mxpw vs. Frea - Chuck vs. the Anniversary

Since mxpw and I are too lazy to do official write-ups of the episodes and we're not fast on our feet like Chris, we decided that since we always rehash the episodes over chat anyway, we'll just post that here.  Each week, somebody will take the optimist side and the other the pessimist.  I got to be the optimist first (you'll see why) and mxpw and I had a fun time playing point-counterpoint.  Or as it sometimes went, point-I agree with you but counterpoint!  First up: Chuck Vs. the Anniversary, aka Short Skirt, Long Jacket (Sarah wears one, Chuck wears the other; together they're a Cake song!). 

Frea: So I really liked Anniversary. It's no First Date, but I thought the show has finally come into its own after wriggling about for all of Season Three. this episode returned us to the roots of Chuck: it was enjoyable, it was nerdy, an interesting amount of drama, and the characters seemed to be themselves. Hilarious interactions, good conflict, resolution that, yes, is kind of face-palmy on Chuck's part (I'm willing to forgive it because they got it out of the way quickly). And best of all? CASTLE HAS A SLIDE.

mxpw: I too liked Anniversary quite a bit. After the craptacular Season 3, Anniversary was a breath of freezing cold Russian air. I was entertained by the jokes (Casey's one liners, the sexting) and mesmerized by Sarah's legs. But as much as I enjoyed this episode, it was not without its problems.

Frea: What problems? CASTLE SLIDE!

mxpw: The bulk of the first half was a bit of a disjointed mess. The timeline was fuzzy (we get no real clue when the episode begins, or ends for that matter), the pacing was off at times, especially as we transitioned from Chuck's global search to Chuck's employment search, the entire Repo Man subplot was pointless and a waste of time. I mean, I liked Harry Dean Stanton and what they did with his part was amusing, but it was almost completely superflous and not in a good way.

Frea: I didn't mind the disjointed mess as much. I don't need to know exactly when an episode is taking place (though it's nice) as long as things are happening, and the excellent montage of the plane flights going every which way more than makes up for any time discontinuities for me (let's face it: the Chuck continuity fairy? Kind of a hardcore alcoholic). I liked the Harry Dean Stanton stuff because I thought the use of a menu to give a major clue that swings the entire plotline of a story episode is rather brilliant. And chop-socky! Who doesn't love chop-socky? Plus, it set up Chuck's reluctance to take out ten armed guys later on with the rusty Kung Fu.

mxpw: Olivia Munn was wasted in her part. She was obviously only there for her slow-mo entrance and nothing else.

Frea: You're wrong, Maximus. Olivia Munn's entire point, besides the slow-mo entrance (Yvonne is charging them more for those now or what?), is to send Morgan down the CASTLE SLIDE! Yes, all roads DO lead to the Castle Slide, thank you very much.

mxpw: Yvonne isn't doing the slow-mo anymore because they've got her doing leg porn now. She's been upgraded and I, for one, am happy with her promotion. Though I still think the skirt was inappropriately short. I know, I know, hard to believe coming from me, but it's true. You can ask crystal. I objected to it while watching the episode.

Frea: I was a bit more surprised by her heels. I mean, it makes it easier to keep the shot level between Zac and Yvonne when they've got her in those monsters, but I don't blame her one bit for kicking them off during the interrogation tie-up with Casey. Speaking of whom: awwww, Sugar Bear! You brought my one-liners back. I heart you.

mxpw: Kinda hard to type text messages out with heels on. By the way, Sarah has very dexterous toes. Also, had one of the best reaction shots in the series ever, during the sexting back and forth with Morgan. It was almost as good as when Chuck kicked Lester in S3.

