A Day of Mourning

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Do not read if you don't want to see! It's not a big spoiler, but it's still a spoiler.

So it is with a heavy heart that I must share with you some terribly sad news.

Got any ‘Chuck’ scoop? – Bruce

I share with with a heavy sigh, Bruce: Sarah’s Orange Orange uniform appears to be a goner. “I don’t know if Sarah’s going to have a cover this season, now that everyone knows she is a spy now,” Yvonne Strahovski tells me. “There isn’t any need for it.”

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This is like the worst news ever. I can't believe they are thinking of phasing out the Double O uniform. I loved that tank top, I mean, uniform. Granted, it's not as distressing as when this went away:

But it's still pretty damn depressing. So let us all have a moment of silence for the passing of an icon. We're going to miss you, Sarah Walker's vaguely inappropriate and exploitative but oddly amusing and extremely attractive day-glo uniform.

Now if only we could get Scotty to play the pipes and Kirk to give a speech to commerorate this moment.


  1. NNNOOOOOO!!!!!! (goes in a Darth Vader style rampage)

  2. HAHAHAHAHA. Oh, mx. Of course you would make a post of mourning about this. I just read about it before coming here.

    Well, at least they kind of faded it out - we saw it, what, once or twice this past season? But I will miss it; it was a great uniform indeed. (I liked it much better than the Weinie outfit. :P)

  3. Anonymous3.8.10

    It's not bagpipes, and it's not really very good, but I posted a tribute, Chuck vs. the Uniforms, on FF.net.

    Maybe with the new "Buy More Base", Sarah will pull out her nerd herder outfit occasionally.

  4. Anonymous3.8.10

    It has been brought to my attention that I should have provided a better pointer to my story.

    Chuck vs the Uniforms, by MyNameIsJeffNImLost


    I'm sorry I'm not as good of a writer as the great writers of the Castle Inanity. I hope you enjoy reading it.

  5. Anonymous3.8.10

    Total bummer to lose the "Orange, Orange" cover. Who can forget two marvelous scenes involving the double-O uniform and shop: Sarah approaching Chuck at the Buy-More in slow-mo, cat-crawling, somersaulting, hair blowing in the breeze...and then planting a kiss on ol' Chuck and playing with that phallic symbol around his neck? Or the glorious "Foux du fa fa" sequence in the yogurt shop, breaking all sorts of health department rules and regs on food handling? Sigh.

  6. Ayefah3.8.10

    I think I would pay actual money for Chuck to mention again that he misses the Wienerlicious uniform, ifyouknowhatImean. Especially if Sarah indicates that she's willing to don it again for him.

  7. mxpw4.8.10

    Ayefah, why are you so awesome? I think I'd join you in paying some of that money to see that scene.

    I miss the Wiernerlicious uniform. I'm sure Chuck does too, even if we'll never get to see him admit it.

    Actually, the uniform I want to see her don again is the Nerd Herd uniform. Now that would be hilarious to see Chuck hint at her wearing that.

  8. Anonymous4.8.10




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