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Now, fans, you have to ask yourself this one very important question: is the following passage from What Fates Impose Chapter 34, or did Frea get mad at mxpw and start messing with his head?

Sarah cried out.


"It's okay, I'm fine." But her face was oddly white, and she had clapped a hand over her upper arm. Red flowed between her fingers. She grimaced. "Damn."

Let the speculation begin. Remember, at the end of 33, Sarah grabbed a rocket-launcher and said they had company. Company doesn't always mean good things.




  1. mxpw5.8.10


    I said I was sorry! Geez, why do you have to take it out on Sarah? So, so mean.

    Let this be a lesson to everyone: a fanfic author scorned is somebody you don't want to mess with. Unless it's Wednesday. Or was that Saturday? No, probably Monday. Then, it's okay. ;-)

  2. "And with a final kiss, Sarah Walker DIED!"

    Let that be a freakin' lesson.

  3. I still say it's an excerpt.

  4. mxpw5.8.10

    You're so predictable, I knew you'd do that.

    I was prepared for the shock, so it didn't quite affect me like you were probably hoping for.

    Just a typical Thursday afternoon. Or no, is it Tuesday, Frea? Maybe Sunday? I can't remember, what do you think?

  5. Everything felt groggy, disconnected, like separate pieces of a whole that would never be complete again, all done in murky grays and deep, impenetrable browns. Even so, Sarah felt herself being pulled up, up, forced to ascend until she surfaced into some form of reality where everything began to make sense once more. And the only thing that made sense, at all, was one thing:

    Pain. Lots of it. Waves of it, rolling on and on, tumbling through her, ripping her over the metaphorical coals. She opened her mouth to gasp, screamed instead.

    "Oh, my God, oh, my God." That voice. She recognized that voice. Chuck. Slowly, Sarah came to realize that she was in Chuck's arms. Her body was limp across the floor, but Chuck was kneeling over her, her torso cradled in his arms, while her arms lay limp on the ground and her head lolled. Even as Sarah forced the energy to lift her head, Chuck smiled in relief, and unashamedly brushed away happy tears. "You're okay."

    "What...happened...?" Her voice didn't sound like her, unless she had mysteriously become a robot.

    "You died." Chuck cradled her closer. "But Frea brought you back."

    That made no sense. "Why would Frea do a thing like that?"

    "Because," said a new voice, and Chuck and Sarah whipped their heads up to see a new figure standing in the doorway to Castle. It was lithe, it was slim, it could pass for a Swedish model.

    "C-Carina Miller?" Chuck asked, his eyes wide.

    "Hansen," the redhead in the doorway corrected. She gave a sultry, feline smirk. "And Double Agent says hello."

    "Double Ag--" was all Sarah got to ask before Carina lifted a Smith&Wesson Ladysmith and pointed it straight at her.

    "Good-bye, bitch," Carina said.

    There was a flash at the end of the muzzle, and Sarah Walker knew no more.


    I'm sorry, mx, what day was it again?

  6. mxpw5.8.10

    Holy crap, I am seriously dying here from laughter. That was just genius.

    You win, Frea, you win.

    I think you just fulfilled DA Carina's greatest fantasy. Haha. DA Sarah probably encouraged her to do it to eliminate the competition. :P

    Wait a second, that's not a bad idea...


    Carina stood triumphantly over the still bleeding corpse of Sarah Walker. "Finally. I have wanted to do that for months."

    Chuck stared up at the other woman in horror. "You killed Sarah!"

    Carina waved a hand dismissively. "What, that? No, I was just putting her out of her misery. Certainly better than what Frea had planned for her in Chapter 50."

    "Chapter 50?"

    "Yeah, you know, the chapter where Sarah and Chuck are finally in be-"

    There was a mini explosion that rocked the room and Carina teetered to the ground, an enormous hole between her eyes.

    Chuck spun around and gaped at the newcomer. "Sarah!" He rushed over to her and wrapped his arms around her. "You're alive!"

    Sarah pried herself away from Chuck. "Please. I'm nothing like that." And she pointed to the other Sarah Walker still lying on the ground.

    "I don't understand."

    "See, Chuck, I'm from the same universe as the redheaded bitch over there, only unlike your Sarah, I get shit done." She grabbed Chuck's hand and started pulling Chuck toward the exit. "Come on."

    "Where are we going?"

    "Well, unlike your Sarah, I plan on getting laid. Have any idea how you might help me out with that plan?"


    By the way, it's Thursday. :P

  7. I still say it's an excerpt.

  8. Goddamit, MX, I was hoping the second Sarah was from... er... another universe, and would be all:


    "Please. I'm nothing like that." And she pointed to the other Sarah Walker still lying on the ground.

    "I don't understand."

    "See, Chuck, I'm from a different universe from both the hot redheaded bitch over there, and you, nerd," Sarah explained.

    "Nerd, um, hot, um--"

    "You know, Chuck, to be so smart, you sure can be slow at times. So here's the short and sweet. Your Sarah would've jumped your bones ages ago had you made even the slightest move. Carina over there? Well, she'd sleep with anyone. Me on the other hand, I look for something different in potential partners."

    "What's that?" Chuck asked.

    "A uterus!" Carina said excitedly, jumping in Sarah's arms. And together, they drove off into the sunset, leaving Chuck to bury his Sarah.

  9. Damn the old uterus into the sunset ending.

    I did not see that coming

  10. Anonymous5.8.10

    Too... much... wit...

    Must... retreat...

  11. Anonymous5.8.10

    Now wait a second. I'm pretty sure Chuck from Fates has a uterus...

  12. Far above civilization, high on a cliff, deep in a stronghold, a shot of the blonde and the redhead driving off into the sunset together played over a large monitor. A displeased, gloved hand stroked a cat, while another hand, this one wrapped in a silver gauntlet, crashed into the armrest with enough force to send the cat scampering.

    A low voice filled the stronghold with frustrated rage as on screen, Sarah and Carina drove their convertible into the sunset, laughing happily:

    "Next time, Gadget! Next time!"


  13. Anonymous8.8.10

    This is too much wit. LOL.

    Just wondering what episode the picture used in this post was? Can't remember it.

  14. The picture's from Wookie.

  15. Does it mean Sarah and Chuck will finally be in be- before Chapter 50? ;p


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