The Scoop, Season 1, Episode 6: All Roads that Lead To TakeItTo22 are Winding

In a continuation of Premiere Week, I bring you a gift from Day 5. 

That's right, our very own mxpw caught up with TakeItTo22 the writer of All the Roads that Lead to You are Winding. For simplicity's sake, we sometimes just call it Roads because here at Castle Inanity, we are lazy like that. Kind of like how I didn't open up Photoshop to make a Scoop graphic tonight because Fates was calling my name. But hey, look here, a shiny new interview!

Man, that intro sucked. Let me try this again.

Hey, Frea here. We've got a real treat for you tonight. That's right, our very own mxpw sat down and caught up with the brilliant writer of All The Roads that Lead to You are Winding. Tally, as she's called for no good reason whatsoever (Frea likes to name things randomly), has not only written Roads but a companion piece (Confessions of a Nymphomaniac...Spy (ellipsis optional)) and the wonderful Chuck Vs. the Replacement. Does she, like Wepdiggy, employ a taskforce of unwed mothers to do all of her dirty work? Would she turn Chuck into the best horror movie ever like Justin? Can she keep up with Chris in a conversation about music and albums?

The answer to one of those questions is yes. Read the interview and you may find out which one, but probably not since they talk about much better things than that in the interview.

mxpw: Aren't we supposed to be doing something right now?

Tally: Oh, right

Tally: Haha

Tally: The interview?

mxpw: Yup

Tally: Ooooh, exciting!

mxpw: Still wanna?

Tally: Sure

mxpw: Great.

Tally: Just let me fix my makeup

Tally: I think a lot of people think I'm a guy

Tally: Haha

mxpw: Really?

mxpw: I never thought that.

mxpw: By the way, the interview has already started.

Tally: Oh, okay

Tally: And yes, I remember reading a couple of "Buddy's" and "Man's" in a few of my

mxpw: Pssst! This is where you're supposed to call me "sir."

Tally: I have no recollection of having to do that

mxpw: Uh-huh. Convenient memory lapse, I see? Fiiiiine.

Tally: Indeed, good chap.

mxpw: And hey, I've called you "dude" and "man" more than once.

mxpw: Maybe they're just from California.

mxpw: Oh great, now you'll have them thinking you're a British ex-pat.

Tally: That's fine by me, mate.

Tally: I always wanted to be British.

mxpw: How's your teeth?

Tally: Fine. That's why I can't be British, because they're fairly straight and white.

Tally: Darn.

mxpw: There are ways around that, you know.

Tally: Please explain!

mxpw: Oh, I'm sorry, I seem to have conveniently forgotten...

Tally: Liar, why do you lie?

Tally: :)

mxpw: Speaking of lies, so that Roads, that's a great story, huh?

Tally: It's okay.

Tally: Not great, though

mxpw: Eh...it could be better.

Tally: Yeah.

Tally: It'll never be as good as some of the others.

Tally: Like that one story where Chuck and Carina fall in love?

Tally: That was a classic.

Tally: An all time great.

mxpw: Why are you giving away Roads' future storylines?

Tally: Oh, you caught me. Well, I love to spoil my readers, so yes, Chuck and Carina fall in love.

Tally: They run away together.

Tally: There's the whole plot of Roads. I think we can end this interview now. What do you think?

mxpw: You haven't talked about how Sarah and Jill hook up, buy a van, and travel across the country going to local music festivals in search of the "perfect song." The title does talk about traveling roads, after all.

Tally: That was going to be the sequel!

mxpw: Oops!

Tally: Sarah and Jill vs. the Lilith Tour

mxpw: Haha. Genius. I kinda want to read that one now.

Tally: I think you should write it.

mxpw: But, since we're on the topic of music, what's with that really long title, huh?

Tally: I think it makes sense for the story. You know, Chuck and Sarah have been friends for years, they split up, meet up, split up again, and meet up again. When they do meet again, they both have certain obstacles that they need to get through. So yeah, it's a long and winding road for them.

Tally: And because there are going to be a couple of obstacles in the way, that's one of the main reasons I didn't want to have Bryce and Sarah together before Bryce was paralyzed.

mxpw: Yeah, let me just say, I appreciated that. Not only because it was something different, but it allowed you to, I think, actually make Bryce fairly likeable in this story which is no small feat, in my opinion.

Tally: Yes, he can be quite douchey in the world of FF.

mxpw: But let's talk about this whole Sarah and Chuck have a history motif. What made you think of it?

Tally: I was sick with the stomach flu at the time. I was really bored, and I just thought it would be a fun little one-shot

Tally: But then, the idea grew.

Tally: While it has been sort of a cliché lately, I like fics where Chuck didn't get kicked out of Stanford.

