Another Weekend Contest

Good news!  So I posted a page of the next chapter of What Fates Impose, name still to be determined.  If you want to read that eeeeentire scene, mxpw and I have a contest going.  Since we're the coolest people on earth, we spent Friday night in a Twitter war that, sadly, mxpw won.  Our weapons?  Words, bitc--people!  Yeah, like I said, we're super cool.

Posted after the cut is the Twitter feed between Frea (aka Lell) and mxpw (aka mxpw999).  First person to post the correct story and chapter number for the referenced stories in the feed--in order--gets the entire first scene of Chapter 38 of What Fates Impose.  A few of them are gimmes, I think, but there are some difficult ones mixed in just to make things...interesting.

And yes, there are twenty references.

Frea - Withholding judgment until S4 premiere, but I really, really hope that #Chuck has stopped viewing Sarah Walker and the CIA as the same thing

mxpw999 - @Lell Don't you know that Morgan is the only one #Chuck can trust? Bros before hos, and all that. Obviously.

Frea - @mxpw999 You're calling Sarah Walker a ho?

mxpw - @Lell Quit quoting authors that are better than you!

Frea - @mxpw999 Oh, c'mon, how else m I going to get better? Geeeez. Besides, you left it wide open and I had to pay homage to Walker's 11 somehow!

mxpw - @Lell Next thing you know, you're going to start stealing MY lines. I mean, paying "homage." Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, riiiiiight.

Frea - @mxpw999 Tho I have to say if Chuck knows how easy Sarah Walker is then why the hell hasn't he tried to have sex with her yet? Oh wait...

Frea - For the record, that last line was from Chuck Vs. The Double Agent. I don't think even the author recognized it. :) #DoubleAgent

mxpw999 - @Lell Wait a minute, that sounds familiar... Fine then. "How much do you have to pay for a woman like that?" "Not enough." "So like 200?"

Frea - @mxpw999 Oh, it's ON. The nerd pointed to her forehead, eyes scanning as if reading scrolling text across her skin. "TAMPON CANNON BLASTER!"

Frea - @mxpw999 since outside fics=illegal: Casey pressed pause and 1 of the rampaging Sarah zombies was stopped mid chomp on some poor guy's arm.

mxpw999 - @Lell That's right, no more outside fics! I thought we were working on your violent ways, Sarah.

Frea - @mxpw999 Sarah had violent ways? She'd already been stupid enough to think she could actually train Chuck without it coming to this...

mxpw999 - @Lell Without it coming to what? To this? You're a bad patient. I'm going to have to tie you down, aren't I?

Frea - @mxpw999 Well, Graham did order Casey personally to make sure Sarah stays alive so she completes this assignment...

mxpw999 - @Lell Take that! She had gestated and birthed four of John Casey's spawn, which meant that John Casey had impregnated her three times and—

Frea - @mxpw999 Two can play the scary relationship card! God, she thought, Jill had really beautiful eyes when she got worked up.

mxpw999 - @Lell Here's scary... You're grinding on the guy's girl, and yet you still come around every opportunity to rub it in poor Charles's face.

Frea - @mxpw999 "A normal man would have run for the hills the second you started talking about wanting to procreate." That's all I've got. :-/

mxpw999 - @Lell I think in a perfect world, we should grab Chuck and Devon, get the hell out of Burbank, and drop off the grid completely... Next!

Frea - @mxpw999 Whatever. I knew it was one of the Ninja Turtles.

mxpw999 - @Lell ...in which Raphael helps a young man join The Foot by silently removing a bunch of bells from a dummy torso.

Frea - @mxpw999 Please don't tell me you actually used up a favor with someone at the NRO just so that you could beat Chuck at capture the flag.

mxpw999 - @Lell "You want me to add something to a shipment going to…" Paperwork rustled. "Siberia?"

Frea - @mxpw999 "Don't even think about it," Casey said sharply and hugged the bottle close to his chest protectively, like Gollum with the Ring.

mxpw999 - @Frea "Not what I meant. I meant, you're kidding about her being Arwen. She's clearly Eowyn. Duh, Bryce."

