Fates 34: Trouble Strikes Back

Announcement: The next chapter of What Fates Impose goes live on Friday.  Sorry for the slower updates.  The Jill arc, while being exciting and new for me as a writer, kicked my butt.  It really was...wait for it, wait for it...trouble.  And Chapter 34 should be an interesting game-changer/conclusion to that particular arc.

A little bit from next chapter after the break!

Casey opened his mouth to reply, but before he could say anything, a new round of percussion shook the walls, sounding both farther away and still all too near. Casey’s mouth snapped shut. He nodded once. “About damn time.”

“What was that?” Chuck demanded, speaking up for the first time since the shooting had started. Though he expected his voice to rise and fall due to panic, it was surprisingly steady.

Sarah turned her head and glanced his way. The look was fleeting, split-second at most, but it packed all of the punch of a thousand-second stare: worry turning to relief when she saw him unharmed, a little fear, reassurance, respect, even a little fun.

Of course, Sarah would be the type to find amusement in a gun battle. She liked him, after all. Clearly, Sarah Walker and sanity weren’t as close friends as he had thought. And oh geez, if they survived today, he was going to have to reevaluate everything having to do with women.
 Any ideas on who's going to get shot in 34?

Hope you enjoyed!


PS - mxpw and I have a deal going.  If he finishes a DA chapter by next Friday, I'll put a line in my story that's a spoiler, so I can't say what it is here.  Everybody cheer him on!


  1. Ayefah9.8.10

    Any ideas on who's going to get shot in 34?

    Shaw! No wait, that's just my predilections talking.

  2. Anonymous9.8.10

    Any ideas on who's going to get shot in 34?

    CHUCK! And then he loses his memory. Oh, wait, this isn't your typical soap opera and cliched story, of which I am eternally grateful. So... my real guess is... the one who'll get shot is... Casey. You got his butt shot with an arrow by an Icelandic spy. Why not let the other butt cheek be shot? It could do wonders for his ego! Deflate it a bit. heh.

  3. mxpw9.8.10

    "Any ideas on who's going to get shot in 34?"


  4. Any ideas on who's going to get shot in 34?

    Shaw. Write him into the storyline and then shoot him. It's kinda what Schwedak did, right?

  5. OldDarth9.8.10

    Predictable Me picks Sarah.

    Those last 2 paragraphs are a hoot! Big smiles here.

  6. takeitto229.8.10

    I'm thinking Jill. Or Sarah. Or Chuck. Maybe Casey.

    Actually, my final answer is going to be.......Ellie. Yeah, I can totally see Ellie getting shot. :)

  7. About damn time? What did Casey mean by that? It remaninds me of something Beckman once said (nudge-nudge).
    Who gets shot? Casey. Or Jill.

  8. So if I have to guess, I'd say Jill. It is, after all, the end of the Jill arc.
    But okay, something in the next to last paragraph, one word, made me stop and wonder - respect. What a great word! I can't wait to read what Chuck did to get that look.

  9. Ayefah, Crystal - I wish. To see Shaw get shot multiple times, we'll always have the Awesomes, though.

    Anonymous - Chuck losing his memory is soap-operaish? Damn! *erases quickly, scribbles* Er, yeah, nothing to see here...


    Lou - You just want to see Chuck completely break down and smash everything to pieces, don't you?

    Tally (takeitto22, that's my name for you. :-P ) - Ellie? Reeeeally? I did not see that one...ooh, I kinda like that idea. *writes that down*

    Tynianrex - Haha, keep that in mind. Poor Casey, having to deal with lady feelings all the time.

    PeterO - Hee, I don't know if it's something Chuck did or just who he is so much in this case. That's one thing I decided to dump from canon, just how much Sarah doesn't respect Chuck sometimes. I like the logic in your guess, but when have I ever been that predictable? dun dun duuuuuun....

  10. OldDarth9.8.10

    Chuck SMASH! Hells yes! Lou Ferrigno eat your ever lovin' oversized green heart out!

    Sarah respecting Chuck much more is good. Very good.

  11. On a side note, in the competition for FBF, it's OD:2, Aardvark:1, Crumby:0 so far this post. Toldja. ;)

    Also, I've finished my second read through of chapter 33 and am cogitating on a review. Yes, my reviews require cogitation. lol. Sometimes the result is worth writing down. Sometimes not.

    Can't wait to see what's up in 34, and I wish you well in the search for cracks in the wall that is writer's block!

  12. OldDarth9.8.10


    PS - I sent you an email via ChuckTV. If you do not get it please let know Aardie via a PM at ChuckTV where I will respond in kind.

    For better or worse I am at 3 now....

  13. mxpw9.8.10

    Wait! Can I change my answer? I want to change my answer to Bob.

    Also, why are people guessing Sarah? She's only in 34 for those paragraphs Frea just spoiled and that's it.

  14. Okay, so this is kind of embarrassing but sort of funny.

    Apparently, I already reviewed chapter 33! Yeah, I wrote a review and then forgot I wrote it. Doh! To be fair, I wrote it after staying up all night and things were pretty bleary by that point. Still, it's mostly coherent.

    So now, I don't actually have to write you a review until after 34. Woot! Uhm, not that I don't *enjoy* writing you reviews. It's just that it's hard to find something original to say after your minstrels have finished congratulating you on every syllable.

    Could you like, eat them or something? ;)

  15. What's FBF?

    I'd say whoever Sarah and Casey will shoot at will get shot...


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