Tally: But like I said, it's kind of a cliché, so I decided to do something different. I had another idea for a fic that takes place after "The Honeymooners" episode where Sarah and Chuck don't go back with Casey.

Tally: They sort of get bored with each other, and Chuck makes Sarah watch The Dark Knight, and she starts to dress up like a superhero, and fights crime.

Tally: Then I realized that was kind of stupid.

mxpw: Haha

mxpw: So instead, you decided to make Chuck dress up and fight crime?

Tally: Yes.

Tally: Haha

mxpw: Oh, and for the record, anything that puts Sarah in body-hugging outfits is not stupid.

Tally: I'll keep that in mind then. Question: How about Casey in a body-hugging outfit, eh?

Tally: Hubba-hubba!

mxpw: Hey, you know, the man's jaw was chiseled by Michelangelo himself, so...

Tally: That is true. What a dream boat he is...

Tally: Hehe

mxpw: Okay, so Chuck now fights crime. Fairly different.

Tally: It is.

mxpw: But why have Chuck meet Sarah when they were kids?

Tally: I just like the idea of destiny, I suppose.

Tally: I wish I can give a better answer, but yeah.

mxpw: They were destined to make babies together?

Tally: Plus, it's something different.

Tally: Yes. Lots of beautiful, brown-haired, blue-eyed babies.

Tally: And every Friday, they'll have a Goonies night.

mxpw: Truffle shuffle. Though I hope Sarah does it one of these times.

Tally: I'll see if I can fit that scene in. Just because you're a pretty cool guy.

mxpw: Aww, thanks, you're a doll.

Tally: I try, I try.

mxpw: So wait, are you saying Chuck and Carina don't end up together after all?

Tally: I haven't decided yet. ;)

Tally: I just make this story up as I go.

mxpw: But what about the baby making? I suppose Chuck could always move to Utah.

Tally: True. He can let someone else run his company and buy a nice house in Utah.

Tally: Maybe Sarah can write a book about sparkly vampires during her free time.

mxpw: Hey, you're not supposed to confess that. Always tell the readers you know exactly what you're doing and that you have a plan, even if you're completely winging it.

Tally: Oh, right. Darn!

Tally: But seriously, I do have the whole story planned.

mxpw: She does.

Tally: Everything that happens, happens for a reason.

mxpw: She's told me all sorts of fun stuff.

Tally: Super fun, right?

Tally: Haha

mxpw: Well, I'm certainly excited.

mxpw: Why don't you give some hints about what we can expect in upcoming chapters?

Tally: Sure, I can do that.

Tally: In a future chapter, you'll see that Megatron from Transformers is the Architect, aka, the leader of Omega.

mxpw: Damn, I knew it.

Tally: I hope I didn't give too much away.

mxpw: Freaking incompetent Starscream.

mxpw: He never gets the job done.

Tally: I know!

Tally: Wally is Starscream.

mxpw: Oh that explains so much.

mxpw: Does that mean that Chuck is Optimus?

Tally: Sarah's Optimus.

Tally: Didn't see that one coming, did ya?

mxpw: No, not at all.

Tally: Okay, but seriously...

mxpw: You're not being serious?

Tally: No, sorry to disappoint.

Tally: Hold on, when's this going to be posted?

mxpw: Probably not for at least two weeks, maybe longer.

Tally: Okay, then.

Tally: I can't give too much of the story away, but I can promise an extremely bad-ass Sarah coming up in a future chapter.

Tally: She'll put Jason Bourne to shame.

Tally: Oh, and Chuck and Casey get drunk together. That should be a nice, funny scene.

mxpw: That's hot.

mxpw: Well, not that last part, that's just amusing.

mxpw: What else?

Tally: Carina and Chuck get married.

Tally: Damn it!

Tally: Wasn't supposed to say that...

mxpw: You did it again.

Tally: There will be a character death.

Tally: So be forewarned.

mxpw: A big character death or Office Worker #3?

Tally: A fairly big character death.

mxpw: Ooooo ominous and mysterious.

Tally: Isn't it? I just gave myself some goose bumps...yikes!

mxpw: The power of creative thinking.

Tally: I heard it can light up cities. I tried, but it didn't work.

Tally: Maybe I was doing something wrong.

mxpw: Or maybe you were doing something right.

Tally: Dun, dun, dunnnn!

Tally: Next question?

mxpw: Whoa

mxpw: Hey

mxpw: You don't ask the questions, young lady.

Tally: Hay is for horses, I have a name.
Frea's note: I HATE that phrase, as hey and hay are spelled differently!  Gah, society! 

mxpw: Yes, you have several in fact.

Tally: That's what I hear.

