea is mad at me right now, because she dislikes this episode. And I totally get her reasoning, too. It was definitely the first of many episodes to throw up pointless roadblocks to the incredible chemistry between the two leads. But, come on, this is me we're talking about here. Did you read nothing I wrote about soul-crushing scenes earlier? That break-up scene is nasty, counterpointed beautifully by forcing Sarah to look at wedding dresses immediately after. It also has Bryce who I probably most resemble personality-wise, so I have to love it. Plus the National AND Bon Iver in the soundtrack. Total win.

Chuck vs the Subway

Picking a episode from Season 3 is probably not going to be that popular, but whatever. This episode is probably the most concise summation of the show's strengths. The writers step out of the way of contrived difficulties and let the story unfold on its own, let the actors nail their characters as always, and include funny moments (Shaw's sarcastic "Muhaha"), devastating moments (Nooooo! Papa Beeeeeee!), emotional moments (Chuck and Stephen turning around), badass moments (Chuck, now with bravado!), and-- of course-- soul-crushing moments ("It's over."). More like this, please.


Chuck vs. the First Date

If there's an episode of this show I've watched more than the pilot, it's probably this one.  First Date had all of my favorite elements in it: humor, darkness, Chuck using both the Intersect and his brain to save the day, Sarah coming out of her shell a little bit, badass Sarah (Michael Clarke Duncan is like four of Yvonne Strahovski put together and two feet taller besides and Sarah still sold me on somewhat holding her own in that rooftop fight), snarky, torn Casey, Buy More antics that weren't too overpowering as they tend to be.  The only drawback I find for this episode is that the editing distracts me a little, but they used Phantom Planet, so I'm totally okay with that.  I have two all-time favorite moments for Chuck--his entrance into the Buy More at the end of Ring II, and the absolutely amazing bluff he pulls off in First Date.  Every character was on top of their game in this episode, the writing was solid, the actors sold the hell out of it, the music choices were excellent...this is the ultimate Chuck episode, in my book.

Oh, fine, I'll say it: Sarah was frakking adorable on the date.  Almost as adorable as Chuck asking her out.  And Chuck's bluff was HOT.  I still drool when I think about it.  Swoon.

Chuck vs. the Intersect, aka The Pilot

Before you accuse me of going and loving only premiere episodes, I should probably warn you that I loathe Pink Slip, so yeah.  But the pilot is where it's at, for me.  A lot of the times, a show's pilot is pretty unwatchable compared to the rest of the show, due to production values and the fact that the show has yet to find its "groove."  Chuck's pilot, to me, really stands out because the show came out of the gate with a strong voice, and it literally just sparkles.  It's well written, humorous, gut-wrenching when it needs to be, and sweet in a way that is sometimes only a distant memory for this show.  I rewatch this episode regularly enough that I can quote along with it and should probably have designed a Rocky Horror Picture Show style routine, but I just don't care.  This episode hooked me from day one. Running through the hotel fountain, the ninja scene, the beach scene, Ellie and Chuck's talk by the fountain, Chuck just dropping the phone the first time he sees Sarah, the entire conversation on the first date...  Oh man, excuse me, I have to go watch the Pilot again.  (Also: if there's one scene that inspired Fates Sarah above all others, it's the beach scene at the end of the pilot.  "Talk to me, Chuck."  And the shoulder bump.  Fates Sarah loves a good shoulder bump)

Chuck vs. the Imported Hard Salami

Admittedly, I don't love the overall episode, but one scene stands out in particular for me, so it makes my list.  You think I'm about to say the kiss in front of the not-bomb, don't you?  WRONG.  :)  One of my all-time favorite scenes in the entire run of the show is Chuck and Sarah stuffed in the car trunk together.  That flirting/bickering is just so much fun to watch and it makes me giggle like a deranged clown every time (also, I do this for certain scenes in Role Models).  Not that the kiss in front of the not-bomb wasn't hot, it was, but I felt the dialogue was kind of wonky for Sarah, and it detracts from the overall scene for me.  Wait, other stuff happened in that episode besides the trunk and the kiss?  I don't know what you're talking about.

Chuck vs. the Beard
Minus the part where Sarah doesn't draw her gun on Shaw and, oh, Shaw at all, really.

Solely for Morgan's exit from Castle, of course.  The rest of the episode kind of earns a S3 Facepalm, but Morgan's exit is a thing of BEAUTY.  "Bag 'em and tag 'em, Sarah.  I mean, Agent Walker."  If you can ignore the absolutely blank look Brandon Routh inexplicably has on his face during Sarah's reaction shot, it's just beautiful.  If not, you've probably turned it into a drinking game just like me.

