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Annoyed Sarah is annoyed.

- Frea


  1. Ayefah12.9.10

    Sad Ayefah is sad!

    Seriously, though, if there's anything I can do to help, let me know.

  2. The delay is actually my fault. I overdosed on Yvonne and Frea's been helping me recover over the last 24 hours.

    She's such a good friend!

  3. Sparky12.9.10

    Hm,if i'm not mistaken,your birthday was yesterday mxpw. And considering the fact that now your yvonne love is halting progress,maybe castleinanity should go back to his former self :P

    After all,you have proven that there can be too much Yvonne :P

    Kidding aside,14th is a good date to have fic XD

  4. alladinsgenie4u12.9.10

    I love the Photoshopped images that pop up in the articles at CI.

    On Topic: So 14th huh? and Bank Job Part 3 has been pushed back to the 16th. No problemo. We aren't going anywhere. We will "Wait it Out". But then again, how to fill up the seemingly endless hollow in between ? - aha I see "Kill Bryce Prologue" coming up soon - well matter resolved.

  5. Sorry to make you sad, Ayefah. An OC is tripping me up. I rather wish I'd just had Team B stay in a hotel. :)

    Maximus - overdosing on Yvonne=what a way to go?

    Sparky - I think CI might be staying this way for awhile...I'm having nightmares about all that blue. ;)

    Genie - Thank you. I had an absurd amount of fun yelling at myself in photoshop. Lots of good stories submitted today to entertain people in the meantime -- Father's Day by Aardie, BDaddyDL got his fluff on with Waiting on a Woman, my favorite reality programmer atlee sent Chuck and Sarah into criminal activities on their nights out from each other in Two Nights on the Town, and of course, there's always rereading Chuck vs. the Closet Gleek, which I do once a week. See? Plenty to do!

  6. Ayefah12.9.10

    I do like the fact that this blog theme is lighter-colored. My eyes have a hard time with the darker sorts of themes.

    I have a guess as to who the frustrating OC is, but I'll lay off tormenting you with my speculation for today. :) Good luck smiting your writing obstacles.

    (My 'Chuck' playlist is currently on the song used when Chuck shot Shaw. It's a good omen!)

  7. haha, nobody's met this frustrating OC yet. Including Chuck. Which is part of the problem.


  8. Ayefah13.9.10

    It's okay! The prologue of 'Kill Bryce' will get me through the wait. *le sigh* :P Also, I just discovered a good Dresden Files writer and am now frantically waiting for his/her next update, too. It's a good thing I'm taking the max credit load at school, or I'd just be by my laptop twitchily refreshing ff.net, Ao3, and LJ pages all day. :P


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