Frea: What-what, a shout-out to my favorite Sarah shot of S3?

mxpw: Yeah, I thought you'd appreciate that.

mxpw: The whole lying thing also seemed really pointless. Chuck goes through this whole spiel about keeping things from everybody, then Sarah finds out and it's so anticlimactic. In a way, this was good, because the last thing the show needs is stupid angst between Chuck and Sarah. But at the same time, if nothing was going to happen because of the lying, why did it need to occur to begin with? And it's really annoying how Chuck still doesn't seem to understand how relationships work. I never thought Sarah would be the more emotionally mature one in the relationship, but Anniversary proved me wrong.

mxpw: I loved the sexting subplot, because it gave us Sarah on the airplane, which was my favorite scene of the whole episode. I loved how she was awkward and shy to start with the picture taking, but got progressively more into it. That was hilarious. Unfortunately, the sexting went a little too far in Russia. Morgan can just be too creepy sometimes. Not only does the man not respect boundaries but you don't sext another man's girl.
Frea: Morgan was just helping a friend out! ...Okay, yeah, that was creepy as all get out, I can't counterpoint that one. Little did Sarah know she was getting two for the price of one when she entered into this relationship with Chuck. Good job, Morgan, you've probably killed all future sexting between our spy couple. Now what on earth are they going to do on the long nights apart?

mxpw: Cybersex, of course. Until Morgan figures out Chuck's IM password.

Frea: Oh, well, there's always phone sex. Hopefully Sarah knows the difference between Chuck's voice and Morgan's by this point.

mxpw: Which begs the question, do you think Chuck ever does his Batman voice when he and Sarah are "together?" We know Sarah likes to get freaky.

Frea: That goes hand in hand with the age-old question: does the Intersect 2.0 come with seduction techniques? Sarah must be one very happy lady if that's the case. What's that, sir? Xerox machines? On it! What'd you think about the final Ellie scene? It was nice to hear confirmation from Chuck that he will tell Ellie in the future, but I'm worried it might be too little too late...yet again.

mxpw: Eh...the Ellie scene I was kind of meh on the first time I watched it, but after watching it again, I'm even less enthused about it as I was before. There's a decided air about this show when it comes to how it treats its female characters. I mean, the show takes this attitude with most of the characters, but it always seems to be worse with the female ones. And that's this underlying sense of unwilling to share information because they are worried about scaring or hurting the women. People make decisions for other people because they think they're doing it for their own good when really they're just being patronizing and condescending.

mxpw: The fact that Ellie happens to be pregnant at this point with Chuck lying to her again only drives home that point.

Frea: Well, Chuck's got a very long learning curve when it comes to her. After all, Ellie having knowledge last season would have saved Orion's life, most likely, but nobody on the show seemed to realize that then or now. It would be my hope that this might come up at one point, maybe brought up by Ellie herself. Like I always say, I'm okay with characters screwing up, as long as their actions have consequences and/or they are called on their errors, either by themselves or by others. This is one of those "wait and see" situations, but I hope waiting and seeing turns out that Chuck is wrong for keeping this secret from Ellie. And by extension, Awesome, too. Since Awesome is not awesome at one thing: lying. Of course, I reserve the right to facepalm in the future if the Ellie plotline just ends up a repeat of S3 Ellie's plotline.

mxpw: Well, we know from the promo at the end of the episode that Chuck tells Ellie that he is searching for their mother, but the promo made no mention of whether or not he tells her he's searching for their mother while working for the CIA again.

Frea: Ah, speculation, that devious jerk. We know how well I speculate, looking at my early author's notes from Fates, so I'm just going to say, that's what I hope, and I'll just keep watching to see what the show delivers.

mxpw: Yeah, that's probably a smart decision. Wanna know what else was a smart decision?

mxpw: Bringing the parachutes.

Frea: Never gone parachuting in a dress before. I'll have to ask Sarah for tips on how to keep the skirt from riding up. (Man, isn't everybody sad the scene cut off before that happened? Sorry, guys)

mxpw: Though considering we got plenty of upskirt shots throughout the rest of the episode, I guess they compensated. By the way, those shots were totally pervy.  I mean, I loved the leg porn (I'm not sure I've made that clear enough), but really.

Frea: Not only did we get Chuck in two nice suits, but we also got a shirtless Chuck. I wasn't paying a bit of attention to Sarah's legs, sorry.

mxpw: How could you not pay attention? They were like the focus of the camera for half the episode.

Frea: Shirtless. Chuck.

mxpw: One minute of shirtless Chuck vs like five minutes of leg porn. Yeah...

mxpw: By the way, Zac needs a tan.

