1. Uh-ohh. I hope I didn't do that.
    I didn't, did I?

  2. It only has been two months. Oh it seemed like alot longer. Wow alot has happened in two months. Your story is progressing quite nicely. Don't mind my us we are impatient bunch. :-)


    PS I have been pimping your story on twitter. :-)

  3. Grah? What does bean soup have to do with anything?

    I think part of the problem is Wind and Tide makes it seem like it has been two years and a week for Sarah. After two years and a week in the TV show, Chuck and Sarah were...oops, bad example.

    Most of us appreciate a slowly evolving relationship, as long as you don't pull a Masked Fake Name. We'd appreciate it more if chapters came out faster. ;) It's almost like waiting for Mondays. Oh well, I guess quality is preferable to speed.

    Considering the awards won by and popularity of Fates, I think you are justified in ignoring any negative reviews or comments. It's your story, so tell it at the pace you want.

  4. It's not any one specific person that spurred this. I occasionally just feel the need to shout it and I don't really want to put it in every single Author's Note, so to the blog it goes.

    There's a bean soup called Grah?

    Thanks for the pimping!

    Also, you don't need to worry about a Masked Fake Name in Fates. In fact, I usually play a game where I dump Fates Chuck in the middle of Season Three and watch him puzzle everything out. It's...rather amusing. He ends up racing back to his Sarah and going, "Oh, thank God, you're not a pod person anymore!"

    Heh. Faster chapters. *snort* Good one. 41k+ a month isn't enough for people? :)

  5. "I usually play a game where I dump Fates Chuck in the middle of Season Three and watch him puzzle everything out. It's...rather amusing. He ends up racing back to his Sarah and going, "Oh, thank God, you're not a pod person anymore!"

    I would so like to read one of those!
    I can only imagine the spin Wepdiggy would put on that! Wonder if he would be up to that?

    And for the record, although Sarah likes to go fast, Chuck does the speed limit - barely. I'm with him. Get to see a lot more of the scenery on the journey.

  6. I agree Sarah likes to go fast, Chuck barely does the speed limit. Lol

    I love this Sarah and I am so glad pod Sarah is no where to be seen. I would love to read Fates Chuck in season 3. That would be hillarious.

  7. It looks like a bunch of us have mentioned fates on twitter today. You deserve it, the last chapter was a visual masterpiece.

    I mentioned to someone today that I was jealous of Fates. Its only because its where I want to be as a writer.

    I have not reviewd your latest chapter, and I will but simple blathering of how great it is does not seem to do that chapter justice.

    Oh and btw going fast just means you get to see more scenery.

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  9. It's kind of weird that people would complain, or if not complain just say it's slow, after a chapter like 36... It doesn't make much sense to me. The relationship has developed so much in like you said two months. Chapter 36 clearly illustrated it.

    Anyway, if and when they kiss or get together some people will say it's too soon anyway...

    Just do your thing Frea, considering the number of people that read this fic, and that come here to discuss it, you obviously do it awesomely right!

    By the way I did see people talking about Fates on twitter as well. I'm RT-ing everything I see. The hashtag #WhatFatesImpose will explode, you'll see! :)

  10. I'm still a little stunned there's a hashtag for Fates at all, to be honest. This is madness! (and awesome!)

  11. Anonymous24.8.10

    seaboji here -
    oh, yes, we'd all like to see sarah and chuck display some physical affection because this epic story feels like much more than two months have elapsed since the bunker escape. i'm sure the fact that sarah and chuck have had some super hot, well-earned make out scenes (or more) in DA, pacific northwest and walker's eleven fanfics recently certainly doesn't help our expectations.
    and i feel for sarah. she's known she's liked/loved him for a much longer time at this point. you have to kind of admire her restraint in not going in for at least a reassuring kiss while they were huddled in the snow by the canyon. but while chuck has tried to understand why sarah likes him, he hasn't even really thought himself about what he feels for her. has he just assumed nothing was possible because sarah is such a beautiful badass and he's an agoraphobic nerd? is it possible he's not into her? (i seriously doubt this.) is he overwhelmed by her? will he talk to ellie, who knows a more vulnerable sarah who is obviously in love with chuck?
    can't wait to find out how this all develops, but i'm happy to wait a bit just to enjoy the jack burton/chuck prison conversation. so good.

