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Since the next chapter of Fates will be up on Tuesday (fingers crossed), I've decided to do a quick poll. Answers will be tallied when I post the chapter and take the poll down, and I'll of course post the results here because I'm nice like that.

If you would like, leave a comment and let me know what you think is going to happen.  This last chapter was a bit--a, er, rough one to write, so feel free to get as creative as you like.  Can't say that I'll have aliens or Snake Plesskin in Fates ever, but if they strike your fancy, let me know.

Oh, and speaking of polls, I'm kind of surprised everybody is voting for the Hayloft rather than the Bungalow in mxpw's birthday poll.  You're really missing out, I think...  :)

Happy voting!



  1. Ayefah1.8.10

    If Sarah does get hit, I'm going to say it'll totally be Chuck's fault for distracting her at the key moment. :P

  2. I think Jill will land a glancing blow, and Sarah should go all Mortal combat on her ass. I would actually like to see jill daze Sarah and Chuck opens a can of whoopass on her.

  3. I think Sarah send Chuk away because she knew something was off with Jill. Doesn't mean she will be expecting the phone (Chuck is distractinf her!) but in the end I think she'll win and won't be surprised by Jill.

    Also I'm not convinced Jill's evil, she might just be defednung herself, or from another agency, which could be interesting!

  4. Anonymous1.8.10

    You know, I usually just browse to get updates on different fanfics (I know, I'm a terrible fan). But, I was intrigued by what you said about the little poll you're conducting for mxpw's bday. That you were surprised people were picking the hayloft scene instead of the bungalow scene. I wasn't very surprised by the results so far, but I decided to reread chapter 4 again to see if maybe that scene might be more interesting from Sarah's POV. My conclusion, eh, I'm still more interested in seeing Sarah's POV from the hayloft scene.

    While it would be fun to get her perspective when she sneaks into the bungalow around Chuck's sensors and sees him sleeping and then being suddenly awaken by Chuck's flash (if that is the part you are talking about, I could very well be wrong), I'm still more interested in reading about her reaction to waking up "cuddling" with Chuck in the hayloft.

    Anyway, as far as this poll goes, I'd say she sees Jill's reflection in the window at the last second and evades her, then takes her down.

  5. Ayefah - That could very well happen. You're known among the Cabal for your crazy ability to read my mind. Or you could maybe just be partly right. Or you may be wrong. Wow, I am not helpful in the slightest.

    BDaddyL - That would be so much fun, right??? I do believe I actually use the words "Mortal Kombat" in the chapter, even.

    Crumby - I like that theory. I'll let you know on Tuesday if it pans out or not.

    Anonymous - All very good points, on the surface, but I challenge you this: which scene is Chuck fully clothed in, hmm? And don't forget about the powerful force that is Mission Mode Sarah in eradicating pesky things like emotions. :)

    Thanks for the replies, everybody!

  6. Don't try to mess with us, Frea! We want to see both scenes anyway! I hoping mxpw's got another bet with you somewhere so that we can see either one of the scene that won't win this poll in, um, 30 days now!

  7. Actually, Crumby, there IS a bet going right now where you can get both scenes for the low low price of "if mxpw finishes Double Agent by Oct 9, I will write the entire prologue of Fates from Sarah's POV." So, really, the trick is to bother him.

    A lot.


  8. Well this is win-win for us readers, DA + Fates! Awesome!

  9. Well, I just changed my vote from Hayloft to Bungalow.

    I'm now expecting some seriously sexy Charah moments =)

    btw - I voted for Chuck shooting Jill. Is it a possibility? :P

  10. KGP, I promise you, if Bungalow wins, nobody will be disappointed.

    And as for the possibility of Chuck ever shooting Jill...well, we've seen how he reacts in Fates when Sarah is threatened. When Sarah is injured? Whole new ballgame. And he DOES have the Fulcrum gun...


  11. Anonymous2.8.10

    OK, so I've thought about what you said and you make a pretty valid point with mission mode Sarah. But wouldn't that come into play in both scenes? I do like the point about an almost naked Chuck. Once you made that point, I was thinking that you might throw in a little dream sequence (fingers crossed) that really made me seriously reconsider my vote. I know there could be one in the hayloft scene, but we all know how naughty her dreams can be when Chuck isn't even I'm bed with her. I can only imagine (or hope to) what it would be like with him half undressed.

    Even if you don't do anything close to that, you have piqued my interest enough, so I'll change my vote to the bungalow scene. Hopefully we just get both, but for the sake of this vote I'm going with bungalow.

    Although, (thought I was done didn't you, almost I swear) I kind of want to see either the pick pocket scene or the Thanksgiving lunch on Chuck's bed scene. Too many good scenes to choose from!


  12. Anonymous2.8.10

    Come on, everybody knows mxpw is not going to finish DA in time. There's got to be some other way to get both Hayloft and Bungalow scenes!

    By the way, I'm just going to vote for the Bungalow scene now after what you said (even though I definitely want both).

  13. Doubting mxpw, Anonymous? I promised him a color-isolated icon of Sarah in her undies if the progress bar for Double Agent goes up significantly.

    And we know mxpw and his love for Sarah Walker. Have faith.


    And LA, yeah, so many great scenes, but I've already said I'm not writing anything from Sarah's POV (save "Perchance to Scream") after the prologue, so unfortunately, neither of those would happen. Gotta draw the line somewhere, and that somewhere for me is Chapter 7, sorry. Haha, I don't know about a dream sequence in the Hayloft scene, as she really was about to fall on her face from exhaustion before Chuck made her sleep, but the Bungalow... who knows? (Well, I do, but that's besides the point)

  14. Anonymous2.8.10

    No worries. I wasn't expecting to get those scenes, just wishful thinking! Besides, there are plenty of good scenes in chapters 1-7 that you could give us if mxpw comes through, then I (and I'm sure many others) would be very happy!

    Anyway, I realized since I've never left reviews (last night being my first post on either site) that I never thanked you for the time and effort you and the others have put into writing these stories. I haven't been able to read everyone's fics on here, but I'm sure they are great and hope to get around to reading more. Thanks again and I look forward to the next chapter of Fates!


  15. There is no greater motivational tool than Sarah Walker in her underwear.

    Chapter 25 is up to 5%. Oh yeah!

    Next thing you know, you'll blink and it'll be up to 6%. Then it'll really be cooking.


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