Frea: He looked perfectly fine to me.

mxpw: I thought he looked less tan compared to Final Exam.

mxpw: Did you re-watch that scene over and over again?

Frea: Ummm…maaaaybe.

mxpw: It's okay to admit, I've seen the plane scene at least five times by now.
Speaking of which, probably my favorite joke/counter-joke bit happened in that scene.

Frea: What?

mxpw: Sarah's asking of Casey (!?) if he'd ever been in a long distance relationship, which was hilarious in itself (Sarah can be kinda clueless sometimes). But then Casey's line, even though it was sad, cracked me up. "No. I either leave or they die." Great Casey moment there.

Frea: Well, the girl doesn't have many friends, it seems. There doesn't seem to be anything in particular between Ellie and Sarah, and she's so separated from the world. Who's she going to ask? The Evil Flight Attendant? Marko? The atrociously bad Going the Distance? It's either Casey or Google, and Google's not exactly a spy, is it?

mxpw: Carina! Duh.

Frea: Oh, right. Carina. Because Carina's somebody who CLEARLY believes in relationships.

mxpw: What, and Casey is any better? Of the two meaningful relationships we've seen him have, one he chose the job over and let her think he was dead for over 20 years and the other is a French spy (I think) that faked her death and who he's not seen again since she went back undercover.

Frea: And yet, he has never dated a block of wood.

mxpw: Well, obviously Sarah is the worst out of the three.

mxpw: Anyway, this episode had some good Casey moments. Some good team moments, though they almost felt unearned at times. I liked the shot of them outside the building in Russia. That was pretty cool.

Frea: Yeah, Casey really did shine in this episode. Also, I have to point out the menu again. And the elusive Russian Howard Hughes type for a bad guy. Those sound like solid plot points to me.

mxpwAll in all, it was a good episode. A strong way to start the fourth season. And perhaps best of all, this episode actually established the season long arc in a strong way, unlike the previous season. And Linda Hamilton looks to be a great addition to the cast and the show. Mama B actually seems to have presence and I'm interested in learning her story. I was never interested in the Ring in S3. Let's hope the ass kicking continues and I can't wait to see how Sarah reacts to her. This season should be fun.

Frea:  Agreed.  And because it can't be said enough...CASTLE SLIDE!

Overall ratings:

mxpw - 3.5 Nerd Herd Sarahs out of 5
Frea - 7 Castle Slides out of 10


  1. Sparky22.9.10

    Frea,I gotta ask this: you said that you were fine with Hannah and Shaw thing in WFI (author note). Did you (obviously) change your mind :)

    And leave Sarah alone!(:P) After being rejected by Chuck and him seeming changing, it's believable that she wanted something familiar.(Larkin,Barker,Shaw) While she was little bit of an idiot,Chuck was the bigger one for not hammering her. And dating Hannah? Really?

  2. Anonymous22.9.10

    Frea speaks the truth. Zac. Shirtless. Shoulders. Chest hair. Gah. Brain. Goo.

    Exhibit A. (Okay I really have only one photo as evidence). So let's stop with A.

    Need I say more?

  3. Sparky, real quick: I never liked Shaw or Hannah, but until the writers proved me wrong, I hoped they might be useful. Never happened.

    I'm going to move past your second paragraph and I would really encourage everybody else to do so, too, since I don't want to see this turn into a "Who's more at fault?" argument thread. If at all possible, let's try and keep this to Season Four and the episode. Thanks in advance. Sorry, Frea the mod stepping in.

    Also, just as a note to everybody, let's not post spoilers on this thread, as there isn't a way to block them out and not everybody may want to be spoiled about upcoming episodes. Thanks!

    Your Lovely Mod,


  4. Zappeej - mmmmmmMMMM those shoulders. *gazes at the picture for an hour* Thank you, thank you, thank you. *drool*

  5. Sparky22.9.10

    I like "friendly talking" over tv show characters. Not a fan of "heated" arguments :)

    mxpw,how's the double agent coming along?

  6. alladinsgenie4u22.9.10

    @Frea and mxpw- thanks for the review in the form of your lovely banter.

