Premiere Week Day 1!

So in a week, there will be a new episode of Chuck.

This is a little bit exciting to me.  I'm not going to lie.  I've rallied the members of the Cabal, stocked up on Dr. Pepper (they had a sale at the local gas station), locked everybody but the cranky sensei dog out of my writing study, and have decided to devote this week to the thing that is most awesome in all of our lives:


Because man, do I love Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop and Walter Bishop and Agent Broyles and Nina Sharp and Astrid Farnsworth and--

An official message from the official voice in Frea's head: the next 7 days will not be a feature on the admitted-awesomeness that is the J.J. Abrams TV series Fringe, the season of which airs on FOX Thursdays this fall at 9/8c unless Frea slips a few posts in while I'm sleeping.  Instead, the next 7 days will focus on the TV show Chuck, which is just as awesome as Fringe, if not more so.  Please do not be alarmed by Frea's love for Agent Olivia Dunham.  The official side of Frea knows it will pass.  Eventually.

--and Gene!  I love Gene!

Gene is the one in the middle, you sad non-watchers.  :)

So the Cabal members have decided to indulge me in my love for Fringe (Chuck), and there will be several goodies throughout this week.  Like, an in-depth Scoop with the wonderful writer of "All the Roads that Lead To You Are Winding," which is about Gene and Peter's journey back to each other after finding out the horrible truth about Peter's childhood, a dissertation on humor used by Walter Bishop from Wepdiggy, the Cabal's favorite episodes (Frea's is, hint, Jacksonville (First Date)), a new chapter of What Fates Impose (which is the story of Olivia Dunham minus cortexiphan, plus five years stuck in the alternate universe), maybe a new chapter of The Bank Job (a continuation of the episode in which people actually pass through the walls to rob a bank) from mxpw, the prologue of Kill Bryce (no idea what that is, there's no Bryce in Fringe), and something amazing from Chris and Justin!

To kick off the week, we have the final part of my interview with Old Darth.

Interview with Frea O'Scanlin - Part 3 by freaoscanlin

Just a note: my dogs were playing behind my chair throughout that whole interview.  Seriously.  They were kind of annoying, but I am not a) turning into a werewolf or b) suffering from a respiratory infection.  Though the first would be cool, as long as Olivia is the one who gets to investigate my mind-frakking abilities.



Official Frea: Sorry to those people who have no clue what the hell just happened.


  1. Haha, wooooow. That was confusing as hell. NICE. :D I high-five you, madam.

  2. Anonymous14.9.10

    Thanks OD and Frea, the interviews were awesome and entertaining.

  3. Sparky14.9.10

    Hi,am i missing something here? I can't hear anything when Frea is supposed to be talking-i assume-.

  4. Sparky, if the Soundcloud player above isn't working, try clicking here. I think it's flash, though, so it may not work on the iPhone? I can't remember what the case is, since I am not cool enough to possess anything newer than my archaic iPod mini from 5 years ago.

  5. Sparky14.9.10

    Weird,i can hear OD but not Frea. But i'm not using an iphone(don't like it.), it may have to do with my OS(Ubuntu).

    Thanks for the answer,anyway.

    Now,i'm a tiny bit curious about your voice :P

  6. I think you may have your speakers turned all the way to the left speaker, then. I'm on the right track, OD is on the left. Try messing with your speaker settings? We're not multitracked -- I could've done that, but it would've taken more time. :)

  7. Sparky14.9.10

    It turns out Ubuntu's sound settings are screwed up. I can't hear you when i have my headphones on :)

    But the speakers are working fine. Maybe you are too awesome for headphones ? :P

  8. Anonymous14.9.10

    You have to hand it to Fringe. Not content with simply throwing a PLI into the mix several times like Chuck did, they introduced one, had him turned into an alien doppelganger, then DID IT AGAIN with the other half of the duo! Okay, not exactly, but close enough.

    Well, at least they know their genre. :D

    It does let them off the hook re: character consistency. Alt Olivia can do any crazy thing (including mess with Peter's head, which is almost certain to happen) and they'll just say WTH do YOU know about this character, this isn't the Olivia you know! How fiendish is that?

    On the other hand, on this show, maybe Olivia and Peter should just stay X-Files style partners, with occasional ST and wistful exploration. Unlike Chuck and Sarah, I think the two Fringe principals working and sleeping together would devolve quickly into a very awkward elephant in every room.

    And the *group* dynamic really rules on this show, overshadowing any particular pairing. I can't imagine losing one of the fab four. Oh, and Gene. The lab just wouldn't be the same without uh, her.

    Why did I just write an entire post about Fringe? I have no idea, it must be infectious.

  9. OldDarth15.9.10

    Does 98% equate to hit the 'Submit' button? ;)

    BTW - I hope a little shameless shilling is OK but a group of us are doing audio episode reviews this season and the intro episode is here -
    http://tinyurl.com/27tkngt - for the nonpodcastphobes.


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