Tally: As long as you guys don't call me the B-word, it's cool.

mxpw: Bodacious? Beautiful? Bountiful? Bawdy? Buoyant?

Tally: All of the above.

Tally: B is my least favorite letter of the alphabet.

Tally: Not really, but let's just pretend it is.

mxpw: At least it's not C.

Tally: Don't even get me started on C.

mxpw: Yeah, nothing good ever comes from being called something that starts with C.

Tally: Haha, speaking of C…

Tally: In a later chapter...actually, never mind.

Tally: It'll give too much away.

mxpw: Oh, tease!

Tally: I know. I'm a terrible person, aren't I?

mxpw: Eh, I've met worse.

mxpw: New question!

Tally: Yay!

mxpw: When are you going to finish that other story I can't remember the name of?

Tally: The Replacement?

mxpw: Why are you asking me? Don't you know?

Tally: I haven't thought about that. Honestly, I don't have the time right now.

Tally: Writing 14,000 plus words for Roads is actually quite draining.

Tally: So once Roads is done, I'll probably work on that other one again.

mxpw: You need to outsource parts of Roads.

Tally: Oh, and I've got the Carina story to write along with Roads too

Tally: You think? I thought people liked the lengthy chapters.

mxpw: That's already finished, isn't it?

Tally: Nope, it's gonna be a full story.

mxpw: Is this going to be basically telling Roads from her POV?

Tally: Yes.

Tally: Which I think is extremely fun to write.

mxpw: After seeing the first chapter, I agree.

mxpw: It's awesome.

Tally: I thank you, ol' chap.

Tally: Almost called you sir there...

mxpw: Damn, so close!

mxpw: Okay, so I probably should have done this sooner, but tell us a little about yourself.

Tally: I like ponies, rainbows, unicorns, and magic.

Tally: My dream is to marry a vampire and become a witch.

Tally: I like to think realistically.

mxpw: You just wanna sparkle, don't you?

Tally: Yes.

Tally: But honestly...

Tally: I'm just a normal gal that loves movies and books. I'm kind of a music snob. I also like math, which a lot of people think is weird.

Tally: That's me in a nutshell.

mxpw: It is weird.

mxpw: Also, tell everybody how old you are so they can share in my hatred and jealousy of you.

Tally: 19...almost 20

Tally: Be jealous!

mxpw: I am!

Tally: ALL OF YOU, BE JEALOUS! Right now!

mxpw: Somebody that young should not be writing like this. Curse you and your talent.

Tally: You're welcome. ;)

mxpw: A bit sure of yourself, huh?

Tally: Actually, no.

Tally: I was very hesitant to post that first chapter back in late June, I think?

Tally: Early July? I can't remember.

mxpw: I don't remember either.

Tally: And every time I work on a chapter, there are parts where I get stuck, and I start having a fit.

Tally: I throw rocks at cars

Tally: Not really, because that's just rude.

mxpw: That sounds like a metaphor.

mxpw: Or a line from some bad coffeehouse poetry reading.

Tally: Indeed it does.

Tally: Or something a heartbroken, 12 year old girl would write.

mxpw: Haha.

mxpw: So what point were you making?

Tally: Oh, right...sorry, I was reading Fates (plug!).
Frea's note: Thank you!

Tally: Anyway, I wasn't sure if people would respond to Roads.

Tally: It's pretty over-the-top if you think about it.

mxpw: Just a tad.

Tally: But after I posted the first chapter, I got a tremendous response

Tally: Then I got even more nervous

mxpw: Understandable.

mxpw: I mean, I wasn't your beta yet.

Tally: I know!

Tally: I was thinking, "Damn it! How do I top awkward teenage band geeks that are in love?"

mxpw: The answer, "You can't."

Tally: And I don't think I've been able to...darn band geeks.

Tally: Exactly.

mxpw: Cause that first chapter was so awkwardly perfect.

Tally: I thank you.

mxpw: Full disclosure: I probably read the SF stuff maybe...five times?

Tally: Yikes!

mxpw: It was just so cute!

Tally: That was actually the first part I wrote when I started.

mxpw: How could I not?

mxpw: Really? Cool.

Tally: Yep.

Tally: I liked that scene too.

Tally: Not to toot my own horn, but I don't know if I can top that.

Tally: Haha, I said "toot."

mxpw: Dork.

mxpw: And I think you can, but if not, that's fine. My fave chapter of Fates is Chapter Two. It's all been downhill from there for me. Just kidding, Frea.

mxpw: Well, mostly kidding.

Tally: Fates is so good, it should be illegal.

Tally: It probably is in some states.

mxpw: Rhode Island and I think Arkansas.

Tally: Oh, and DA is okay, I suppose...

