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So I haven't posted in a while and I thought I should do some kind of update. I'm not sure how many of you are burning to know the status of my stuff, but I figure there are a few readers of this blog at least mildly curious, if for no other reason than they want to know if I'll make the October 9th deadline. Well, that's what I'm here to tell you.

First, let's start with Chuck vs. the Double Agent.

After seeing the fairly tepid reaction to the last chapter of DA (the worst received chapter yet), I've come to the realization that DA has probably run its course. It has reached its expiration date. And by that, I mean, it's no longer relevant or high in the readers' consciousness. Which is fine, as there are better stories out there (like the one that draws you all here) and that's the nature of the beast. So with some prodding from Frea, I have made the decision to write all of DA out before posting another chapter. Then, when I've completed the story, I will post everything within a relatively short period, like a new chapter every three days or so. So what does this mean, really? Don't expect another DA update for some time, but this shouldn't be a problem for you guys as you should be used to long waits with my story. Heh. When you see it updated, that means the story is done.
Will I make the October 9th deadline? I'm going to be honest and say that it's unlikely. I will try my best, because believe me, nobody wishes to see Fates' Prologue from Sarah's POV more than me, but I've simply lost a lot of my desire to see DA finished. Part of it is exhaustion with the storyline, part of it is a lack of interest, part of it is being tired of having Frea make me look bad, and part of it is that my personal life kind of sucks right now and writing fanfic isn't high on my priorities list.
Next, Chuck and Sarah vs. Banality.

I know at least one regular reader of this blog wants to know what's going on with this story. Sorry I haven't responded to your PM, BDaddyDL, but I figured you might like this better.
So I'm actually working on the next chapter of this. I'm trying to take a very brief break from DA so I can do a new chapter for Banality. It's always been the story I most enjoy writing, because to me, at least, it's just so much fun. I know a lot of people don't put much stock in stuff that has smut in it, and far be it from me to call Banality a story anywhere near the same kind of quality as Fates, but I do love it. I think writing Chuck and Sarah as flirting, bantering, and having sexytimes, is the most entertaining aspect of fic writing for me. So I typically write Banality only when I need to be rejuvenated in the fandom, I suppose. Is it great writing? Nah, but it sure is fun.
Unfortunately, I can't give a date for when this will be ready. Probably not for a week or two. This will almost certainly be the longest and smuttiest chapter yet. My goal is to make Frea blush. You see, I lure her in with the promise of lots of bickering and bantering between Chuck and Sarah, and then BAM! There's the smut that she will almost certainly skim anyway.
I've decided to share with you just a very brief excerpt. And oh yeah, there are bad words and stuff here, but if you're reading Banality, this should be the least of your worries. From the chapter:
Come on, come on, hurry the hell up! She tried to send those thoughts telepathically to the pilots, but considering the airplane came to an abrupt halt (and they were not at the terminal), she figured they hadn’t heard.

She almost let out a growl of frustration, but clamped her mouth shut and exhaled loudly through her nose. Through the use of breathing exercises taught to her at the Farm, she forced herself to calm down. The plane would get there when it got there and there was no point in freaking out over things she couldn’t control.

Well, that wasn’t technically true. She could get out of her seat, walk up to the cabin, pound on the door, flash her credentials, and order the plane to the front of the line so they could taxi to their terminal already, but she didn’t think General Beckman would agree with her that her desire to see Chuck right this fucking minute classified as a national security issue.

She nearly growled again at the thought of their diminutive task master. Beckman was on her shit list. The things she had imagined doing to that woman since this whole sad separation had started would have probably made Jeffrey Dahmer blush.

It was because of the good general that she’d been forced to leave Chuck in Burbank and travel to DC. For eleven fucking days. Eleven. She could have handled the separation if they had benched Chuck while she wasn’t there to watch his back, but no, of course they hadn’t. Beckman had Chuck on some kind of highly involved, long-term undercover assignment, and she couldn’t risk Chuck being out of commission for so long while the operation was still ongoing.

And again, she could have maybe handled that if Casey hadn’t let slip that Chuck’s temporary partner on his assignment was a green agent right off the Farm. She tried to tell herself that it was concern over Chuck’s safety driving her apprehension about the other woman, but she knew that was only part of the truth. She was also jealous; seriously and completely jealous. She hadn’t had sex with Chuck in almost a month, hadn’t even seen him in almost two weeks, and had barely talked to him in days, and some other woman was getting to pretend to be his girlfriend? Was getting to touch him, dance with him, possibly even kiss him? She tried not to think about that last part too much, because if she did, she’d storm the cockpit for sure.
And that leads us to the last thing I will talk about here today. My article on How to Revise. Honestly, I would have probably finished it sooner but then Frea wrote 34, got frustrated with 34, tossed parts of it, and then started 34 all over again. I couldn't pass an opportunity like that up, so now I've restructured my article to include 34 as one of my examples of the revision process. Basically, I've revised my article on revision. It's funny how things work out like that. Expect this article to be out by Friday of this week.
So that's that. Thanks for indulging me and I'll see you all later.