    @mxpw - Even I was really creeped out by Morgan's behavior. Maybe that sexting scene was intended for laughs but I was wincing, though - there are some boundaries you just dont cross.
    Agree with you on the length of Sarah's skirt - it was way too short.

    Casey was perfect in the episode. His one liners were all gold.

  7. I had to admit I found the Morgan sexting Sarah hilarious mainly because he was giggling the whole time. It was like watching a 12 yr old. A very hairy 12 yr old.

    SOS was hilarious.

    Apart from that I found the characters really flat. Maybe it was the way it was shot.

    And yes, I had to look away from the screen because i was worried about seeing Sarah's hooha. not cool.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Yvonne isn't Paris Hilton Alana, I'm not sure how you could get embarrassed about it ;) I'm not sure what the difference is in seeing a woman in a bikini or underwear like 2.21 The Colonel anyways.


  10. Ayefah22.9.10

    Morgan sexting Sarah in the base did cross a line - it reminded me of early Morgan, who seemed to have a hard time remembering that he and Chuck weren't actually the same person and therefore entitled to communal property. (Remember when he was puzzled that Chuck didn't want him to see his PIN? Oy.)

    And I thought Sarah's skirt was too short and her shoes were insane, as well, but I get tired of being the person who complains about that stuff all the time so I tried not to make a big hairy deal out of it. Only to find that mxpw, of all people, was having the same thoughts. Who knew?

    Seriously, though, is it so crazy to ask for Sarah to wear mission clothes when on a mission? And a remotely believable skirt if she's pretending to be a travelling businesswoman? She used to dress so sensibly on missions, and shockingly, Yvonne Strahovski somehow managed to overcome the terrible handicap of flat boots and pants to still look attractive. Oh, Schwedak.

    BUT. Yes, Casey was indeed awesome - I especially loved his face as he promised to tear Volkoff's guys limb from limb from limb. Adam Baldwin can create opportunities for funny out of just about anything.

    I'm also glad that we're seemingly leaving the realm of shadowy conspiracies within the American government and moving on to some kind of independent organization of evil. Let's just say it'll task the show's limited capacity for logic a little less, and that can only be a good thing. :)

    I agree that the "Chuck lying" thing seemed pointless, but I chose to take that as a direct statement from Fedak: Yes, pointless lying is pointless. Which is why we're not going to extend pointless lies forever anymore. See, this lie got busted inside of an episode! So surely the lying to Ellie won't last much longer. (It had better not. Grr.)

    And Beckman! In the Buy More! Hee! How on earth will she deal with Jeff and Lester whenever they come back from their fugitive run?

    So basically, "Anniversary" had some of the old Chuck problems with low-level sexism and unnecessary lying, but it wasn't the unrecognizable wangsty soap opera we got in last season's premiere. This was an episode of true Chuck, complete with stupid reference humor, that ended with an affirmation of loyalty and affection between the Castle crew, Chuck and Sarah handling their relationship obstacles like adults, and Linda Hamilton kicking people in the face. How can I say no to that?

    And between the unseen Intersect smackdown and the cool half-lit gun battle at the end, even the low-budget action was done with more thought and creativity than it was last year. There was no more over-reliance on 2.0 to provide excitement - instead it was taken for granted, and Chuck was back to being the guy who prefers non-violent and nerdy solutions where he can get them. Maybe I'm projecting too much onto one script or my expectations were too low, but man, I'm just happy to have had this be a recognizable episode of the show I love. As Frea said, it's no "First Date", but I'll take it.

  11. Anonymous22.9.10

    "And that's this underlying sense of unwilling to share information because they are worried about scaring or hurting the women. People make decisions for other people because they think they're doing it for their own good when really they're just being patronizing and condescending."

    I just had to comment on that, because I agree so much with this.

    I really hate Sarah and Ellie being protected from making their own decisions by having information withheld from them. And I don´t particularely care, if it is done with noble intentions, because it is extremly patronizing.

    Sarah agreed to help him almost immediately and was even the one to suggest keeping it from Beckman for now. So his worries about her trying to stop him seemed incredibly pointless. She was convinced otherwise in a heartbeat.