  12. Next thing you know, Fates will take over the world!

  13. Ancillary24.8.10

    Ha. Funny. I just posted a review (first one!) that basically said the same thing.

    It's only been two months! Frankly, the plot density is staggering compared to canon. I'm surprised Chuck can still function.

    By the way, I should note that I'm strangely pleased to find that Sarah has her Pprsche in this world. Why is that?

  14. Oh geez, I hope not. I'm not ready for world domination. I've still got a couple of years left at the Mastermind Academy.

    So random story from the O'Scanlin household: I tried to promote my brother to head minion so that he could fetch me a refill of Dr. Pepper with the enticement that head minion gets dental.

    Van: Don't lie to me. You know your head minion is Frank.
    Frea: Oh yeah. He actually needs the dental with Sarah punching him in the face so often.
    Van: ...What? I was talking about the dog from Men In Black.
    Frea: Oh. Right. Uh, I wasn't.

    Seaboji -- those are all excellent stories, and I can see where the fans are coming from. Pacific Northwest, S3 retelling so that doesn't count, DA took a year, and Walker's Eleven's Sarah would probably be hated by Fates Sarah because that Chuck seems to move even faster than she does. I guess having those three, as well as a very hands-on Chuck and Sarah from "Themselves" means that Fates is now the sore thumb of the crowd, ah well. It happens, and I know that, I just needed a quick vent this morning. I'm actually very pleased with the story as it's going so far, believe it or not. Well, as pleased as I can be, seeing as I'll always look at the writing and see massive flaws, but that can't be helped.

    And Chuck exploring his feelings for Sarah--are they real, are they fabricated, are they a result of his condition or just a reaction to the awesomeness squared that is Sarah Walker--huuuuuuuge part of Part IV. :) Excited yet?

  15. Ancillary, would it please you to know that (spoiler) somebody else may get a chance to drive said Porsche?

  16. Anonymous24.8.10

    dear god, you don't have to tease me with chuck's feelings to get me more excited! thanks again for your efforts. i think the most puzzling thing about all of this is that you don't have a full-time job as a writer already...

  17. Anonymous24.8.10

    I'm hoping for another 35 chapters in another 2 months.

  18. alladinsgenie4u24.8.10

    I do not use twitter, but I have added a link to Fates in my signature at the NBC boards
    (BTW thanks for that).
    I am really loving the way you are building up the C/S relationship. So Chuck figuring out his feelings for Sarah will be a huge part of Part IV. Now that has got me excited, because I am sure it will involve a lot of thought process on Chuck's part - another thing that I love about Fates Chuck.I will take a wild guess and say that the time in Part IV when Chuck really does sort out his feelings for Sarah will coincide with Bryce's return.(or is it just me conditioned by TPTB to think like that; case in point- Chuck vs Nemesis right after the kiss in Hard Salami)

  19. Anonymous24.8.10

    Hey, can anyone point me to the "pacific northwest" fic, you are speaking of?

  20. Here you go:


    And anonymous, you're trying to kill me! 2 months in 35 chapters again?

    And thanks, Alladin! Would I bring Bryce back right in time for Chuck to figure out how he feels? Would I really be so cruel?

  21. Frea, I'm pretty sure that you can post 35 chapters in 2 months

  22. OldDarth24.8.10

    Pssst Frea! Josh and Chris are scrunching over to make room for you on their Charah timeout couch. ;)

  23. Dude, I get to hang out with Morgan and I Am Not Amused?! SWEET!

  24. grah: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/grah
    pictures: http://www.google.com/images?q=Grah

    I was hoping grah was not some way of artificially keeping Chuck and Sarah apart by smell.