Chuck vs. the Cougars

 So I have two favorite Sarah episodes, Delorean and Cougars, but for some reason, I just find Cougars all the more watchable, and I'm not sure why.  I like the back and forth between Sarah and Chuck in this episode, I liked Casey's play with "Mad Dog."  Chuck and Sarah's conversation when Sarah is beating up the punching bag (and she, unlike Sarah Michelle Gellar, actually looks like she could do a bit more damage to the punching bag; sorry, Buffy, love ya but I gotta say it) is one of my all-time favorites between the two of them that's not flirting or bickering.  Plus, Sarah is kind of terrifying when she's angry (pencil throw, anyone?), and frankly, I love it.  Her outright discomfort with Corey Matthews and Heather Chandler was also a lot of fun to watch.  Also, Sarah and Chuck were in high school at the same time as me, so all of the songs in the episode took ME back to high school (I had the Tubthumpin' CD, I'll admit it, and it's probably still floating around here somewhere).  The use of Prodigy's Smack My B**** Up is probably still my favorite musical moment on the show.  Sorry, Chris and to fans of any of the brilliant songs the show uses.


Chuck vs. the Ex

Yeah, I know it's not a popular episode, and that's a massive understatement.  Some people just flat-out loathe the Jill arc.  But this was the first episode of Chuck that I watched, so it holds some sentimental value for me.  At the time, I didn't really know what was going on.  Heck, I missed the credits, so for all I knew, Jill was supposed to be Chuck's girlfriend, and I couldn't figure out why that blonde girl was looking all mean while she kissed Chuck at the end.  Heh.  All that said, I liked Jill, and even in retrospect, I think Chuck overcoming the "Jill Demon" was a necessary step in his evolution, so I stand by liking "Ex."

Chuck vs. the Honeymooners

If for no other reason than it was a fanfic come to life.  As a long time reader/writer in the fandom, this was what we've been talking/writing/reading about, and hoping for for a long time.  And finally it came to pass.  Chuck and Sarah were together, and Team B kicked ass in the end.  There were implied sexy times, there was action, there was comedy, there was fun, and we FINALLY got to see Sarah smile, which she did so little of in early Season 3. 

Chuck vs. the Cougars 

Who doesn't love some Sarah backstory?  Lord knows I do, and Cougars gave us Jenny Burton!  Goodness I dig me some Jenny Burton.  So geeky, and awkward, and adorable, in only the way Yvonne could muster.  It's also really the last time they let Sarah quip.  Her "Go Cougars!" as she revels in her victor over Heather Chandler (and I seriously keep wanting to call her "Heather Sinclair" because, yes, I am a closet Degrassi fan) was just awesome!  I mean, has Buffy taught us nothing?  After defeating the "Big Bad" (or any baddie, for that matter), our heroine needs to level the defeated with some well placed smart-assery, and since Cougars, we haven't really gotten that from Sarah, much to my dismay.

Chuck vs. the Delorean 

I loved the episode as a whole (and more Sarah backstory, so yay!), but what puts this one on my list is my favorite Chuck/Sarah moment of season 2: The chocolate croissant scene.  That moment showed the friendship they have, never mind the heat and passion. Those were two people who truly cared about one another!


It took me a long time to come up with a list of my Top 5 favorite episodes. It was really hard to resist the impulse to make them all Season 2 episodes. But as much as I am a S2 guy, I didn’t think it would be right to pick only S2 episodes. So instead, my list will contain three S2 episodes, and one each from Season 1 and Season 3. My criteria for judging these episodes is based primarily on how much each episode entertained me, in conjunction with how well I thought they were put together. And let the record show, that of my five episodes, Sarah was mostly clothed for four of them (with one brief, but notable, exception), so I just want to clear that up right now.

So I shall go in descending order, and yes, I am ranking them. I reserve the right to amend this list at any time, especially after Season 4 airs, because Chuck vs. Sarah’s Changing Scene, I mean, vs. the Suitcase, is already potentially shaping up to be an episode worthy of this list (and who knows how many other S4 episodes could make it).

5) Chuck vs. the Wookie

 Yeah, yeah, I bet I know what you’re all thinking: “Oh boy, what a shock that mxpw picked an episode with Carina in it.” Well…yes and no. I debated for a long time with myself if I was going to pick this episode or Chuck vs. the Truth. Both are great S1 episodes, both are probably my favorite episodes of the first season, but ultimately, I had to go with Wookie for four reasons.