Tally: :)

mxpw: Yeah, but it's not Roads or Fates. I could learn a lot from the both of you.

Tally: No, it's an excellent fic

mxpw: Oh do go on...

Tally: No.

Tally: This is my time to shine!

Tally: Haha

mxpw: Oh burn.

mxpw: Rejected in my own interview.

Tally: Okay, fine...DA is an intense story. Very well written. So good that my eyes water from the pure, concentrated awesomeness.

Tally: Happy?

mxpw: That's much better. Now I won't change your name on the transcript to Stupidhead.

Tally: It's better than Roads Girl

Tally: When you told me that you called me that, it sounded like code for hooker.

mxpw: How do you know it isn't?

Tally: Sad day...*tear*

Tally: What I do at night is nobody's business but mine...and my customers!

mxpw: Say, where do you live again?

Tally: I wish not to disclose that information...

Tally: A cop could be reading this, you know.

Tally: And if that's the case, there goes my future!

mxpw: And what a bright future it was.

Tally: I'm going to be a star. On Broadway! Sorry, I recently started watching Glee.

Yup.  Reusing pictures.  We're all about recycling at Castle Inanity.  And laziness.

Tally: What a terribly addicting show that is.

mxpw: Heh. Oh you'll fit right in with the rest of CI. Well, at least the cool part of CI.

mxpw: Frea, Crystal, and myself all watch it.

Tally: But I've never seen Firelight or Firefly or whatever it's called.

mxpw: Oh God!

mxpw: Just stop!

Tally: I'm sorry if I offended you.

mxpw: More like lowered yourself in my esteem.

Tally: Dang it!

mxpw: I don't know what's below hooker, but...

Tally: Shaw

Tally: Shaw's what's below a hooker

mxpw: Oh now that is a real burn. highfive

Tally: YES!

Tally: Speaking of Shaw, aren't you glad I killed him off?

Tally: Actually

Tally: Aren't you glad that Carina killed him off?

mxpw: I'm just glad he's dead, who cares who does the deed.

Tally: He was supposed to be Sarah's ex instead of Wally

Tally: But that would just be an insult to Sarah's character.

mxpw: God bless you for changing your mind.

Tally: Plus, I just wanted a roided out villain.

mxpw: Bane

Tally: Yep.

Tally: Or Juggernaut, if you're into Marvel.

mxpw: Heh.

mxpw: Okay, I think we should wrap this interview up before we prattle on for another however long.

mxpw: So I have three last questions for you.

Tally: Okay!

Tally: Ready.

mxpw: Favorite color?

Tally: Blue

mxpw: Good choice. I would have also accepted green or mauve.

Tally: Yes! mxpw approves!

mxpw: Favorite movie?

Tally: Yikes...um...Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Tally: And Pan's Labyrinth.

mxpw: Oh, well, the judges are undecided on ESotSM, but they give you full marks for Pan's Labyrinth.

Tally: Eternal Sunshine is a damn good movie!

mxpw: You and crystal should chat about your love for mind-altering experiences.

Tally: Perhaps one day...

mxpw: Okay, last question.

mxpw: What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Tally: Um...it makes a noise when a tree falls.

Tally: That's the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow.

mxpw: Haha

mxpw: Bzzzzt!

mxpw: Wrong!

Tally: NOOOOO!

Tally: Do you actually know?

Tally: Without the power of Google?

Tally: That should be a band name...Power of Google...

mxpw: Oh Tally...

Tally: Haha

mxpw: And here I was, so proud of your pop culture acumen, and then you had to go and answer that question like you did.

Tally: I'm sorry that I'm a disappointment...I'll work harder next time.

mxpw: See that you do.

mxpw: I'm going to give you another chance.

Tally: Okay.

mxpw: What is your favorite food?

Tally: Chicken Pad Thai

Tally: I'm actually going to get some in a little bit.

Tally: :)

mxpw: Lucky.

mxpw: And once again, I'm jealous.

Tally: Yes! I win!

mxpw: Heh. You do indeed.

mxpw: Okay, so I think that about wraps things up. Any last words?

Tally: It's been fun, and thanks to everyone that reads Roads!


  1. Sparky17.9.10

    Wow, Shaw hate is strong.But i liked Brandon Routh as Superman :P

  2. Shaw hate is strong for a good reason. Many years ago, an oak tree fell and killed my granpappy. I've had it out for oak trees ever since.

  3. First of all, I might had thought that Tally was a man. Sorry!!!
    As along time fan of her work, I love this interview, even if it confirms that the ending of Chuck Vs. the replacement might take a while (and she did leave it at a cliffhanger!). But still, TRTLTYAW (I called Road to innocence Roads) is so, so good that I forgive her.
    Great scoop!


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