Coming Soon to a Screen Near You

So I don't know if I'm actually going to write this, but if I do, I have ideas in mind that combine one of the few episodes of Doctor Who I've seen (sorry, Liam!), a tasteless Osama Bin Laden joke, and possibly an irrational fear of lizards.  Who exactly fears the lizards, I haven't decided yet.  Crystal and I have a deal that both of us will write a story, as the Cabal has been after me to write Adorable Psycho for months. 

But either way, I cut a short video to be funny, and I'm finally sharing it here:


  1. Finally AP in moving pictures! Why waste my time going to see SALT when a far dangerous woman is soon to be on the loose in the cinemas. NICE

    Sign me up for the promo T-shirt (size M to L), the lunchbox and the "How to plow or be plowed in three easy steps" by redacted [Hard copy pls]
    No action figure for me (don't play with dolls well)

    Again SWEET

  2. Probably best you didn't get the action figure, as we've had bad results with those. Don't forget to get the Adorable Psycho iPhone app, though. Her eyes turn red based on your vicinity to brunettes. And if you hand the phone to a brunette, it will explode, possibly killing her (and you). The only person safe from this app is one Charles I. Bartowski, but R&D is working on that, I promise.


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