Justin's Damn Blog Entry, Mark II

Takes drink from my screwdriver. All right, my little ferrets. It's Daddy Liam again. Or as your girlfriends and sisters call me, "Dr. Love". Actually, your girlfriends and sisters call me anytime, but that's neither here nor there.

So here's my deal. I'm not good with this bloggy thing and I'm not much into "Chuck" fic anymore. Think it's been February since I posted anything. Road to Innocence is still up in the air. Got a few others that'll probably see the light of day at some point. And my schedule is hardly conducive to writing. I know weirdos like mxpw do their best work at night. And while theoretically there's a lot of down time for me at night (I work overnights at a youth detention facility), it ain't the best time for me.

But alas, I actually got a weekend off. And soon, I'll have my first proper vacay ever in early September. So I'm actually gonna be doing a spot of writing (Hey, how novel a concept is that? A writer who writes?) Dunno how much will be Chuck related. But I do plan on sharing some of my original stuff. I have a script called "Young Dracula" I plan to share the first 20 pages of with you lot. I think it's pretty good. And that's not just my word, but writers like crystal, Frea, mxpw, Wep, and Daydreamer all thought it was decent. Not sure about I Am Not Amused. He may have read it, but was probably too drunk to recall sending it. Frankly, he was probably too drunk to remember reading it, the booze hound. Anywho, gotta do a bit of format conversion in order to post it here, but expect it sometime this week.

Takes another drink off screwdriver. Vitamin C. Hits the spot. You may not realize this, but drinking alcohol makes you look 20% cooler. And even if you're the lamest dude on earth, if you just drank a little booze, that would make you 20% cooler than someone like Armadilloi or that Nirvana12 bastard who keeps wanting me to update "Road to Independence". The world would be so much better if people had to come to me for permission before they could breed.

I had a point I think I was gonna make. Can't remember now. Oh well, couldn't been too important. Well then, I guess this is Justin, signing off. Remember, I love you all, but I love your hot sister more.


  1. Anonymous13.8.10

    Wow. That was...

    That was just...


  2. Hah! I love Justin blogs posts. There are no prisoners taken. And honestly, why would there be? Justin shows no mercy...to the hot sisters of the world. Oh, they can scream, but we all know that just drives him to be more brutal in his punishment. I think I had a point, but this other stuff seemed better, so there it is. So, yeah...

  3. Justin, I'm pretty sure you could twist the Star Spangled Banner. Not saying that's a bad thing. Just saying it's a fact.

    And where the frak is MY screwdriver, hmm?

  4. FYI for the uninformed, but Justin is an amorous and volatile drunk, so be prepared to be sexually harrassed or have your parentage insulted if you ever try to communicate with him. Though why you would voluntarily do so, I have no idea.

    That being said, it's good to see him participate and disseminate his unique viewpoint onto all you fine readers here at Castle Inanity.

  5. Haha. Justin is definitely a unique one. ;)

  6. The quick image of drink-swilling Roan Montgomery came to mind as I read the blog post of 20%-cooler Justin. Swaggering does work, and Justin rocks it pretty damn good with computer keyboard.

  7. So...

    If I'm a booze hound...

    And drinking makes you 20% cooler...

    Well then damn, how cool am I?

    (The answer to that question is "very cool.")


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