    41K/month, huh? Pacific Northwest had 32K posted in one day. (It was written in a single day, of course :) ). That is over 960K/month. At that pace, Fates would be finished before season 4 starts, and there would be much rejoicing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enSYlCEz5VI

    If it weren't for the progress bars, we would all think you twiddled your thumbs between chapters and held back chapters to taunt us all. So much for the illusion.

  25. oldDarth24.8.10

    'Dude, I get to hang out with Morgan and I Am Not Amused?! SWEET! '

    With that knowledge one can safely retire each night knowing you are impervious to any external pressures.

    Even better!

  26. Anonymous24.8.10

    thanks for the link!

    And i'm willing to settle at 30 chapters.Deal?

  27. Anonymous24.8.10

    I'm just here to say that after reading the chapter 36, I'm voting for the Bungalow scene now more than ever. Was that bit "you tried to spoon me" a way to convince the readers and reverse the poll?...lol

    Well played Frea! ;)

  28. Anonymous24.8.10

    Frea, I'm late to this reassurance party, but going to pile on anyway. You have a winning franchise established and nothing anyone says can affect that - only you can. So don't let the naysayers screw with your head, no one can please them all.

    Stick with your own instincts for the win. Oh, and it's probably okay to listen to that mxpw guy some too. ;)

  29. And nice new banner too, btw!

  30. Ok, now I feel guilty. Yes, as a borderline psychotic shipper I do prefer Charah stories. Only because the awesomeness that is Fates that I not only read the whole story (twice!), but i loved it. Yes, some times I wanted to get in the story and bump Chuck several times while screaming COME ON MAN!!! SHE LIKES YOU!!! Of course, if he did realize that, he wouldn´t be Chuck. And no sane man would let go the oportunity of being with Sarah Walker. But of course, you could argue that Chuck isn´t a sane man...
    PS: I agree, more people should read Chuck Vs. the Pacific northwest. It´s a great fic that didn´t get the attention it deserves because it was published all at once, and on a saturday, so it went a bit under the radar.

  31. I just read Chapter 4 of Chuck vs the Pacific Northwest. Wow that was a thing of beauty. I am seriously in love with that Fic and would have never found it if not for this blog. :-)

    I changed my stance and want Frea to go at her own pace. It will make it that much sweeter later on.

  32. Anonymous24.8.10

    I like fates because it it is written very differently from the other fics. Fates has more detail than most of the stories. I think that a lot of the other fics follow the lead of the show and don't delve heavily into details. I think that fates is more like a novel.

    In fact Fates reminds me my two favorite novels, The Winds of War and War and Rembrance by Herman Wouk. Combined they are about 1800 pages long and there are plently of details and obstacles but not at lot of resolution. So I hope you keep up the same high qaulity.

    If I want to see Chuck and Sarah happy I will read some of the great fics reccomended by MXPW.


  33. Agree it is very novel like or even cindmatic in quality. Last chapter I literally felt the cold snow, yes it was that realistic.

  34. coffeegirl24.8.10

    did my comment sound impatient? i mean with the whole C/S relationship? i'm so sorry but i am honestly enjoying the pace of your story

  35. Ayefah25.8.10

    Heh, you totally spoiled us with your giant buffer early on. Now we're all like, "Why can't you publish 6,000 words every three days anymore? HUH?! WE RELY ON YOU FOR OUR FIX, YOU KNOW."

  36. MNIJIL - Pacific Northwest may have posted 32k in a day, but it hasn't updated since, so nyah. and very interesting about the bean soup. I shall have to tell my Aussie friend that her typical greeting for me is culinary. Likely, she already knows since she's intensely smart, and I shall be the one to made look like the fool. I can't wait.

    OD - Yeah, trying to pressure me usually has the opposite anticipated effect. :)

    anonymous - ::channeling my mother:: you'll take what I give you and you'll like it. Also: heh. 30 chapters for 2 months? It'll probably be more. I hate myself. *facepalm*

    izavox - that would be telling. :-P

    Aardie - that "mxpw guy" just wrote a long post detailing the lack of romance in my story and then rubbing the cutest, sexiest Charah stories in the fandom in my face. He is in the minion doghouse and shall remain there until either I need him to do something for me, or he fetches me a Dr. Pepper at just the right temperature, chilled glass, no ice.