    I get that they wanted to use the Chuck/Morgan team for comedy, but I don´t really see why that couldn´t be done in another way. Sarah could have simply not have time to help him right away or something like this.

    I am willing to overlook it, though, if it stops now, because thankfully it was resolved in one episode. On the other hand the easy resolve just made it even more pointless, just means there isn´t much use in fretting over it.

    I thought Morgan sexting in Chuck´s place was over the line as well. Between that and the joint checking account, I am kind of ready for Morgan to start being his own person and have somewhat of a distance between him and Chuck again.

    Also I do agree, that the pacing seemed off sometimes and I missed Awesome.

    Other than that, I really enjoyed the episode. The comedy was great and the Linda Hamilton scenes stopped it from having no dramatic weight.

    Glad that Chuck is back and just wanted to add a thank you for giving us Fates to have some Chuck fix in the interim. ;)

  12. Anonymous22.9.10

    As previously mentioned, I think the episode reeked of awesomeness! Finally back to the formula that made things great before.

    The Castle Slide was amazing, the sexting was hilarious (although, I think where Morgan participated was extremely awkward, as someone mentioned some boundaries shouldn't be crossed but we didn't have Jeffster to take the fall for anything creepy so unfortunately, it would have to have been Morgan) Casey's back! Loved his one-liners. They've been missed =) My sister and I especially enjoyed how the bad guys thought that an excellent use of public transportation kept Chuck and Morgan undetected and how that rounded out in the end on the bus. However, I do think Chuck would have given Sarah his jacket for her legs though. I've always seen him as a gentleman. Loved shirtless Zac . . .

    It did seem like they glossed over Chuck keeping a secret and I wished Ellie appeared more and Awesome was actually in the episode. I can see not wanting to tell Ellie the truth after learning she was pregnant. (I hope we get to see her telling Awesome) Let the dust settle from that bomb before dropping another. And Ellie did her Ellie thing of projecting and not letting him actually speak. I am glad he'll eventually tell her. Personally, I do think it'd be kinda funny if Chuck told Ellie that the government was making it impossible for him to get a normal job and then to see Ellie confront the General at the Buy More (It's not like Beckman is that difficult to find now and Ellie knows about Chuck's previous life so it's not completely unreasonable for him to tell Ellie Beckman's there.)

    Mama B looks sufficiently frightening and I look forward to seeing how that plays out.

    Anyway, that's some of my thoughts


  13. I really did enjoy the episode. It had a lot going for it. It made me laugh and it was pretty strong in the second half. And it can't be said enough, but it was miles ahead of anything in S3 (except for Honeymooners). There was a much more comfortable feeling to the character interaction in Anniversary than in just about any episode from S3. I hope they maintain that kind of tone throughout S4.

    Sparky: Double Agent is coming along about as fast as all my other writing. Heh. So, uh, not very fast. :P

    The Morgan issue: I thought his sexting Sarah WAS funny at times, mainly because of how Sarah was reacting. Seriously, that one look she does where she goes like, "Oh COME ON," was just hilarious. And I did like that Morgan realized he had screwed up and immediately told Chuck about it. Unfortunately, Morgan sexting Sarah in the first place was just plain creepy and I hope that Chuck at least took Morgan aside and explained to him why he should never do anything like that again.

    The skirt: Ayefah has it right. I object to the skirt from Sarah being a professional woman standpoint. It's hard to believe that Sarah thinks wearing a skirt that barely even reaches mid-thigh when she's standing up (and doesn't even come close when she's sitting down) is appropriate attire for the job. I've been joking with Frea that Sarah must have raided DA Sarah's wardrobe, because that's the kind of skirt DA would wear (and she's totally frakked in the head). I want to take Sarah seriously as a spy but it's really hard when they have her wearing stuff like that. And I gotta figure Yvonne is not crazy about the awkward, though hilarious, sexting scene and the numerous weird camera angles (I really shouldn't be able to determine what color underwear Sarah has on while she's still wearing clothes).