A – The Carina and Sarah relationship. This is the first indication in the series that Sarah is human. Okay, okay, I mean, we’d seen since the Pilot that Sarah wasn’t, as Chuck once jerkily put it, a robot, but seeing that the super duper secret agent Sarah Walker had a genuine friend, one that she talked to and sort of shared with and had a real personal relationship with, really humanized her character. It made her more rounded and made it a little easier to root for her and Chuck. Plus, you know, hot chicks fighting each other.

B – This episode marked the first, real positive steps in the Chuck and Sarah relationship. There was a lot of air clearing, a firm cementing of the solid trust that would exist between them until Season 3, and of course one of the best Charah moments in the series: “My middle name is Lisa.” That Fake Name completely ruins this moment later on is really a shame, as until that episode, it was one of the most powerful moments of the series.

C – Casey warns of the hazards of smoking and of course gets tied to the bed. The bed tying is great, because it allows us one of the most rare and elusive sights of the entire series (no, not Casey’s clover boxers): Sarah’s sense of humor. Too bad it’s so rare you only see it maybe once every twenty or so episodes. One can only hope that Season 4 affords Yvonne the opportunity to showcase her considerable comedic talents (all indications so far seem to point to this actually happening, for which I can only rejoice).

D – Carina. Yeah, bet you didn’t see that one coming. I think she’s swell. I’ve already written an extensive post detailing why she’s cool, so I won’t waste your time. I’ll just simplify things here: She looks really good in a bikini and Mini Anden’s chemistry with Yvonne is fantastic.

4) Chuck vs. the Seduction 

First Season 2 episode on the list, and it won’t be the last. This is one of the quintessential Charah episodes of the series, in my opinion. Other than the ending, which was indicative of TPTB’s tendency to twist the knife for unnecessary angst, this episode is just fun from start to almost finish. There are too many reasons why I love this episode, but I’ll try to list a few.

A – Sarah’s entrance into the Buy More. I don’t think anything more needs to be said.

B – Roan Montgomery. Easily one of my favorite guest characters in the show’s history and, unlike a certain wooden dummy, an actual decent mentor to Chuck (seriously, the man did more mentoring in his one episode than Shaw did in his billion). Plus, thanks to Roan, we get probably our first real indication of just how serious Chuck is about Sarah. Not only is Chuck a crappy spy but he also thinks Sarah is worth dying for (too bad Chuck seemingly forgets this later on).

C – It’s got my favorite kiss in the series and probably my second favorite Chuck/Sarah moment in the series. The entire buildup to it is hilarious and fun (oh my God, Sarah gets to genuinely laugh and smile, what a concept!) and we really get to see why Chuck and Sarah play off each other so well. Oh and the kiss was just hot (I’m pretty Sarah slips Chuck the tongue).

D – I don’t normally watch TV episodes of any series more than once, unless I really like it. Seduction is one of the few from Chuck I can watch over and over again and not get bored. That alone is reason enough to put it on this list.

3) Chuck vs. the Honeymooners

 The only Season 3 episode on this list. Fortunately, this episode is awesome, or else I probably would have really had to struggle to pick a S3 episode for this list. For obvious reasons, this episode is THE Charah episode of the series. It’s also the only episode on the list where Sarah spends a significant amount of screentime in fairly revealing clothing. I swear that only had a marginal affect on its inclusion (at least less than 50%). This is probably the ONLY S3 episode I will ever watch more than twice, hell, it might be the only one I watch more than once (even though I’ve had S3 for a week now, so far it IS the only one I’ve watched more than once).

A – Okay, who are we kidding, the aforementioned Sarah’s lack of clothing is certainly a big reason why this is on the list. Honestly, people, if you were expecting me to not be shallow when coming up with this list, then you don’t know me very well at all.

B – It has my third favorite Charah moment of the series at the end. The whole “Feeling Good” sequence is just pitch perfect, in my opinion. It’s quiet, understated, and romantic. And Chuck and Sarah just lying there, Sarah all tangled up with Chuck, as they listen to the song and the camera zooms out, is just a fantastic sequence.

C – Chuck and Sarah the spy couple. Really, though, the reason why this is my third favorite episode is because, ultimately, it’s all about Chuck and Sarah as a couple. The chemistry that had been so sorely missed during the first thirteen episodes of Season 3 was back, and it was back with a vengeance. From the very beginning, with the Charah sex Olympics, to their teaming up to take on the Basque terrorists, their actual communicating with each other, the fantastic fight sequence in the coffee shop (so much better than her fight with Bryce), and again the end, this episode has so much good Charah stuff in it that it kind of almost overwhelms you, if you’re a fan of the relationship, as I am.