    Crumby - Thanks! More blue on the site! Just what we needed!

    T-Rex - No need to feel guilty. This rant wasn't directed at anybody in particular, it was just something I feel like we all--including myself--need reminding from time to time. Chuck's continually had his life turned upside down and now I'm yanking the rug out from under him again, but he's got his clan and none of them, even the surly, grunting one, are leaving him.

    Richard - HaHA! One more I have won over to my "slow and steady makes the passion burn bright later on" campaign. I promise, there will be fistpumping. And I spent a winter freezing my butt off with a camera and some skis. If there's one thing I know, it's how to be frakkin' coooooooooooold.

    SK85 - I've always felt Fates is more like War and Peace, but that's because at this point, if you were to print it out and drop it, it might break your foot. But thank you for the compliments, I shall have to check those books out.

    Coffeegirl - no, your questions weren't impatient at all. In fact, I didn't see them until after this mini-rant.

    Ayefah - It is true. I am a crack dealer and the crack is coming in shorter and shorter supply as the story gets more and more complex. *facepalm* I'm thinking about taking a brief hiatus to pump up my buffer, but I know all I will do is play crosswords and watch "The Middleman," which is arriving in the mail today thanks to the powers that be that are Netflix.

  37. Whoa people really want to see that Hayloft scene!

  38. Anonymous25.8.10

    some people don't appreciate the fine art that is drawing out living, breathing, characters. you can't just rush them into everything, doing that makes for poor understanding of their inner works. especially people as complex as our two peeps who also happen to have a LOT going on besides what may or may not be between them at any given time.
    it would take a big break of the great charachteristic that we got so far to have Chuck just go up to Sarah and kiss her out of the blue (though it would have been funny if he had done that instead of just going off to the middle of no-where. even if it would make him feel guilty and make his head hurt with 'do i like her because she likes me, WHY does she like me, OMG i kissed Sarah what am i going to do now??' etc. which would set them back for a whole long while till Chuck clears his head).
    not to mention all of Chuck's problems, his enormous insecurity and lack of self confidence because of how he handles everything after sooo long from society, family and friends, and how he feels he has let them down by not being there and lying.. and how he feels he's being babysat at all the time sure doesn't make him feel any better about his adaptation. Chuck is in a big whirlpool of emotion, he has been there for quite some time, and the last two months hadn't helped him much with all the ups and downs and scary robots. which is one of the reasons i so admire fate's Sarah, she knows he needs someone to trust and has been there like that for him from the get go. she put him in front of her needs and wants. of course she complains (minutely) from time to time ("you make my head hurt") but that's only natural.
    and hey, if Sarah knows he needs time to cope(dream Sarah clearly states that), heal, and build himself up again, and we all trust her and her judgment, then the impetient readers should just BACK OFF and give them their time.
    sheesh, i want them together as much as the next fan, but not at risk of butchering who they are for how we want them to act. that just makes them shallow, and there are a million of such Charas out there. go read one of those if you don't appreciate this story enough.

    uh, sorry, came back after a long day, read this, got pissed, and.. well..
    bottom line: great story, amazing character building, i enjoy and look forward to every update.


  39. Ayefah25.8.10

    YOU ARE WATCHING 'THE MIDDLEMAN' YAY. (Un)luckily, it won't take you long because it got cancelled so quickly. But when you are done I DEMAND that you squee with me about how awesome it is and how Wendy pwns everything ever.

  40. The Middleman: Typical supervillain horse feathers. Can't wait to hear this guy's monologue. "I am the Palindrome, feel my power! Power my feel, PALINDROME THE AM I!" Peter-pipin' weirdos.

  41. Also: the Interrodroid 3k.

    'nuff said.

    (seriously, Ayefah, my mom, my sister, and I were all falling off of various pieces of furniture laughing during DubDub's beatdown of said character. And then I showed the scene to Frank. He's a little worried now)


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