  1. What the..???!?!! DA run its course? Worst receiveid chapter yet? Dude, are you crazy? DA is insanely good, and last chapter was among my favorites. It´s easily among the top 5 Chuck fics of all times, and anybody who said otherwise is just wrong. I understand your need to get closure to the story (and apreciate it, given the many excelent-yet-unfinished fics out there), but trust me, there are many readers out there who would want as much DA as possible.
    As for the banality, It´s probably one of the very few smut fics that I enjoyed.

    Just an idea, you beta´d many of my favorite fics, how about an update or comment of some of them as a blog post? You are obviously a great beta, and it could be interesting to see your ideas of those fics.

  2. Aw, well, thank you, Tynianrex, for your kind words about DA. Top 5 Chuck fic? Damn, high praise indeed! Thank you!

    I'm glad that you are enjoying it and don't want to see it end. And what I meant by "worst received" wasn't that people didn't like the chapter, because the reviews have been great and very much appreciated, but that it's popularity seems to be waning. Which is entirely my fault as I don't steadily update like Frea does, so people forget about the story or lose interest or whatever. I just want it to end.

    I've actually thought about doing this for a long time. In fact, my initial plan was simply to write out the rest of the story and then post it all at once, but Frea talked me out of that and convinced me to post a new chapter every couple of days instead of one bulk upload.

    If it makes you feel any better, I have two other major fic ideas that I've wanted to work on for a looooong time but never could because DA sucked up all my time/focus.

    Hmm...your beta idea is interesting. I will think about it. The only concern I have is stepping on my writers' toes. We'll see what they have to say about the idea.

  3. Anonymous16.8.10

    I can understand how you might feel that DA has run its course. But I have to agree with Tynianrex that DA is one of my top five chuck fics. Granted I haven't read that too many, but it is very intriguing, fun, exciting and one of the more well written fics out there. Even though you won't be posting updates until it is finished, I am extremely happy that you are planning on finishing it.

    I've had a rule with fics that I would only read completed ones, but stumbled upon this by accident and I was very glad that I did. Now, along with yours, I have a few fics that I'm currently reading that are unfinished and just hope that the writers complete them (eventually).

    I'm sure there are more people out there that are interested in DA, but only lurk like I usually do and I know it can be very discouraging for a writer when they think that people aren't interested anymore. I do apologize for that (not that its my fault or anything).

    Anyway, I look forward to whenever you do finish DA, because it truly is an amazing piece of work! And I hope your life sorts itself out.

    LA =)

  4. Anonymous16.8.10

    Just wanted to say, i've read my fair share of chuck fanfics, and DA is by far my favourite.

  5. Anonymous16.8.10

    I've got to agree with everyone about DA being one of the best fics out there. I'm not going to try and talk you into finishing it sooner, it's none of my business. However, I hope you do realize that it is a good piece and some of us are really looking forward to the conclusion. We really do appreciate all the work you put into writing these gems.

    Since we're on the topic of unfinished fics. Do you plan on finishing that collaboration with Malamoo that you started so many moons ago? I know she is on a permenant hiatus, I think? That was also a good read before the updates stopped.


  6. I am avid reader of fanfics (not as much as Wep), unfortunately I don't review since I never know what to write in a review that would help a writer. (i know bad attitude) I know a writer sometimes would just like to hear/see people are actually reading.
    I am here to reiterate what everyone knows about DA, it is one of the finest stories in Chuck fics. The first chapter alone should be required reading for any fanfic writer who wants to capture an audience attention and leave them wanting more . I am not joking about this, when I read that chapter when you debut DA the first thought that entered my mind upon finishing is that this is the finest opening chapter/intro to a fanfic story that I have read.
    Just thought you should know and I am glad you will finish it some day.
    It would be nice to see you revise or how you go through the beta process for your writers (a behind the scenes or making of .....if you will).
    Thank you for hearing me out and i will always be an avid reader of your work.

  7. Wow, guys, I wasn't expecting this kind of response. Even though it might have seemed like it, I wasn't fishing for compliments. Haha. I hope I didn't sound like I was whining (Frea gets enough of that already!). I really did just want to explain my reasoning. All that being said, I really do appreciate everything everybody has said. It never gets old, as an author, being told by others how much others like and appreciate your creative effort. You guys made my day a lot better, and after the last few days I've had, that means a lot. Thank you.

    LA - I made a promise to myself a long time ago that no matter what happened, I would finish DA. I intend to keep that promise, even if I am just looking forward to the day when I no longer have to write it. But thank you for telling me how much you've enjoyed the story. It's awesome that DA could make you break your own rule and I hope you find the ending worth all the time you've put into it!