D – The Charleses. They were fantastic, mostly because Sarah’s over-exaggerated perkiness and ditziness and just the smiling and laughing and her facial expressions and, oh man, I just love her in every scene with that accent, no matter how bad it is. After more than half the season of facepalming nearly every time Sarah appeared onscreen, Honeymooners made me like her again, which was something I desperately needed if I was going to keep watching the show. Plus, Yvonne had probably my all-time favorite Sarah line reading with the “Charlie, baby, I made an oopsie.” Honeymooners is also a great example of Yvonne’s considerable, albeit often ignored, comedic abilities.

2) Chuck vs. the DeLorean  

I debated for a long time if I would put this episode number one or not. Ultimately, I decided that as much as I love this episode, the episode that did make it to number one deserves it just a little bit more. Still, this is my second favorite overall episode of the series. And it’s for two reasons: we get to learn about Sarah’s past and we get to meet Jack Burton, which okay, those two kind of go hand in hand, but whatever.

A – We are finally given a big hint why Sarah is the way she is. And it’s because she grew up as a conman’s daughter. It really does explain a lot about her character and why she’s so closed off and reluctant to share with the people in her life. And the scenes with little Sarah and Jack are just great. The casting department deserves some serious kudos, as well, for casting somebody who could grow up to actually be Sarah.

B – Speaking of the casting department, what a great decision it was to cast Gary Cole as Jack Burton. He was absolutely perfect as a likeable but irrepressible conman. He gave us such gems as “articulate shnook” and “cop-face” and, even though before DeLorean I had no preconceptions of what Sarah’s father would be like, once we met Jack Burton, I couldn’t imagine anyone different. He’s probably the guest star I’d like most to see back on the show.

C – I’m sure you’ve all been curious as to what my favorite Chuck and Sarah moment was. I bet y’all were expecting it to be from Colonel. Nope. Not even in the Top 3. My favorite Charah moment is from this episode. When Chuck brings the chocolate croissants to Sarah and comforts her over Jack’s leaving. The friendship displayed in this scene is one of the reasons why Chuck and Sarah appealed to me. We get the Charah musical theme, we get Chuck’s great bit to Sarah about not blaming herself, potentially learn something new about Chuck (was he joking about being in therapy?), and see why these two are really great together. I value the friendship scenes between these two as much as the romantic ones and I think it’s fitting that my favorite Charah scene is one with little romantic overtones.

D – Sarah working out in that little red sports bra. What? Like you were expecting something different? Okay, okay, how about this? The sequence with Jack going to get ice cream, meeting Chuck outside and telling him to take care of Sarah, and then Chuck comforting Sarah as she directs the search for Jack, all with Blitzen Trapper’s “Furr” playing in the background, is one of my favorite ends to an episode ever, up there with the Tron poster reveal.

1) Chuck vs. the Colonel  

I know, this is many people’s favorite episode. I never claimed to be original. There are so many great things in this episode, from the morning makeout, the “Two beds?” comment, the end with “It’s all real,” the airstrike, Casey feeling left out of all the fun, Devon learning about Chuck, and Chuck getting the Intersect out of his head, all lead to one of the few episodes of the series where I would ever apply the term “epic” without much sarcasm.

A – I feel like a broken record, almost, but really, Sarah’s exit from the bathroom at the beginning of the episode is a thing of beauty. Plus, it leads to the awesome makeout scene with Bon Iver playing. That scene was really like the culmination of two seasons worth of sexual tension, angst, friendship, and relationship buildup. From the hand porn, the way Sarah looked when Chuck scrambled to get a condom, just the whole urgency of the scene, was very well done.

B – I really don’t have four points for this one. This episode defies my ability to describe it. There is just SO much going on. It’s probably the densest and most action-packed episode of the series. It’s probably the one episode from Chuck I’ve watched more than any other. It’s the one that I probably most enjoyed. And, in many ways, it signals the end of my fanatical love for Chuck, because after Colonel came Ring 1 and the slow descent into mediocrity it inspired. Colonel was the last episode of the Chuck that was my favorite show on television. For that alone, it deserves this top spot.

And that’s all I’ve got to say about that. Didn’t mean to ramble on so much, but I was bored. Just be glad this wasn’t a “Choose your worst five episodes” post or else I’d have submitted a Fates-esque tome.


