The Bank Job

To be perfectly honest with you, I don't even remember how I talked myself into writing this story. I remember the line in Chapter 13, when Carina and Chuck are talking while kidnapped, about Chuck being "Bunker Boy" and it stuck with me. I was like, "Wow, that sounds like a really interesting story. I should pester Frea about writing that." So I did, and in the process, I somehow became not only the author of this story, but her beta for Fates as well. Boy, what a mistake that was.

I guess I can't really help it. The allure of Carina was too strong for me to resist. Add to that the idea of Carina and Sarah robbing a bank? And Chuck helping them but nobody knowing about it but Sarah? Plus, more Sarah POV, Sarina flirting, and seeing how those two years played out for Sarah after Chuck screwed her all up? It was too good a potential story to pass up.

So I started writing and I did the first chapter. But there just seemed something off about it. It just didn't seem right to me. I turned to Frea and she helped me zero in on what didn't feel right about the chapter. And now the first chapter is complete. She's working on the second. And we've planned the third and fourth. I personally think it's pretty cool. Definitely the funniest contribution to the Fatesverse yet, I think. But how could it not with Sarah and Carina teaming up for a heist?

So here's a little excerpt from the first chapter. And for the record, folks, at least half the Sarina flirting and innuendo in this story is provided by Frea. I'm not making that up.

“So this is about Bryce.”

Sarah inwardly smacked her forehead. She had walked right into that one. It really was true what they taught at the Farm: alcohol and secret keeping? Not a good mix.

“I don’t wanna talk about it.”

Carina shrugged and slid down until she was lying mostly horizontal on the thick carpet of the hotel room. She ran a hand through her hair and leaned on one elbow. She leveled a steady gaze at her and pursed her lips. “Okay, so then maybe we can discuss what you’re doing here instead of wherever the hell Bryce is.”

“I don’t wanna talk about that either.” Sarah hoped she wasn’t pouting, but all bets were off the table these days—had been ever for months.

It didn’t help that she was more than a little pissed about the CIA’s decision to toss her into the DEA’s lap. She thought it was ridiculous and unjustified. And she resented the implication. Bryce got to stay with the Agency. Bryce got to request a reassignment. Bryce got to have his choice of missions while the brass dealt with their little tiff. Was she or was she not the CIA’s golden girl? What the hell was going on?

“You must have pissed in somebody’s Froot Loops to get stuck with me.”

Sarah’s sour expression softened and she placed her hand atop Carina’s. “I requested you.” Carina was her friend. If she was going to be forced to work with some other member of the government alphabet soup for the foreseeable future, why not do so with a familiar face? Why not make the best of a crappy situation? When they told her that they were transferring her out of the CIA for what they were calling “re-certification,” she had requested the DEA. It would be perfect. If she couldn’t be partnered with Bryce, Carina was the next best thing.

Or so she had thought. She was not so sure now. Things had gone well for the first few hours. Until Carina had talked her into having a drink with her. One drink had turned into five. And five had somehow become ten. She could hold her alcohol better than most women—hell, she could drink Bryce under the table—but even she had trouble maintaining her wits after ten shots of Johnnie Walker Black. And, naturally, it had only gone downhill from there.

So there you have it. That should help you get an idea of what's in store. Probably. Maybe. I mean, we don't want to spoil you too much, but I will say this: the hot tub scene? It gets pretty steamy.


  1. "I remember the line in Chapter 13, when Carina and Chuck are talking while kidnapped, about Chuck being "Bunker Boy" and it stuck with me." Don't we have all that same problem? ;)

    And now, it's worse. lol. Thank you for sharing with us!

    FOUR chapters?! Awesome!

  2. That's a pretty fantastic sounding story. It has a bit of everything included in it with just the snapshot. And well, being from the creator of DA, it's a sure read.

  3. Favoritism! I ask for the Bar Fic for a year, and you're already working on the Bank Job's second chapter? :P Heee, no, seriously I imagine this will be quite amusing. Can't wait to read it.

  4. Four chapters, what might be a twist ending, lots of innuendo, bank heists, starcrossed lovers, in depth discussion on panties in a twist, and Loki in a skirt. Best. Fic. Ever.

    Oh, and Sarah strips in the first chapter. I probably wasn't supposed to spoil that, but what the fractal, it's fun. :)

    And Wep, of course I'm the favorite. My mother tells me that every day. :-P

  5. Notice how she makes no clarification on who the star-crossed lovers are.

    I personally think the fic is pretty awesome, and only got more awesomer with Frea's active participation.

    Oh, also, to add to the list from above: discussion about threesomes, spooning, smiley faces, and crazy New Year's Eves.

  6. Are you both trying to torture us? 'Cause it works!

  7. Aww, the smiley faces! I'm so excited about the smiley faces!

    And yep, Crumby. Mission accomplished, indeed.

  8. Anonymous20.8.10

    Well, there were other comments made by Carina in that chapter of "Fates" that had me wondering...such as Carina's statement:

    "Sarah finally got you out of that bunker, huh?" Carina smirked.

    And her other statement:

    "Either way, it explains a lot."

    Hey Carina...did Sarah talk to you about getting Chuck out of that bunker? And what does it explain???

  9. Wow, it feels so good to be the one doing the torturing for once instead of the one being tortured, which is what usually happens when I'm around Frea.

  10. mx, my Dr. Pepper glass runneth empty. *hint hint*

  11. *bows obsequiously* Yes, Mistress Frea. *knuckles forehead* Of course, Mistress Frea. Whatever you say, Mistress Frea.

