4x01 - Chuck vs the Anniversary Icons!

Writer's block/slight neck pain march onward, which means I had a little time on my hands. Thanks to Strahotski getting the screencaps up, and my own taping of the episode, I had some screengrabs. What's that mean?

Icons, of course! Check 'em out after the break.

If you want any, they're yours for the taking.  Just drop me a message with the ones you're ganking.  If anybody needs a name put on one/LJ icon size, let me know.



  1. Sparky22.9.10

    Wow,writer's block? After 38 long chapters? After 1050 reviews? Hm. Want ointment for your neck ? :)

    Get well soon.

  2. Anonymous22.9.10

    Loved the screen icons. Excellent work.

    I'm sorry you're not feeling well. If you're anywhere in the midwest/west coast, I'd be happy to help with your neck problem. (Massage Therapist, so please don't get freaked out by that) I hope you do feel better soon.


  3. Erica, I shall have to tell my sister that she's being replaced as my favorite massage therapist in my life as she didn't offer to help me with my neck despite repeated hints and a ride from the airport. :)

    Of course, she DID buy me a box of chocolates. I'm going to partake of a few of them and a Dr. Pepper and wonder why I suddenly feel the urge to talk with a sudden drawl and run across the country.




  4. Anonymous22.9.10

    Your very welcome, Frea =) I love what I do, so I'm not bothered to help whenever I can. (Plus, it's advantageous to your readers, of which I am included so it's not entirely without a selfish drive, lol) I don't actually have an accent aside from the one that I apparently came back with after working on cruise ships. I don't hear it myself but what can you do. I can however fake, fairly decently, an array of accents around the world, so I could fake a drawl if you'd like.

    It was nice of your sister to at least get you chocolate and Dr. Pepper. Sometimes the happy endorphins of chocolate and caffeine are all you need to feel better. How long has she been practicing?


  5. She just graduated in May and is actually waiting on her license right now (she got her certification, I think?). We bought her a chair for her graduation that kind of looks like a giant praying mantis or the chair from Dollhouse. I call it the Echo Mantis. Last we talked, she was less than amused by the name. :) I suppose I'll have to beat her in a match during D&D to win a massage from her (my family, nerds? Never).

    Accents can be a lot of fun to pick up. I have a friend that goes to Germany pretty regularly and you can always tell when she's been recently. After she spent six months in Heidelberg, I automatically started speaking German whenever I heard her voice, her accent was so thick. :)

  6. Anonymous23.9.10

    Very cool for your sister. I wish her a successful future. Massage Therapy is a great industry/community to be in. Is she liking it so far?

    I am familiar with the giant praying mantis chair you speak of, lol. And Echo Mantis is the perfect nickname for it. I totally see it!

    It might be a bit blasphemous to admit, but I've never played D&D. I've seen the movie based off the game, though, if that's any consolation.

    Accents are fun to try even if you can't do them well. It's funny how horrible they are sometimes. At least, I find it amusing anyway. You speak German? That's swanky. I know how to say a few things in German but definitely not close to fluency at all. Have you ever been to Germany?


  7. Pemberley23.10.10

    I took another Spy rides the bus. Great icons!


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