Gahhh, already getting busy with school, and it hasn’t even started yet. (Mondaaaaay!) Anywho, here are my top favorite Chuck episodes, in no particular order (since I can’t decide how to place them):

Chuck Versus the Subway

The first of the two-part finale was, simply put, brilliantly crafted. I remember watching it livestream on my computer in my dorm room; I was so engrossed in the episode that apparently one of my friends walked into my room, grabbed some stuff she’d left on my bed, watched some of the episode over my shoulder, and left the room a good five minutes later without me even realizing it. The writers obviously saved the best for last, and while I wish they could’ve had some of that good writing in some of the earlier episodes, this episode certainly didn’t disappoint. Ellie finally, finally finding about Operation Bartowski— and through Awesome’s hilarious slip, no less—was well done, and the fact that she is the person who comes to TeamB’s rescue, along with Morgan and Awesome, nearly made me cheer out loud. And PapaB’s death was something we all saw coming, but that didn’t make it any less emotional. Brilliantly executed, Chuck crew. Bravo.

Chuck Versus the Honeymooners

After the admittedly crappy first half of the third season that Schwedak gave us, this was a breath of fresh air, and a wonderful one at that. I remember having this face-splitting grin on my face for a majority of the episode—who wouldn’t have one? We’ve been waiting for Chuck and Sarah to truly get together since the pilot!—and I laughed out loud numerous times throughout, starting from “I’m pretty good with knives” to Casey’s disgusted grunt after Chuck and Sarah exchange their vows to stay in the spy game as a couple. There was just too much Charah goodness to detail them all here, but the moments that stood out most for me were…oh, hell, I love all of them. Sarah’s botched southern accent, Chuck and Sarah punching out Casey (hee), “Oh my God, you even make terrorist groups sound sexy,” “What?! You’ve been faking it the whole time?!,” “That is brisk—but refreshing!,” the end (OMG, the end!)…the list goes on and on.

 And come on! Badass handcuffed fights? Topped Bryce and Sarah’s double team from Nemesis, easily. And of course, the start of Morgasey. And Sarah’s hair! I mean, come on, am I the only one who was happy to see her hair bounce back to life after being so flatiron straight and lifeless for so long? …Am I rambling? Yeah, I’m rambling. Anyways, great episode. Awesome start to season 3.5. And even though we saw it coming from a mile away, it still delivered brilliantly. :)

Chuck Versus the DeLorean

Loved, loved, LOVED delving into Sarah’s past. And I’m definitely not the only one, either. How awesome would it be to know more about what Sarah was like before she got into the spy game? There’s so little we know about her; she’s such an interesting character, it’s a shame the writers don’t take some time to explore a little more of her past. Either way, it was between this and Cougars, and it was a close match, too.

And although everyone’s gotta love a little gym shower smackdown, I had to put DeLorean on top simply because Gary Cole is just too awesome as Sarah’s father. (Seriously, can we bring him back sometime soon?) Loved his interactions with Chuck, and especially Sarah. The fact that Sarah was so adamant at trying to convince him about her “fake relationship” with Chuck, and then Jack finally believing it and dropping the cash in Chuck’s account was golden. The con was spectacularly entertaining. And that chocolate croissant scene? Honestly, these are the character dynamics I miss. Chuck and Sarah may be together now, but I still feel as though they haven’t quite gotten back the memorable banter and connection that they had in S2. And maybe that’s just me, but I’m sticking to it.

Man, this is taking a while…I’m getting tired.

Chuck Versus Seduction 

Okay, so Sarah’s entrance into the BuyMore? I laughed my ass off. I won’t lie. I laughed my ass off many times rewatching that scene. In fact, while catching up to the series after I got hooked in last March, that was probably the most I laughed in an episode. Because while much of the male population *coughmxpwcough* was busy staring and drooling at the sex symbol that is Yvonne Strahovski, I just thought it was freaking hilarious that guys actually have fantasies like that. Right when I thought it couldn’t get any better with the cartwheel? She goes and starts crawling across the ground. Hahaaa. I  went and bought Do You Believe In Love after seeing the episode. Honestly, I thought this scene was and still is one of the funniest of the series. Bravo, writers, for making Sarah’s entrance work into two completely different contexts. Hee.