    Ayefah and awelle: While I was pretty impressed with Fedak with Anniversary (it was his best episode yet, I thought), I think calling the lying being pointless on purpose is giving him too much credit. Maybe I'm just judging him too harshly thanks to S3, but the man has always come across as tone deaf to me. We'll see if he holds to the pointless lying is pointless motif or if he goes back to that well later. All I have to say is that it was annoying, and not necessarily because Chuck was lying, but because it seems clear that Chuck just does not get relationships. My big hope is that Morgan stops being his first stop and Sarah takes the bearded gnome's place. I will never be able to fully get behind the Chuck and Sarah relationship until that happens.

    Of course, the lying to Ellie is really a separate issue. I don't think it's purely a sexism issue, though it kind of is, because Bryce basically did the same thing to Chuck that Chuck has done to Sarah and Ellie. It just seems like the reasons for why Chuck doesn't tell the female characters is more sexist, if that makes any sense. It's like in Tooth. I was willing to cut Chuck slack for not telling Sarah right away about his diagnosis because she had just told him she loved him, but then he went and outright lied to her face for no reason for the next two episodes and he didn't deserve any slack anymore. And this bit with Ellie is just a repeat of the Sarah situation. Chuck needs to learn to trust and respect Ellie's (and Sarah's) ability to make decisions.

    But really, despite all the little (and a few big things) that bothered me, the episode was fun and I had fun watching it.

    Plus, uh, the Sarah Walker Leg Porn (known from this point as SWLP) was frakkin' awesome and made the whole episode worthwhile. What? I'm still me...

  14. Anonymous22.9.10

    I'm surprised no one mentioned the 48,000+ dollars debt Chuck and Morgan are in. Hopefully, next episode says a few lines about that.

  15. Ayefah22.9.10

    I don't think it's purely a sexism issue, though it kind of is, because Bryce basically did the same thing to Chuck that Chuck has done to Sarah and Ellie.

    Exactly. Chuck was lied to and manipulated by Bryce and Orion and it was annoying as hell, and it happened at least partly because Chuck wasn't yet a "man" at that point. He danced the lady's part of the tango. Things were done to him and secrets were kept from him "for his own good" all the time, including by his handlers, to protect his poor delicate sensibilities.

    It was only late in S2 with the Tron poster and Orion that Chuck really started to push back, and it's only since then that he's been "man" enough to be the one condescendingly keeping secrets rather than being at the other end of things.

    A lot of the early seasons was about Chuck (and sometimes Morgan) trying on different versions of manhood for size - getting advice from Awesome, looking to Bryce, pretending to be a suburbanite, learning from Roan Montgomery and Cole Barker, creating the Charles Carmichael persona. As long as Chuck was in the manboy stage, he could be lied to for his own good. With Chuck's embrace of spying and the responsibilities of it, he became a "real man". And I don't think that it's entirely a coincidence that he suddenly gained ass-kicking ability at the same time.

    Women on the show, OTOH, are defined by their relationships to men. Ellie was completely limited by the lies her brother and husband told her, and her neurology fellowship was the first hint we got of her life beyond Awesome and Chuck. Anna was turned into an interior-decor-loving defanged bore once she got with Morgan. And once Sarah was really Chuck's quasi-ex in S3, she became the infuriatingly passive woman who got shoved around by Shaw for no good reason, dressed in ridiculous skirts and heels all the time, and oh yeah, had secrets kept from her for no good reason. She's not Sarah anymore - she's a Woman-Type Thing.

    Basically, any time a woman on Chuck has a relationship with a guy, she becomes a Woman-Type Thing, which is a creature unrecognizable as the person she was (or is) outside that relationship. She's lost and subsumed by the relationship to a man. This is such a damn male gaze show. :(

    I don't believe in the bog-stupid Moonlighting theory, but I do think that Sarah lost something for becoming Chuck's official girlfriend. Here's hoping they really fix that in the future. I just...have my doubts.

    Oh, and you know what else? Most of the short-skirt-and-heels outfits from S3 and the premiere are just friggin' ugly. How's that for shallow? :P

  16. Well, I mostly agree with you, Ayefah. At least on the show's skewed sense of masculinity and it being a male-gazed show (obviously, with all the Sarah ogling). Some of that is due in large part to the premise, which is that Chuck is really a comic book story come to life, and in comic books, the hero must "grow up", "man" up, become awesome, and everybody and everything else in the comic universe gravitates around him once he reaches his journey of completion. This is basically what happened in S3. And it's unlikely that will change, especially now since Chuck has reached "hero" status.

