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Recently, Ayefah asked me for a floorplan of the Heartbrake Hotel, given that a lot of action took place there. Well, I have no future as an architect, but here are some drawings I whipped up in Photoshop, as well as a name chart to help you keep up with some of the cover names in Fates. You can click on the pictures and get the larger versions.

Wanna guess who watched a lot of Nick at Nite as a kid?

Hope this clears any confusion up!



  1. Sparky17.9.10

    So Sam= Samantha? I appreciate your drawing skills :)

    BTW,why not choose Buy More as a cover in Fates? Don't like Morgan? Don't like Buy more? Don't like Chuck having a crappy job?

    Though after agoraphobia,Chuck isn't suited to be a nerd herder.But if asked,i'm sure Chuck would choose Buy More over agoraphobia :P

  2. The Buy More on the show makes sense as a cover because Chuck is established there and it's a loose enough job environment where Chuck can apparently be gone a lot without causing suspicions. Given Chuck's agoraphobia, the unfamiliarity of the work environment, and the fact that it's just easier to give Chuck a cover job that gives him some amount of agency, it made absolutely no sense for Chuck to be a Nerd Herder, unless they turned the Buy More into a CIA/NSA substation with a little red button that gets them to Defcon 1 just sitting out there in the open, but what are the chances of that?

    Buy More or agoraphobia? What an awful choice to have to make.

  3. Also, I highly doubt Sam is short for Samuel, but it could be short for Samus, as Chris pointed out in his wonderful "I am Tomorrow, I am Today" story posted up here on the blog. Until they tell me differently, I can only hold out hope.

  4. Anonymous17.9.10

    Do you guys remember that little Sarah blurb at the back of Chuck's Tron poster? (And why do I even ask? This is the Chuck fandom! Nothing escapes the fans. Well, nonetheless, here's the pic) That question penned in red ink baffles me. Did Chuck get super hearing or what? He actually heard Sarah's "my middle name is Lisa"?

    And Frea, Devon's cover name is hilarious. Was it intentional? That surname of his? HEAL-EY? His real occupation as a doctor isn't that obvious, eh? Heeh.

  5. Anonymous17.9.10

    I am just a random fan here, but Sam could always be short for Samara, like that horror movie kid. Chuckie dating Samara, the killer doll dating an evil little girl... the idea amuses me, but it's probably just me. I can have a morbid sense humor.

    Thanks for all the maps. This will make my next rereading of fates easier to follow. Yeah, I reread your work Frea, over and over again. I am not obsessed; just a regular fan.

    Runs off and hides.

  6. *taps foot impatiently*

    Still waiting for my floorplan of Sarah's apartment.

    *looks pointedly at watch*

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  8. I had a poster of Samanatha Fox on my wall. So I guess thats why I always thought her name was Samantha Lisa. Ya know the hot blond who looks really good.

    Also I really dont need a diagram of the apartment, pictures, well that might be nice.

  9. Sparky17.9.10

    Since mxpw already has the secret concerning Fates' plot,he should be asked for more Double Agent chapters in exchange for intelligence regarding Sarah Walker :P

  10. Hmmmm. Zappeej, I'm going to say this in the nicest possible way, but...I just facepalmed just a tiny little bit. Major Nelson and Major Healey were two of the main characters in "I Dream of Jeannie." Healey always got Nelson, the straight-laced straight man of the trio, in trouble.

    Okay, I'm officially declaring Fates Sarah's full name Samurai Lisa, since canon proved that Sadie, short for Sadist, won't work. Drat.

    Anonymous, your horror movie coupling is a fanfic waiting to happen...that I will not be reading since I think it's already giving me nightmares. Enjoy your many, many rereads. Hopefully you haven't picked up on the fact that I'm actually--(The rest of this paragraph has been redacted by the NCS. Have a nice day).

  11. Anonymous18.9.10

    Sorry for the "Anonymous" comment, but I don't have an account here. I'm "NMH" on fanfic though. I have to say that your appendices to "Fates" are so incredible. The floor plans and cheat sheet only add to the magnificent story that you have written. Love the shout out to "I Dream of Jeannie" and to possibly the best Nick@Nite schedule there ever was. Glad to know I wasn't the only one who enjoyed "Bewitched Be-Wednesdays" or "Jeannie Thursdays"...okay now I feel old, even though I was a kid at the time also. Anyway, I facepalmed a bit too at that one comment, but hey, not everyone watched I guess. Now, if you somehow work in Stick Stickly into "Fates," I might just lose it. Keep up the great work!

  12. Anonymous18.9.10

    Oh God.

    (insert complete facepalm x 20)

    Hey, you learn something new everyday! It may surprise you, but as a kid born in the early 80s, it's insanely, terribly, and downright embarrassing to have missed that reference. Really... Oh God. I can't... even. Christ.

    Oh well! This only proves one thing. I neeeeeed to read that appendices to fates (Heeeh) and take a refresher course on these pop culture references. And maybe, really get out of this cave, I holed myself into.

    Heeeh. Thanks for being uber nice about it though. Can I just say this again? You're wonderful. (Insert grin)

    I feel like such a kid now. Can I please haz some candy?

  13. Anonymous19.9.10

    Does the bunker not have a bathroom or shower???

  14. Ayefah20.9.10

    IIRC, the shower in the bunker was by the heat tube. Or in the heat tube. I don't remember any mention of a toilet, though, now that I think about it. Poor Chuck. :P

  15. Haha, yeah, the bathroom is the heat-tube. But everybody knows book characters never need to use the bathroom. :-P


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