Other highlights: Introduction to Castle; Roan Montgomery (still one of the best guest stars, after PapaB and Jack Burton); “Y’know, we pretend like we’re not really dating, which is weird, I know, but it forces me to have to win her over again and again. And again”; Bartowski eyebrow dance; Charah makeout! Gotta say, this is the best one after Colonel’s. Their awkwardness beforehand, Chuck’s determination to show his seduction skills, Sarah excusing herself from the room afterwards, “Bravo”…classic! Roan calling out Sarah on her feelings for Chuck, the first mention of the cardinal rule, Chuck saving Sarah, Sarah’s shoulder bump, “I think it’s safe to say, Chuck, that I’ve never seen anyone quite like you”…minus the fact that Bryce had to come in at the end and ruin everything, and you’ve got yourself one hell of an awesome episode. :)

Chuck Versus the Colonel

Pretty much everyone’s favorite episode of the series…or mostly everyone. And for good reason, too. Anyways, I think I’ll let mx explain this one, since I’m tired and I need to go to bed soon. Haha. He and I pretty much have the same favorite episodes anyhow. The only difference between us with this episode, of course, is the reaction to Sarah walking out of the bathroom. Other than that…one of the best episodes, hands down. If only they could have redone everything past this episode, we could’ve had a spectacular season 3…

Other Honorable Mentions (because I can’t just leave it at five):

Chuck Versus the Wookie – Carina rocks. One of the more entertaining episodes, but also ridden with some angst when Chuck finds out that Sarah’s relationship with Bryce was more than just partners.

Chuck Versus the Cougars – Anything delving into Sarah’s past is automatic brilliance. Also, see note above about kickass shower fights.

Chuck Versus the Suburbs – Domestic scene between Chuck and Sarah, Chuck saving Sarah as Fulcrum dies from the Intersect images, and Sarah’s face at the end while they’re cleaning the house.

Chuck Versus the Other Guy – If only for the fact that I saw this at Wondercon a day before it aired, with 2000 other fans, and got to see the cast (sans Yvonne) afterwards. Excitement much? Hell yes.

Chuck Versus the Alma Mater – It was good to finally understand why Bryce did what he did when getting Chuck kicked out of Stanford, and realizing that he wasn’t really a bad guy after all. Also, Chuck’s line to Beckman in the BuyMore after he realizes that she and Graham can hear him—“What? Twinkle. Every twinkle. In her eye. Eyes.” Heeeee. I also have the need to say that aside from the helicopter shot, they were totally not on the Stanford campus. That is all. :)

Yeahhhh, I totally cheated on my 3-5 favorite episodes. Oh well.  CHUCK PREMIERE!!! YESS!!!

Frea again: now that you've seen most of the CIA's favorite episodes, definitely stop by ChuckThis if you haven't already and see the results of their polls about top Chuck episodes.  We'll see you after the episode tonight!  #ChuckItLive, people!

Frea and the CIA


  1. You've inspired me! i'm re-watching EVERYTHING

    oh wait... season 3...
    okay, new plan. I'll rewatch everything on this list.

    Who says having no life doesn't have it's advantages!

  2. Anonymous20.9.10

    I agree with all. I would have put Chuck vs. The American Hero as well. Not many like it for the Sham but I personally think that this episodes truly shows Chuck's love for Sarah. That he would willingly sacrifice himself to save someone she cares about.

    Also, it had one of my most beloved Chuck speeches (right after his restaurant speech in Chuck vs. The First date). Not to mention the actors did a brilliant job in this one. Yvonne Strahovski's closeup when Chuck leaves after his speech is just brilliant. The man in me wants to mention Chuck-fuey as well.

    Now to re-watch every episode again.

  3. Ayefah21.9.10

    No love for "Best Friend"? The episode that gave us Jeffster, Loretta, Sarah's epic fight scene with Smooth Lau, one of Morgan's first great forays into adulthood, and repeated use of the word "Wang"? Tsk. Come on, guys. :P

  4. coffeegirl21.9.10

    no love for vs santa claus?

  5. Yeah, I was looking at our episodes vs. the episodes over at CT, coffeegirl, and I was like, "Hm, none of us listed Santa Claus." For me, SC is a great episode, but it's cheapened somewhat by being followed by Third Dimension. And I don't know, it just doesn't stand out for me. Heartwarming, yes, but not particularly memorable save Sarah's actions at the end, which were glossed over way too fast to have any meaning, apparently.

    Ayefah, yeah, Best Friend...The first time I watched it, I kind of hated it (Chuck was WAY too whiny), but it's grown on me ever since, mostly for all of the reasons you listed.

    No comment on American Hero. :)

    And JZ, I'll be right there with you. Only I'm doing a Fringe Marathon. :-P


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