    It is infuriating to watch how they treat Ellie on the show (I think Sarah gets a better deal, which I'll mention in a second). She really is like Chuck in S1-S2, although even Chuck in those seasons had more agency and awareness of what was going on around him than Ellie does. Part of the problem, I think, is that Fedak has conceived Ellie as the character that symbolizes everything normal and familial and domestic in the Chuck universe. As such, she can't be too involved in the spy stuff because then the center that Chuck always comes back to (and so by extension everybody else as well) is gone. So Ellie is stuck as a protected character, lied to and patronized, because it's the only way to keep that center intact in Fedak's mind, I believe. There is hope, though, that maybe Fedak has realized that constantly lying to Ellie is a reeeeeally bad idea, so that may change.

    As for Sarah, I have to disagree with you a little bit. I realize it didn't last very long (and that's a good thing, for the most part) but Sarah did stick with her job without Chuck. She's the one going out into the world, kicking butt, while Chuck stays at home and pines after her. Sarah and Chuck are choosing a long distance relationship over Sarah giving up the Agency and joining Chuck as a civilian, which is something that complicates the issue of her designationas a Woman-Type Thing. It IS a reversal of the traditional male-female dynamic, and Sarah has quite clearly assigned much of her self-identity to the job. And it's funny that Chuck says he didn't initially tell Sarah about his quest because he knew she'd try and stop him. Her response is that she would have because she doesn't want him to get hurt. The reversal is in full effect, the problem is that Chuck chafes against this. It's presented as NOT normal for him. And so soon he's back to manning up and being a kick-ass spy again.

    Oh, and I kinda disagree with you about the short skirts and heels. Heeee...

  17. Ayefah22.9.10

    I did enjoy Chuck handing Sarah her terrifying Desert Eagle before kissing her goodbye so she could go to work. But that doesn't mean that Sarah's character isn't constricted as soon as she's in a relationship. I'm kinda wary, is all.

  18. I have heard rumors that Sarah Walker will do some really bad ass stuff this season. I think they are slowly morphing her into a more complex woman. Now that she can relax more at home, she can concentrate on being a woman at home, and she can do the spy thing when she left the door.

    BTW did anyone else think it was significant that Sarah said ILY first?

  19. Sparky23.9.10

    The secrets thing is annoying sometimes. We learned Bryce's noble intentions just before his death. imo, Chuck should have learned about Orion and Bryce long ago.

    But i don't think the " Sarah kicks ass" fact have changed,she is still strong and willful enough to not quit the spy life. Even though,she was prepared to in s3.

  20. "Is this the gun you were looking for, honey?" Best spy life joke ever. The thought of Chuck taking care of Sarah's weapons on any level always makes me giggle like a loon.

    I thought it was significant that it wasn't significant, BDaddyDL, that Sarah would -- gah, she's staring at me, we need a new blog background, sorry guys, she just doesn't...STOP STARING, WOMAN! -- say I love you so casually to Chuck (while still meaning it, of course). It speaks of many great things about their relationship.

    I kind of think they're going to drop the 43k debt in the longstanding traditions of "something happens in the premier that never shows up again." Like Chuck getting turned into a lemon, Casey attempting to kill Chuck, and Jeff's ninja vendetta. But I felt so bad for Morgan having to sell his Millennium Falcon! Maybe sexting with Sarah was his, er, payment for that sacrifice? Wow, Frea, what a way to cross a line. I will say that I giggled all the way through the sexting scene because c'mon, Sarah's reactions were hilarious and Morgan's justifications were just brilliant.

    Also, OCR Extended is the official computer font of Chuck. Random, yes, but that's what I was thinking about when I was watching the episode, so there you have it.

  21. Ayefah23.9.10

    I thought gun maintenance porn was more Casey's domain, but what do I know. :P

  22. Thanks for posting your thoughts, I laughed a lot, and its always interesting reading your POV's!


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