Sneak Preview: Fates 39

Since I'm so excited about the premiere tonight, why not a little taste of the next chapter of What Fates Impose just to tide you over until 7 or 8 p.m. rolls around?

Here you go!

Chuck heard footsteps recede, but it was almost a full minute before Sarah opened the door. She looked him up and down, putting her hand on his chest to prevent him from leaving.

“Best for you to stay put until I know all of the scientists are back in the control center,” she said.

Chuck just looked down at her hand. Smiling, she removed it and must have spotted the spreading pool at Chuck’s feet. “What’s all this?”

“You shoved me into the mop bucket.”

“I did?” Apology and amusement mixed as Sarah obviously fought back a smile. “What is it you say? My bad?”

“You’re laughing at me.” Chuck sighed.

Sarah’s barely-repressed grin intensified. Wordlessly, she held her index finger and thumb very close together, and bit her lip.

“Figures.” Chuck gave her a pained look.

Sarah ran her hand up his arm once, elbow to shoulder, before she dropped her hand back to her side. “I’ll make Casey turn up the heat in the Crown Vic,” she said by way of apology, and brightened so suddenly that Chuck nearly blinked. She had been doing that a lot lately. “Want to hear about the date now?”


  1. Sparky20.9.10

    İ hope your injury isn't serious :)

    I'd like "to hear about the date",btw.

  2. Anonymous20.9.10

    I would also like to hear about the date...

  3. OldDarth20.9.10

    Sarah had another date besides Chuck? ;)

  4. Sparky - not serious, just aggravating.

    Sparky, Anonymous - So would Chuck, for that matter. Unfortunately, neither will happen until I release 39. :)

    OD - That hussy.

  5. Anonymous20.9.10

    Can you confirm or deny that Carina finally gets a "date" from Sarah in the next chapter of fates?

  6. She'd have to fight Ellie first. And Ellie knows how to cut a bitch, to borrow a phrase from somewhere around Chapter 26 or 27 (I'm too lazy to look it up).

  7. Sparky20.9.10

    And what is Chuck's status as an agent? "Pay him but not let him into the field"? I'm hoping you will cover that angle in the story.

  8. Sparky20.9.10

    As in "you have orders,kill someone!" or "he can't be considered as a reliable agent." ?

  9. Chuck's status as an agent is very different from canon. He draws a regular paycheck, and will for as long as he is the Intersect. He's regarded as a very useful tool; he doesn't need to go undergo the regular training at this point. Frankly, if they TRIED to give him a red test, Chuck would just laugh in their faces. The government has very little leverage to use against him this time.

  10. Ayefah21.9.10

    It's the "at this time" that has me feeling a bit twitchy now, Frea.

  11. Er, I meant "this time" as in Fates vs. Canon. But if you prefer to read something deeper from that, by all means... ;)


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