    Anonymous - Wow! Even more than Fates? I feel like I should do a dance around Frea and go, "Neener, neener, neener" and then stick my tongue out. Thanks! :)

    Ski - Like I told LA, I'll finish DA someday. The sooner, the better. Heh. But I appreciate everything you said.

    As for H2C, you're not the only who has asked about it recently. Moo and I are still thinking about continuing it. In fact, we had a conversation today about it. She's been pestering me to send her some new chapters, so that may get updated soon.

    dnm - Wow, really love your comments here. First, let me say that while constructive criticism is always important in a review (my personal opinion), having a reader just tell you that they loved a chapter can be an important morale boost too. But you should never review if you feel like it's an obligation (again, personal opinion).

    Second, nobody has ever told me that about my first chapter. I worked hard on it to make sure I set the right tone for the whole story. So thank you for your comments. See? This is exactly the kind of thing you could say in a review if you wanted. It's what any writer would want to hear somebody say about their work (as long as you mean it, which is important, always be genuine). Thank you very much.

    Third, I think I will be covering what you want to see during my beta process in my revision article. I think. I guess we'll just have to see when I eventually write the thing. Heh. But I hope it is enlightening and helpful for people.

  8. I have restarted this post 4 times. I know I want to make sure you know that I reread chapter 25 more than once times. It always leaves me with a smile on my face. I think Sarah being more open is an interesting read. I still have not figured Chuck out in this story.

    One of these days I would love to know how 2 of my favorite stories DA and Fates have the 2 of you working on them.

    The Benality is a curious story. I normally avoid M flicks, mainly because there is no progression of the characters. There are so few fics concentrating of the post C/S real relationship. The Benality does that, and i remember the promise made in the last chapter.

    Sounds like you will deliver!

  9. alladinsgenie4u16.8.10

    DA was the first fan fiction story I read and it got me hooked right from the first chapter. Along with Fates, it is my favorite story and I have recommended it to a lot of friends.Although I am sad that it is going to end, I draw solace from the fact that you will complete it.

    P.S: I hope that whatever life throws at you, you will come out more stronger.

  10. JohnClark17.8.10

    If it's not too much trouble I'd love to know what's up wit mxmoo I thought you guys got off to a great start with that second story then it kinda dropped off the face of the earth.

  11. Ayefah17.8.10

    Just joining in the chorus of the DA lovers. :) I know I'm not a very steady reviewer, and I apologize, but I really do love that story. It was my intriguing alt-universe fic of choice until 'Fates' came along. Now it's tied for first.

    Forgive me if I'm reading too much into your comments here - but if DA is becoming just a chore to write, then you shouldn't listen to a word I say about it. But if this is about reader enthusiasm, I promise that my insane fanaticism makes up for at least 3 or 4 other readers. Honest. :P I even waited 3 hours for my internet to come back so I could post this comment.

  12. Again, thanks for all your comments, you guys! They are very awesome. You guys really helped to make this day not suck as much. You also helped reaffirm that my decision to continue writing DA was a good one.

    BDaddyDL - Heh, well, first thanks for your comments about DA. Second, well, Chuck should become more understandable in the next few chapters. As for Banality, well, my goal with that fic was to always write about the Chuck/Sarah relationship and how it progresses. The point was to show that putting them together doesn't have to be boring and I like to think in some way I've proved that.

    Genie - Thank you for what you said. Also, I'm honored that you chose DA to be your first ever fanfic. Awesome! And thanks for recommending it.

    JohnClark - Like I said previously, H2C is not dead and neither is mxmoo. In fact, malamoo and I had quite a long chat today..er...yesterday about the fic. So keep your eye out for it.

    Ayefah - Can you sing like John Casey?

    Haha, your "insane fanaticism" does make up for more than a couple of readers. Nobody leaves a review quite like you do. And I appreciate every single one I get (not just from you, but everybody else as well). Thanks!

  13. Anonymous17.8.10

    hey, this is seaboji and i just want to say that if anything, double agent is getting better than ever. definitely one of the few fics that get me very excited when i see an update. i'm not sure exactly why you feel it has run its course, but i hope all these comments will help inspire you as you continue to write it. i love your characterization of sarah and chuck in this story and would be happy if it was a neverending story like fates. thanks again for the time you put into your own great fics and other great fics for which you are the beta.

  14. Does that mean Carina's backstory on how she joined Team B isn't happening? I was really looking forward to that.

  15. Anonymous17.8.10

    I've been reading Chuck fanfiction for 18 months and haven't really reviewed or critiqued before due to feeling that I don’t really have much to add. I leave the literary flair and expression to my better half, that my wife just in case you’re mystified! However, I think that DA is a real revelation with its great storytelling and excellent characterisations (in an AU universe ofcourse), it really draws the reader in and just doesn’t let go. I can categorically confirm that this story is definitely a joy to read and I am always anxious to read the next instalment, pretty much to the detriment of my kid’s football practice on one occasion!!! Anyway I hope you get some a modicum of inspiration/motivation from all the great reviews and carry on writing both DA and other/more great fiction. Thanks a mill mxpx.

