I'm Getting Published

Hey, all,

As I’m writing this, in about seven hours, there will be a press release or a blog entry or something on the internet by a publishing company I can’t officially name until after the fact. The press release will be official. It’ll probably have letterhead and an important name signed at the bottom, and for most of the world, it’s probably just another press release with more authors they won’t read.

But for me, it’s going to contain something I’ve been dreaming about since I was thirteen years old. Later today, somebody is going to announce to the world that my dreams have come true. That all of those stars I’ve looked at in the sky and have wished on, all those coins in the fountains I felt silly tossing in but did it anyway, all of those blown-out birthday candles, that wish is coming true.

I can’t quite catalogue how I feel because I feel a lot of things. I’m nervous. I’m exuberant. I’m three seconds from dancing on the ceiling, or I would be if I didn’t have neighbors I didn’t want to piss off. I’m frightened, I’m excited, I’m happy, I’m worried, I’m exhausted, I’m stressed, I’m jubilant, I’m thrilled to have everybody along on this journey with me. The people that I’ve vented to, the ones that have congratulated me, the ones that have said from day one that they wanted to buy something with my name on it.

Because now they can, and people have already pre-ordered my book without knowing anything about it beyond a title, and that sort of faith in me is humbling and it’s awe-inspiring.

I’m supposed to be editing right now. Well, no, that’s not quite right. I’m supposed to be sleeping right now because today is a Thursday, and even on the announcement of your dreams day, you still need to do things like put in your eight hours at the office. So I should be sleeping, and barring that, editing, because I’m behind on my edits and that’s nobody fault but my own. But I’m not editing because I’m writing this.

And I don’t know exactly what I have to say except that if you’re reading this, and you have a dream, or something you really want, I hope you’re going for it. I hope you’re in the position to be able to do that, and I hope even more that it comes true for you. As for me, that moment’s here, it’s time to take that step, and I’m scared and I’m over the moon, and I’m so, so immensely and immeasurably grateful for those people that are taking that step with me, and to anybody who’s encouraged me in any part of this dream, whether it’s reviewing a story I wrote, tweeting at me, asking me questions about my writing, sending me positive messages, cheering for me. For all of that, I am sincerely grateful and I wish nothing but truly wonderful things for everybody involved.

Here’s to taking the next step.


PS - I won’t be on this blog very much, and haven’t been at all, lately. But you can find me other places. I’m on hiatus on Tumblr right now, but I’m active on my Twitter. I have a new website that’s not quite up and running yet, and a Facebook page here, and I’ll be hunkered down for the rest of the month with my head in my book. So I’ll be around.