The Results!

Bungalow, the underdog in this story, almost came back at the last minute to win the poll, but the Hayloft crowd was relentless, and they took home the trophy.  It's mostly written (I told you it would be short!), and it will appear, with the actual gift I'm giving mxpw for his birthday, on September 10th!  Tune in then!



  1. Anonymous1.9.10

    You made me wish i had voted for the bungalow scene.

  2. Okay, I should probably qualify a few things:

    a) I'm not going to skimp on Hayloft. In fact, I'm a little pleased it won since it means I get to write it.

    b) "Short" in Frea terms doesn't always mean the same thing it means to everybody else. I consider the chapters of that new story Walker's Eleven "short," and those are, like, three thousand words long.

    c) there is no c. I just wanted more than two bullet points.

    d) If mxpw promises not to read, I may post a little snippet of the Hayloft scene soon!

  3. Hi guys, just curious when the Bank Job is dropping today. I have a meeting in about at 4 ET time today and would love to have something to read while the HR people just drone on and on about policy changes and any other bullshit they have in store for us.

    Love the direction of the Chuck Fan Fiction as of late. Cheers!

  4. mxpw1.9.10

    While I would have preferred that the Bungalow scene win, I know that what Frea writes for the Hayloft scene will be fantastic. You guys won't be disappointed.

    However, I do not promise to not read, so...sorry, everybody! I mean, where would the fun be in that?

  5. MJ--

    Enjoy HR!


  6. alladinsgenie4u1.9.10

    "It's mostly written (I told you it would be short!), and it will appear, with the actual gift I'm giving mxpw for his birthday, on September 10th!"

    So hopefully we will get both the stories - the Hayloft scene for the readers and the Bungalow scene for mxpw as his birthday gift.Yippeeee!! It's a win-win for your avid fans.

  7. Hi Frea *waves*. Been lurking for a while, first time posting/reviewing. Promise to sign up over at fanfiction.net and start reviewing, it really is the least I can do given all your and other writers hard work.

    Firstly thank you so much for Fates and it's various spin offs especially To Resist Both Wind and Tide. I've read a lot of Chuck fanfiction since I first discovered Chuck six months ago and something I've noticed is how few writers actually manage to write Sarah Walker as a working/believable character (let alone from her view point/get inside her head and thought process). There's a few AU Sarahs out there that are great/interesting characters in there own rights. Like mxpw's Sarah from DA's, or some of the different one's Armadilloi has created. But Fates Sarah is to me the only one in a long extended story of multiple arcs, rather than one shots or infills between episodes, that I can personally see as a recognizable version of Yvonne Strahovski's portrayal of the character from season 1 - 2 and the in character parts of season 3. (I'd love to see them shoot Fates as a (not so mini) mini series... .

    Just read the first chapter of Bank Job, and it's excellent as expected, great that we finally get to have a good look at the Sarah/Carina dynamic. Very interested to see how it develops/when we get to the coining of the Bunker Boy phrase.

    Oh and by the way just to be greedy I don't suppose there's any chance of the Hayloft scene including a little of the plane flight preceding it? I couldn't help wondering since first reading it exactly what Sarah was thinking during parts of that?

    Anyway thanks again and all the best - MusicDan

  8. I trust mxpw to find a way to provide us with the Bungalow scene! lol

    Can't wait for the Hayloft now!

  9. So when is mxpw's b-day? I'm curious, or problem just missed it under a pile of feedback comments ;)


  10. Anonymous2.9.10

    I was talking about your enthusiasm for the bungalow scene. People do a better job when they are happy with their task :)

    Either way,waiting for fic. And please,no more than 3 fics at a time. i don't want you to get bored or tired.

  11. Sigh. I wanted the bungalow scene as well. I love charah moments from not so obvious Charah opportunities (it makes sense in my head). In the sense that the whole, sleeping together and subconsciously waking all tangled up has been done over and over. But not by Frea, so I'm still excited to read it, because I love your Sarah so much. She is the awesome Sarah who smirks at Chuck spilling soy sauce on his tuxedo shirt.

  12. Okay, announcement -- the scene does not start with Sarah waking up. When I say "Hayloft," I mean "HAYLOFT."


    The all-caps makes it different, I promise.


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