What the Frak is Wep Reading? Week 3

Your Weekly Fanfiction Recommendation (Except for the one week I forgot)

So yeah, I didn't post anything last week. That's my bad. I knew all along what I was going to talk about, but for whatever reason, I just never got around to blogging on it until now. Well here you have it. Enjoy!

First, we'll talk about Chuck vs Fulcrum, the lone serial attempted by serial one-shot expert ne71. Now this, like some of my other recommendations, is something I'm sure most of you have read. But this column is all about talking about the good, not just the unfound.


ne71, in my opinion, handles comedy better than anyone else in the fandom. And coming from someone that prides himself on being funny, you know that was hard for me to say. But in this tale, he mixes his normal hilarity (and there are more than a few LOL moments) with good action, a thrilling sequence, pop-culture references, and as always, great dialogue.

My favorite moment from this story? Chuck decides he needs to be "sensitive" to Sarah's needs, and let her talk, so he borrows a sweater from Devon. That sweater still makes me laugh. Anyway, I won't bore you with a bunch of detail here. The fact is, if you haven't read this (and if you haven't, where have you been?), you seriously need to go read it, now. And if you have? Go read it again. It's still as good as it was the first time, I promise.

My second recommendation this week is a crossover fic. No! Wait, don't stop reading just yet. I know a lot of readers shy away from crossovers. More times than not, it's just an excuse to hook some character from one show up with some character from another. But this one is different. Well, okay, this one is different because it features, in my opinion, the most tragically underused Chuck character, both in fic, and in canon.

Anna Wu stars in this story, and for those familiar with Julia Ling's resume, it makes a ton of sense. Also, this gives me my first opportunity to feature a story outside of FFnet. This one from LiveJournal. Anna's Secret by klutzy_girl is a fun little one-shot, and I hope you guys will give it a try, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


That's all for this week. Until next time, this is Wep, signing off. you guys are awesome. Peace.


  1. Chuck vs. Fulcrum is the very first Chuck fic I read when I came into the fandom. I definitely agree with your recommendation here, Wep. My favorite part to this is still the end of the second to last chapter, when Chuck says something to Sarah and Casey asks her why she isn't moving, and...well, I don't want to spoil it for the readers, so. :)

  2. I have to agree with ne71's Chuck vs. Fulcrum. That story is just so much fun!

  3. Haha, that WAS a terrific line, Jaime. But that fic is filled with them. ne71 tends to do that =)

  4. Very nice and well put together fic.
    Excellent lines all....my favorite scene is this sequence between fulcrum agent Milo, Chuck,Casey and Bryce riding in a golf cart (text straight from story)

    Moments later, the four men were sitting in a golf cart driven by Milo from the hidden entrance within the firehouse through a tunnel to the facility a few miles away. Milo and Casey were in the front, and Chuck and Bryce were in the back.

    Chuck tapped his fingers on his knees, watching the walls of the tunnel as they drove towards the facility. He looked at Milo.

    "So, since we seem to have some time together, just out of curiosity…"

    Casey shook his head. "Bartowski, don't."

    "Come on, I'm dying to know." Chuck turned back to Milo. "Where did this golf cart come from? Do you go and buy golf carts at, like, a country club supply store or something? You go somewhere and buy twenty golf carts at a time?"

    Milo looked questioningly at Chuck. "You sound like someone else I know."

    Chuck continued. "I'm just curious about the specifics of the whole thing. I mean, how does it work? Do you have them delivered? 'Just bring them to the bad guy lair at the edge of town, please.' Do you have Fulcrum credit cards, or do you pay for them in cash and get reimbursed? Does Fulcrum have a petty cash account?"

    Milo stared at Chuck for a moment, then turned to Casey.

    "How have you not killed him yet?"

    Casey shrugged. "I grow bonsai trees."

    Milo raised an eyebrow at Casey.

    Casey mimed making tiny snipping actions with scissors. "I trim them. It's calming." Milo's eyebrow remained up. Casey sighed.

    "Just drive, okay?"

    "Are we there yet?"

    "Shut up, Bryce."

    Comedy gold

  5. Ayefah25.8.10

    Yes, Chuck and Bryce's tandem smartassery in "Chuck vs. Fulcrum" was fantastic. And yes, ne71 writes absolutely sensational humor. "Chuck vs. the Premium Drunk" is still my favorite work in the illustrious "drunk Sarah" subgenre, and a sure source of giggles every time I read it.

    Great rec, Wep.

  6. Agreed, Chuck vs. Fulcrum is fantastic. Ne71 should write more.


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