15 (well, 17) Reasons Why Fates Will Be Late

Bad news everybody.

Chapter 30 isn't ready for air. I wish I had a really good excuse, like I got caught up in something in real life and it ate up great gobs of time, and I didn't really eat or sleep for two days because I was just so wrapped up in working on it and I completely forgot Fates existed and--wait, what? I DO have that excuse? Since when?

Oh, right, since I cut the Awesomes.

No, seriously.

I did.

The results aren't in (I'm waiting for JMG to mail them to me), but I've got the results video allll ready to go (minus the names). What do I have?

Well, there's the nominee playlist, for starters.

And because this is my blog, and I'm allowed to be somewhat vain on my blog, I'm going to post some of the categories I got nominated for in the 2010 Awesome Awards (probably not all of them because...yeah...).

Yes, it really is just a loop of Alex beating the crap out of Casey. Did I giggle while editing it? Yes, I totally did.

Oh, the Morgan. I Am Not Amused and I were going to start political campaigns smearing each other over this award because we think it's probably the most hotly contested one...and that's just our sense of humor...

(Don't believe me? Check the fanfic idea thread on the ff.net forums sometime)

Oh, here's a fave of everybody's (still surprised I got nominated for this one):

So...yeah. Expect Fates on Monday or Tuesday. Expect the awards whenever JMG gets them to me.



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  1. OldDarth12.7.10

    Congrats on all your writing category wins!

    Most deserved.


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