The Results

In case anybody was interested.

Spoilers for Just Say the Word, Trouble after the cut.

It seems that 36 people called it, and there are 9 people I should be worried about.  Geez.  As if Sarah would ever cheat on Ellie*.

Also, I should apologize to the 2 people that wanted Chuck and Jill to get together.  Jill was Fulcrum from the days of Stanford, which means she's Fulcrum in Fates, as Fates only branches off from Stanford.

Thanks for voting, everybody!



* No matter what mxpw, Wepdiggy, and Justin say, Fates is not actually a Sallie story.  I'm messing with you.  Quit freaking out.

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  1. Lies! You can try and deny it all you want, but I know the truth! Ellie is Sarah's one true love.

    Chuck cannot stop true love, he can only delay it for a while. :P


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