Good luck, everybody!!

Frea and Most Xtreme Power Writer (aka MiXed PraWns)


  1. Ayefah3.9.10

    1. Walker's Eleven ch. 9
    2. Chuck vs. The Double Agent ch. 19
    3. What Fates Impose ch. 33
    4. Chuck vs. the Closet Gleek ch. 3
    5. Adorable Psycho vs. The Nine Months ch. 4
    6. To Resist Both Wind and Tide ch. 2
    7. Chuck vs. The Crane ch. 1
    8. To Resist Both Wind and Tide ch. 3
    9. Sarah vs. It's a Not So Wonderful Life ch. 1
    10. To Sleep, Perchance to Scream, ch. 1
    11. Sarah vs. the Ex ch. 3
    12. The Wingman, ch. 1
    13. Chuck vs. The Biological Clock ch. 1
    14. Truth, Lies, and the CIA ch. 1
    15. Chuck and Sarah vs. Banality ch. 2
    16. A Complete Reference Guide To What Fates Impose ch. 2
    17. Chuck vs. The Kansas City Shuffle ch. 3
    18. To Resist Both Wind and Tide ch. 4
    19. Chuck vs. The Cabin in the Woods ch. 1
    20. To Resist Both Wind and Tide ch. 4

  2. Um, did you even have to look any of those up?!? Are you a lexicon of mxpw/frea/moonlightpilot/crystalelements stories? Because WOW. I mean, this wasn't even up three hours.

    All right! So...good work...everyone...Ayefah, wanna drop me an email? right2befrea@gmail.com. I'll get the scene sent to you tonight.

  3. mxpw4.9.10

    I believe she must have some kind of access to the HEYDAR. It's the only explanation I can think of.

  4. As long as she didn't ping Ida while she was using it, that's fine by me.

  5. Ayefah4.9.10

    #16 took me about half an hour. The rest were a breeze. :P

  6. mxpw4.9.10


    I thought for sure #13 and 16 would throw people off, but noooooo, you had to go and be all awesome and stuff.

    I think Ayefah should be banned from all future contests. Fun ruiner. :P

  7. Ayefah4.9.10

    I am a fount of trivial information. Ask me to recall something for a class, though, and I'm utterly useless. Of course. :P

    Anyway, it's all your fault for making me read your fics at least twice each.

  8. mxpw4.9.10

    Damn! Foiled by my own creative genius.

    *sigh* It is a burden I bear heavily, but I guess I must bear it.

  9. Anonymous4.9.10

    Damn. Never underestimate the fans.

    As someone who didn't have a chance,i'm against banning ayefah from future contests.

    If someone is awesome at something,they are awesome at something. It is much more fair to accept that.

  10. Wow impressive! Congrats Ayefah!

  11. I didn't have a chance either. I was curious, so I ran an experiment to demystify this a little. Many of the quotes are readily available as Google searches. For example
    "Bros before hos" Chuck +site:fanfiction.net
    "How much do you have to pay for a woman like that" Chuck +site:fanfiction.net

    That covered 11 quotes. I got three more at bing.com probably because bing doesn't have the same content filtering for mild swears or because it does not enforce exact quotes as strictly. A couple of the quotes switch proper names and pronouns.

    That left 9, 11, 14, and 16-18.

    9 required some filtering on the search because of proper noun/pronoun switching:
    +site:fanfiction.net Chuck "personally to make sure" "stay alive"

    Turning on the brain for a second, 14 and 18 were easy for me.

    So I'm very impressed Ayefah got 11, 16, and 17.

  12. mxpw4.9.10

    Haha, Jeff, I'm really impressed by your analysis. Very thorough and now I know how to search for a quote myself if I ever need to, so it was also educational. So thanks!

  13. Whoa...Ayefah's a BEAST! The only reference that I recognized was "TAMPON CANNON BLASTER!" which is said, because I've read all of the fics mentioned. Except for DA. Gosh, I can't stand DA. :)


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