What the Frak is Wep Reading? Week 4

Your Weekly Fanfiction Recommendation (Except for the one week I forgot)

Welcome ladies and germs to your weekly go-to spot for all things Chuck fic, and what you should be reading (or you should have already read).

This week, I present to you the special "Red Light" edition of What the Frak is Wep Reading, because as one of my favorite Chuck authors, Mikki13, once said: "Every girl deserves some smut on her birthday."

So for the girl in me (and some would argue there's a lot of that), I've decided to feature just a little bit of well written, fun, and sometimes angsty smut for your enjoyment. Needless to say, if you're under the age of 18, this weeks recommendations are not for you. Check back next week and maybe there will be more lamb-friendly content.

First of all, we'll talk about one of the most celebrated Chuck-smut writers in the fandom. The venerable Ulstergirl/ndNickerson is thought by many to do Chuck/Sarah smut better than anyone, and with good reason. She's given us a drugged out Sarah doing and saying unthinkable things to Chuck, she's given us Chuck and Sarah getting it on in the ocean off the cost of Mexico, she's given us Chuck and Sarah banging away in Castle while they were locked in, she's given us Chuck and Sarah doing it when he comes back from spy training. In fact, there's very little she hasn't given us.

But back in the summer of 2009, Ulstergirl provided what, in my opinion, is the quintessential Chuck-smut series, her pre-Season 3, Season 3 AU.

In the first part, Chuck and Sarah are forced to move in together, post Season 2, and they begin a sexual relationship. There's some mission stuff, there's some sexy dancing, and then there's sexy times that rivals anything else you'll see between Chuck and Sarah in the fandom. Part one is entitled "The Secret You Don't Know How to Tell," and can be found here:

The second part of the series involves so holiday cheer, Sarah giving Chuck a special gift (and she also has a present for him, haha), and some high-speed lovin'. This is probably the lightest part of the three-part series (though there's still some darkness in Sarah's tone at times), and it can be found here:

The third part of the series is, at times, the darkest of them all. But fear not, there's still plenty of sexy times, and maybe the hottest of all the sex between Chuck and Sarah in the three-parter. Beckman is against Chuck, and Sarah is scared to take his side. This causes a rift between the two, which is only made better when they finally do the grown-up (but doesn't that make everything better?). The final part of Ulstergirl's classic three-parter can be found here:

Now, for the one-shot this week, we'll stick with the adult theme. After Chuck vs. Santa Claus, many a new writer seemed to join the fandom. Something about the dark goodness of Santa Claus, mixed with the impending six week hiatus caused people to come out of the woodwork. Heck, that's when I really got into Chuck fiction. I even started work on my first story, although that attempt was aborted before I ever published it.

But for whatever reason, while that episode caused many a story to be written, it didn't seem to engender a lot of smut writing. There is one notable exception to that rule, however, and the result was absolutely fantastic.

One Part Princess Leia, Two Parts Terminator is one of my all-time favorite Chuck/Sarah smut stories. It's her only attempt at Chuck fiction, but oh what an attempt it was.

Aside from having possibly the greatest title of any Chuck fic ever, this story does a better job of capturing Chuck's character, and how I think he have reacted to Sarah after witnessing her execution of Lt. Mauser in Santa Claus than any other author I've seen. More over, it does an amazing job of describing the Chuck/Sarah dynamic, and it has some super hot, kind of funny, and really sweet sexy times. Perfect for our favorite couple, as I think that's what their relationship is all about. You can find this amazing story here:

So that will do it for this week. Hopefully I haven't caused the deaths of too many kittens with the stories I've point you towards, and I hope you'll join me next week when I'll have more awesome Chuck stories for your enjoyment. You guys are awesome. Peace.


  1. All excellent reads.

  2. Anonymous1.9.10

    Sigh. I'm defenseless against well written smut. :)

    And while I already posted my love for Ulstergirl's works on my own blog, it's nice to see someone else pointing out how excellent her AU series is.

    The pirateygoodness piece was new to me, but it was amazing too. Thanks for ferreting that out of the pile.

    "That girl could totally kill me."


  3. Heh, it really is a great story, Aardie. And I commend you for being able to look away from that banner long enough to actually read the column this week. I know certain other people (*cough*MXPW*cough*) who may still not have made it past that. :)

  4. Anonymous1.9.10


    Thank you so much for reccomending One Part Princess Leia, Two Parts Sarah Connor. I'd never read this one but it is on the same hotness level as Mikki and ulstergirl.

  5. Ayefah2.9.10

    Ooh, those are good recs. Ulstergirl and neotrantika are the best of Chuck/Sarah smut on LJ, definitely.

  6. Nice ones. I didn't know any of them before. Thanks for sharing.


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