Yup, that's all I have to say.

Oh, well, and this...

Finally, things wound down and Chuck asked if anybody had any last questions. Predictably, Carina had to get the last word in. “Just one last question, Agent Georges.” She paused, her eyes flickering toward her and Sarah instantly tensed. “Have you ever pictured Agent Walker naked?”

Dead silence.

Sarah stared at Carina with first horror and then anger. She had to grab the arms of her chair to stop herself from launching herself at Carina and wrapping her hands around her throat.

“Uh…Sarah?” Even despite the voice modulation, she could hear the lost confusion in Chuck’s voice and it made her heart hurt just a little. It was not right to tease him like this, with him stuck in a bunker unable to do anything even if he wanted to.

“Don’t answer that question, Agent Georges.”


“I know she’s pictured you naked.”

Again, dead silence.

Oh God.

That is all. Oh, and review Fates 37!


  1. Rac287331.8.10

    Lol that is hillarious. I cannot wait to read this. See it is fate Chuck and Sarah are destined to be together.

    Going to re-read fates again tonight and review.

  2. Anonymous31.8.10

    we want more of both fates and bank fics.Seeing that these demands are ridiculously easy compared to world peace and prosperity,i'm hoping you will honor your obligations to mankind(or your hopelessly bored ferrets.)

    That is all.

  3. 27.3% huh? Sounds like a random number to me. I think I've figured out that the Story Progress chart is just a way to taunt the fans of those stories. "See we have 4 chapters ready to go, but we are posting yet. Na na na." Just kidding. I'm impressed with how the planned release dates have all been hit.

    Great scene.

  4. Random? There is nothing random about that number. It was carefully derived based on current projections. I even used a calculator and a slide rule.

    However, since you mentioned it...

    Neeener, neeener, neeener!

  5. 27.3% - I can deal with that. But 18% for DA? Did that just slide back? Seriously, wasn't that at like 25% for EVER?

    And now I see that MXPW's B'day present is on the charts. A lot of writing coming out of you guys - well, Frea mostly (seriously dude - 18%?)

    But on to more important subjects - this preview just reinforces that the Fates universe is so tightly wound & connected. You might not want world domination Frea, but you do rule this universe.

  6. Okay - I just realized how much beta work MXPW puts into Fates (and God knows what else) and how you turned Chapter 37 around so quickly and how much work you are putting into Bank Job - and I retract my "seriously dude - 18%?" Please forgive my impertinence.
    But I hope you take away from this that I do like your writing too, and I'm looking forward to seeing where DA takes us.

  7. Ayefah31.8.10

    Oh, Carina. You are pure Satanic evil and we love you for it.

    Also, how on *earth* could Chuck be so surprised that Sarah liked him after hearing that? Maybe he ended up concluding that Carina was lying?

  8. @Ayefah
    While Fates Carina is different than canon Carina, to quote canon Sarah from Wookie: "the point is that Carina is not to be trusted."

    Plus Fates Chuck is really, really thick.

  9. Seriously can I just say, not happy. 15 minutes left to vote and it seems that the hayloft scene is winning. DAMN IT! This isn't how i wanted things to end *sob*

  10. Didn't Chuck think that the Bank Job was a Walker-Larkin operation, and didn't know about Carina?

    I have to go back again...


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