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atcDave over at ChuckThisBlog has posted a review for some of the ongoing fanfiction stories, and yes, I do realize that by linking to his post on CI, I'm being insanely vain because he's a fan of Fates.  But hey, he's also recommending other brilliant stories like "Chuck and Sarah vs. Themselves" by ninjaVanish (hey, anybody interested in an interview with nV as part of the "Scoop" series I do?), Kate McK's pretty interesting series of one-shots on how to fix the "Charah Problem" of S3 that has just taken a turn for the even more interesting, and the new dark horse in the AUverses, Moonlight Pilot's "Walker's Eleven" (Sarah's background is the one that changes in that, not Chuck's.  Well, maybe.  The author still has yet to reveal if Chuck has the Intersect or not, but Frea thinks he doesn't.  Still, it's a fun read and the romance moves really fast, like mxpw commented the other day, as opposed to the molasses in January loooovefest that is What Fates Impose).

Oh, and the comments are giving love to one of MY personal favorites, "Double Agent," so definitely head over there and check it out, leave a comment, etc.

Hee, also, Dave: O'Scanlin.  Like Scanlin, but Irisher.  :)  Sorry, had to say it even though I'm blushing from all of the compliments!


PS - I've been giving a lot of love to the people on Twitter, posting random snippets from the next chapter as I write, as well as a picture of my true #1 fan (she's small, she's gassy, she sleeps 23.5 hours a day, is hairy, and constantly snubs me, but I love her nonetheless).


  1. I would really like to see NV in an interview. His first story is the first I read in Fan Fiction. I got hooked, and I now enjoy his other series as well.

    Frea you and MXPW deserve the acclaim. You not only write great stories, but I know your writing makes me want to elevate my game.
    I'm just not sure if i can go to a pov of a dummy though.

  2. TakeItTo22 likes how Frea refers to herself in the third person. And I just realized that the first letters in my author name can combine to spell something dirty...oops.


    Anyway, stories like Fates and DA were ones that have inspired me to write FF in the first place. I know there are other AU's out there, but seeing the response from readers for those stories inspired me into writing Roads. So yeah. Thanks to Frea and mxpw for the inspiration!


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