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Well, besides Photoshopping pictures just for these posts, I've actually been hard at work. For those of you not over at the Google Groups, there's been a change of plans! The story I had planned that was originally based off Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? It's officially been merged into Kill Bryce.

What exactly does this mean? Only good things, folks! Not only do you get a story that's published sooner (I tend to freeze up when I have too many projects on hand, so who knows when these would have been posted otherwise), but now you get twice the Awesomeness. Combining the two stories has actually made the plot better than either one was originally! Yay!

Some more good news on the current status of the new and improved Kill Bryce: Frea and I had an intense two-hour brainstorming/debate session via webcam. Thanks to her help and guidance, I've successfully mapped out the general plotline of the story as well as the first five chapters in relative detail. In terms of Crystal's usual work-ethics, this is a 10 on the scale of epicness. Be very excited, as this means you'll be seeing Kill Bryce posted on FFNet sooner than expected. :)

Speaking of which...thanks (again) to Frea, a new feature has been added to the sidebar where you can track the progress of each of our current stories. Nifty, right? You bet.

And now I need to go to sleep, because it's 2:15 in the morning Hawai`i time and I'm supposed to wake up in 5 hours to do some ocean swim or something. Bleh. Night, all.

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