    *snaps fingers* Where is crystal to do my bidding?

  12. "Sarah finally got you out of that bunker, huh?" Carina smirked.

    That reminded me of something. In the timeline you said: "they use her plan to get him out of the bunker safely."

    So did Sarah planned on getting Chuck out of there during those two years? Maybe she didn't actually plan on using it but was it ready, just in case?

    I'm even more wondering this because wasn't Chuck supposed to get out eighteen months tops after he met Sarah. Or so they thought. Yet he was still there twenty-two months later. And he said then that he still had two months to do. Was he ever getting out? Did Sarah know he probably wouldn't?

    Maybe I didn't get this right. I'll have to go back and check!

  13. Anonymous20.8.10

    During which part of Fates to Chuck, Sarah and Carina have the threeway? Because we're 36 chapters in and it seems like there should have been one already...

  14. No, Crumby, there are greater forces at work in the prologue than it seems. Sarah's plan was a little too set for it to be thought up on the fly. Might want to encourage people to vote for the Bungalow to get a glimpse of more. Hayloft doesn't reveal much.

    And as far as Chuck getting out of the bunker...don't you hate it when I get enigmatic and refuse to answer a question? I bet you do.

    And Anonymous, the chapter you're looking for is 97. It's an eventful chapter, as I was telling Wepdiggy earlier, what with Chuck and Sarah having sex, Ellie confusing Portia de Rossi for Sarah, and apparently, now, a three-way. That's a group chat, right? There was something else that was supposed to happen, but I'd have to pull up my chat file with Wepdiggy from earlier. Maybe he remembers.

  15. Hmm... Chuck and Sarah have sex, the Portia de Rossi encounter, and Carina returns for some lovin'. I think that covers everything that happens in chapter 97. Now Chapter 98...

  16. OK People we need that Bungalow scene!!!

    Well it seems like it's on the way, because Hayloft is only 10 votes ahead now. If you've already voted don't forget you can't change your vote!!! Hihi

    Thanks for answering Frea I didn't think you'd tell me anything at all! But maybe you just want to write that weird albinos guy again?

    And the bunker... you said we would have some answers about that in Part IV, right? I'll be patient. Plus I guess part of the answer of "was he ever getting out?", would be answer by "why was he in this freaking bunker in the first place?!" Wait & See...

    No, if you don't want to just wait & see, vote for the Bungalow! ;)

  17. Anonymous21.8.10

    Maybe you should have a blog topic dedicated to the pros and cons of the Bungalow scene vs the Hayloft scene. I know a few minds have been changed with the little discussions about it so far. Although, it might be more work for you...food for thought.

  18. What cons? lol

    Bungalow = more about Randy and more about Sarah's plan to get Chuck out of the bunker. Also, Sarah coming back to the bungalow, entering by the window, seeing the pictures, and finding Chuck in his boxers.

  19. Anonymous21.8.10

    True, okay then a topic dedicated solely to why everyone should change their votes to the Bungalow scene...

    It seems as though Frea is more interested in writing the Bungalow scene, that should tell us all something.

  20. "It seems as though Frea is more interested in writing the Bungalow scene, that should tell us all something." Agreed!

  21. Hey, guys, did everyone forget it's for MY birthday? Ultimately, I'm the one who decides. :P

  22. OldDarth21.8.10

    The bank heist stuff sounds fun.

  23. Ayefah22.8.10

    Wait, when Bryce got pissy that Sarah didn't like him back anymore, it was Sarah who got punished? Or is there something else going on that Sarah's misinterpreting or not seeing at all? Or am I the one who's totally not seeing what's going on? :P (Always a strong possibility, I know.)

  24. Awww, poor, confused Ayefah.

    To answer your questions: Yes, yes, 42, maybe, yes, and no.

    The beauty of the Bank Job is that it's not just a story that develops the Chuck/Sarah relationship (or the Sarah/Carina relationship), but in some ways, it also gives context to the main Fates storyline.


    If you pay close enough attention.

  25. I think every word of the BJ will be scrutinized.

    What happened? The Hayloft is 22 votes ahead now?

  26. OldDarth22.8.10

    "The beauty of the Bank Job is that it's not just a story that develops the Chuck/Sarah relationship (or the Sarah/Carina relationship), but in some ways, it also gives context to the main Fates storyline."

    Awesome! And a clever hook too. ;)

  27. So ... why isn't the Bank Job posted on the Story Progress chart?

  28. Ahhh ... there it is. Thanks for updating the progress bar!

  29. gah! tease!
    I have been accused of being a tease before (by people not possessing completely sober faculties) but this...
    frea's 'personal deadline' of 8/23 was bad enough stubbornly clinging onto 95% for the WEEKEND
    100%= the ultimate mirage
    i keep refreshing the blog at work- so gonna get canned- lol
    just a random comment/update from deranged lurkers showing my appreciation even if it sounds as if I'm ranting. slightly.
    really love what you guys have done with the fandom; there really is a fates universe in existence

  30. Used to be I had three or four chapters finished before I posted one, Reg. :) I imagine that'd be even more torture to see on the progress bars these days.

  31. For now we can read 36 again and again. :)

  32. September 1st? Awesome!

  33. And bam, two chapters are now completed and ready to go.

    Now I gotta write Chapter Three. Time to let Carina run free and do her thing. Loki in a skirt, indeed.

  34. 8.5%? Really? lol


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