Holy Frijoles, Batman!

So a little bit about how I operate when writing the Never Ending Story What Fates Impose:  each chapter forms its own document, labeled "Bunker 01.doc" to "Bunker 33 and a Half.doc" (Word freaked out on that last one, so I had to save two versions of it, and rewrite the ending--GRRRR), but when each chapter is finished, I put it, minus the quote and the author's notes, into an overall master document simply called "Bunker.doc."

(Yes, I know Chuck is no longer in the bunker in the story, but Fates didn't get its title until about twenty minutes before I posted it on fanfiction.net for the first time.)

Today, I put the newly finished Chapter 33 into the master document, and I happened to look down at the bottom of the document:

Yes.  What Fates Impose is half a page away from being 500 pages long.  This is not including the fourteen pages of outtakes sitting in my "Bunker Spare.doc" file, or the sister story, To Resist Both Wind and Tide (which is 70 pages, for the record).

I feel like hitting 500 pages calls for a celebration. Any ideas?

- Frea


  1. how about a Ellie and Sarah ladies day out set years in the future?

  2. BDaddyL, ask and ye shall receive. Can't say how far this is set in Fates's future, or if it'll be "canon" to Fates by that point, but here you go, a little scenelet:

    "All right. Ladies' day." Ellie pushed her sunglasses resolutely up her nose even as she muscled the hybrid SUV through the soup of LA traffic. "We're doing this, finally. Did you turn off your phone?"

    "No," Sarah said.

    Ellie shot her a look.

    "It's on vibrate. That's my compromise." Sarah held up her hands in a peacekeeping motion, and narrowed her eyes at Ellie. "Besides, you didn't turn off your phone, either."

    There was a pause before Ellie smiled, sheepishly. "Yeah, it's on vibrate, too."


    They'd come a long way, Ellie thought, for Sarah to be saying things like "Ha!" around her. It was Ellie's idiot brother rubbing off on Sarah, Ellie knew, but she knew better than to say anything. Chuck and Sarah would both deny it, and Ellie didn't want to start anything on the ladies' day she had fought so long for. With work, and everything at home, she was too tired most days to even spell her own name right on the prescription forms she filled out, but she had convinced Sarah that a ladies' day--shopping and manicures, and maybe pedicures if they were feeling particularly indulgent--was absolutely necessary, nay, VITAL to her mental health. Since Devon had long ago learned that when Ellie got *that* look in her eye, she was to be obeyed without question, he'd agreed to run herd on the boys for the day.

    "Where to first?" she asked Sarah as the other woman folded down the visor and checked her makeup.

    She almost missed Sarah's cringe. "The hiking store?" the blonde asked.

    Ellie shot her a stinkeye.

    "I need new hiking boots. I've almost worn out the heel on my left one, and I don't get into LA very often."

    "When I said ladies' day, I meant shopping for things like purses."

    "Well, to be fair, they are *ladies'* hiking boots." Sarah grinned as she flipped the visor back up. "And I could use a new purse, too."

    "That's the spirit." Ellie grinned back and revved the SUV.

  3. Anonymous2.8.10

    Hmm...Sarah doesn't get into L.A. very often? Very interesting. What does that mean?

    Cool little scenelet! Did you just write that? Very impressive!

  4. Hey, Anonymous. :) Sarah not getting to LA might make sense in the future. Like, six months (real life time, if I keep going at the same rate).

    And yep, that was just a doodle. Thanks for the compliment!

  5. I have to second Anonymous on that: really impressive! And Awesome! lol

    I was wondering if you had planned out Fates to go all the way up to where the show is now? And if maybe you planned on jumping time at some point like the show does between seasons for example?

    Also are you gonna address Chuch's "bunkerization" soon?

    I apoligize if it's too much spoilery to answer, I'll just have to wait and read if it is! ;)

    The Fatesverse is really awesome!

  6. Ya know saying this is a doodle, is like Sarah saying this old thing, when talking about a dress that makes her look like a million bucks. It always amazes me how great of a writer you are.

    Thanks for the quick story.

    BTW I was fishing for spoilers, and like any good spoiler, I am left wondering if I caught anything.

  7. Hey, Crumby, thanks for the compliments. I have Fates planned out to where the second season ends and a little beyond. How far beyond that, I'm not certain. I'm what I've seen people refer to as a tent pole writer--I know the basic structure of everything that's going to happen in Fates, the events holding everything together, while I may not have the minute details down. Some things may end up not being as significant as I thought they would be, but there is definitely a plan.

    There will be some time skips in Fates, yes. How long they'll be, and why, I'll keep to myself (and mxpw) for now. :-P But yeah, seeing as two months have taken 500 pages, I'm really thinking time skips would be a good thing. For me, at least.

    And as far as Chuck's bunkerization goes, who says I haven't been addressing that all along? :) Bryce had some good points in "Wind & Tide," and Chuck's pretty sure he's just a failure. Or is it something else?

    I'm really glad you like the Fatesverse. I hope it continues to be awesome for you.

  8. Ayefah2.8.10

    "I feel like hitting 500 pages calls for a celebration. Any ideas?"


    ...Wait, that doesn't work. Erm, lots of Dr. Pepper?

  9. SOLD, Ayefah. I've been craving baked goods since your celebratory Ding-Dong-The-Shaw-Is-Dead (even though he wasn't, grr) cinnamon rolls!

    I think I'll treat myself to a Dr. Pepper in the absence of things like muffins.

  10. You know, there are a number of things I'd LIKE to request, but only a few I think you'd write. :P

    Still, this is quite an impressive achievement. I think I have my copy of the master lying around somewhere, but I believe the version I have is only 300 something pages. Shows you how old it is. By the time you're finished, Fates is going to be so long, you'd make Robert Jordan jealous (you know, if he were still alive).

    I hope you realize that at least 10% of that Dr. Pepper is mine. So you better watch your sips!

  11. 500 pages. That's freaking amazing.

    My request is for you to make that trip into California in November so that you, mx and I can have a spectacular time together. Or driving each other nuts. Both are possible, I think. :)

  12. Wow, 500 pages??? That's like... like... a LOT of pages!!!

    Well, about celebration.. It has been a while since Fates has had a more "heated" scene betweem Chuck and Sarah. And since now Chuck nows that Sarah likes him...

    Ok, the next chapter will be full of gunplay, and then the other one will be needed to clean everything up, including transfering Jill or something. But is Fates going to have a more intimate scene any time soon? I'd be happy with a simple kiss/make-out scene.

    Foor for thought or nothing new?

  13. Thanks for answering!

  14. a kiss/make out scene at this early juncture might mess with the whole fates continuum. Whats next dogs and cats living together?


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