I did a little dance in my house today. Why? Because it's time to celebrate—I finished my first chapter of Kill Bryce and sent it off to mxpw for betaing! This is a milestone. Not only is it the longest chapter I've ever written (nowhere near Fates length, but hey, who can beat 11K? Not many people, that's who), but it's also a decent start to what I hope to be a really great story. Just for all you readers who visit the blog, here's a little nugget to show you a bit of what's to come after the prologue. :)

*  *  *

This was a very, very, very bad idea.

And perhaps it was a bit pitiful that Chuck’s main reasoning for said bad idea was that it was their room. He was on the run from the government, for pete’s sake, and finding comfort in a room that he had shared with Sarah on another night of fear and confusion was the best explanation he could offer himself.

He stifled another curse as his old BuyMore ID slipped downwards in the crack of the door. Apparently the old open-a-locked-door-with-a-credit-card technique he always saw in movies wasn’t as simple as they made it look. Or the wikiHow page he’d pulled up on his iPhone had described, for that matter. Chuck reshuffled his weight and crouched lower.

Besides, it wasn't as though he was going to crash the place and leave it a mess after he left. All he needed was a bed for the night and a nice shower. He’d get a few hours of sleep, tidy the room up as good as new, and leave before the crack of dawn. No one would even know he was here.

The fact that he couldn’t even open the freaking door wasn’t doing him any favors.

The whole prospect of breaking in was dropping bombs of guilt on his conscience, but Chuck was already a fugitive at this point. He’d figure out how to pay Providence Inn back later, maybe get his father to discreetly drop some money into their account.

He must have done something right, because a moment later he felt the pressure of card against lock. Chuck quickly leaned against the door and bent his ID towards the doorframe; the handle finally unlocked, and he stumbled into the dark room, wide-eyed. Holy crap, he’d actually done it—

In less than a second, Chuck was flying backwards, his chest exploding in pain.

*  *  * 

Stay tuned, folks! If all goes well, the prologue of Kill Bryce should be out within the next couple of weeks. :)

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  1. 11k is a bit extreme, as I've only had one chapter that long, and TakeIt has had waaaaay longer chapters than me. :-P

    Also: hee. Poor Chuck, just when he does something right, BAM! I'm a bad influence on you, I think. but I love the scene, Crystal! Can't wait to see the chapters!!!


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