  16. I'm afraid there's nothing new for me to add here, but I would simply like to reaffirm what has been said. For me DA was my secondfic and without a doubt when I read the first chapter I went "what the F@#$!" Cause it was sooooooo good. I then proceed to read as much as you had posted up to that point and now I constantly check for updates, seriously, constantly (just like I do for Fates & College Years, maybe you can pass that along.) I'm glad you decided to finish it because at least all of your readers will get some closure (ok, I only really care if I get some closure, but you get what I mean.) So, I look forward to the day those updates begin to flow. Thanks for all the work you and all of the other fic authors put into your work. It is definitely appreciated.

  17. I'll just agree with other people, because they already said things better than I would, considering my reviewing skills pretty much end at "great", "amazing" and "awesome" when I try to described something I liked! :)

    I have to agree with dnm about the first chapter. It was a really really good one. I know I haven't review DA that much (and I'm kind of feel bad about it), but I will tell you why. I came to fanfic not so long ago. I read DA in 2 or 3 days up until Chapter 23 and couldn't stop, which is why I didn't review, I was too much into the story! I do think this is one of the best stories out there. I'm really looking forward to the conclusion, but I understand if you don't finish it. I hope if it happens you'll share with us what was coming though...

    Who am I kidding? You want to see Fates's prologue through Sarah's eyes to much! I know you'll finish it before October 9th. Even if it means DA will end by Sarah's accidental death knocked over by a car strucked by lightning while carefuly crossing the streets... :p

    Good news about H2C, I love your work and I loved everything malamoo published at ff.net.

    Finally, I don't read much M stories but I read Banality because you wrote it. And it is a lot of fun. This little preview was great. I'm really looking forward to read the next chapter.

  18. Wow! I can't believe people are still leaving comments in this thread. You've all made me very pleased. That is no easy thing to do. So thank you very much for everything you've said. I feel like I'm just a broken record, but I really do appreciate everything you all are saying.

    seaboji - Heh, while I really appreciate everything you said, all your kind words, I think if DA was as long as Fates, there'd be one more insane writer (right now, we are currently at two, I leave you to figure out which ones I mean) in the group and I don't think that'd be good for anybody.

    I feel like DA has run its course mainly because I no longer have the drive and passion for it as I once did. I think that's a sign that the story is no longer relevant, at least for me, personally. And I don't mean that DA is not good or that it's not interesting for everybody else, just that when a story loses relevancy in a writer's mind, it can often be a sign that it's time to put the pen down. And so I feel DA needs to end because I don't want to leave you all hanging for years as I try to get that relevancy back.

    JC - I'm not sure about Carina's backstory anymore. I really want to write it, but after I finish DA, I'm not even sure if I'm going to keep writing fic. So I don't want to give you any false hope.

    Anonymous - Oh great, now I feel like I'm going to be responsible for some poor kid thinking his dad doesn't love him enough. :P

    But really, thank you for the compliment. It's like I was saying earlier, you don't need to be afraid of leaving a review. I'm not going to think you're stupid if you can't say more than "Great job!" In most ways, when it comes to reviews, it's the thought that counts.

    MC - Thank you, MC! I am doing my best to make sure those updates soon start flowing. And I will relate your message about faster updates to my fellow CI writers as well.

    Crumby - Ha! You saw it here first, folks, so you can all blame Crumby when Sarah dies in a freak jaywalking incident. Thanks for the great idea! Here I was planning like another ten chapters when I can wrap up all of DA in like one. Awesome.

    Thank you, Crumby, for everything you said. It's great having such an awesome fan (just like the rest of you!).

  19. Ayefah18.8.10

    I'll have you know, mxpw, that I have a two octave range, untrained. And that music box C is well within my limits. :P

    (Fifteen years of choral experience represent!)

    And see, I do feel stupid when the only thing I can think to say in a review is YAY, so I save up my reviews for fics that give me something to think about, and then I try to make them good ones. Or at least ones with lots of pesky questions that you can oh-so-gently decline to answer. :D

  20. Anonymous20.8.10

    I am an insane chuckcl addict and it is the only ff I read. I have to.say that I have loved reading da and would like to say that I am very pleased that it wil be finished, but dissapointed aswell. I can imagine how hard it is to.right quality multi chapter ff as it is something I know could not do myself and looking at some of the writing by the professional tv writers you guys are quite often so much better. I can truly say that da is in my top 5 fics and I think that the last chapter is currently il my top 3 chapters in ff. I. Am in awe of your awesomness


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