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The preview for the next chapter of What Fates Impose had Sarah and Chuck stuffed in a car trunk together. I got quite a few people that hinted or alluded to a trunk scene in canon (of the characters, Chuck, Sarah, and Morgan have all been stuffed in car trunks at some point or other. Chuck has done so at least twice, once with Sarah, Sarah ditto, and Morgan ended up in a trunk in Best Friend).

I know everybody’s excited because if they were in the trunk, it must mean I'm doing my own version of Chuck Vs. the Imported Hard Salami, which means Sarah’s about to lay a big one on Chuck. I can’t really confirm or deny that (mxpw is happy to say that HE can, and that he accepts bribes), but I really don’t want people to build their hopes up and then go, “NOooOOOOoooOOOOOOOO!” when I don’t throw out an oxygenated coffin (tm Ayefah)/fake bomb and an “OMYBOBwe’regonnaDIIIIIE” make-out session next chapter. The fact is, we’ve deviated from canon. Bryce didn’t get shot, ergo no coffin. Jill doesn’t happen in canon for another year, and now Chuck and Sarah are in a car trunk because of her.

I do hope you like what I’ve got planned just as much. Yes, there’s a plan. I know that it’s frustrating because we’re thirty chapters in and there hasn’t been a kiss or a conversation acknowledging feelings and glaciers are kicking my butt at this rat race. I feel like I should caution you—Chuck and Sarah haven’t even had two months together yet, and they were separated for two weeks of that. I know by this point in canon, they’ve kissed, and Sarah seems to have endless wells of patience, but there are things to keep in mind here:

1) Chuck is agoraphobic. This is a real problem, and something many people never fully overcome. There ARE success stories attached to it (seriously, go read about Paula Deen sometime, it’s a wonderfully educating read), but the fact that Chuck is able to function at all and even come across as a normal human being to most people? It’s freaking astounding, actually.

2) In canon, Chuck is the aggressor in the relationship. He’s the one that continually puts it on the line for Sarah. Even if she initiated the first kiss, that was only because she thought they were going to die. Whoops. In Fates, Sarah is the one that’s more sure of her feelings and canon Sarah has shown us time and again that emotions are a tricky road for her to travel. Meanwhile, Chuck has a mess of other problems to deal with, as well as the fact that he is always moving, never stopping to think and reassess. He’s had moments of sheer introspection, but very rarely does he just sit down and let his mind drift. His hands and his mind are always too busy for that. Will that come into play? I promise even the random things have a purpose in this story.

3) Seriously, it’s only been two months.

4) Oh, and Chuck’s stalking Jill. Or he was until that led to Sarah and him getting stuffed in a trunk. Again: whoops.

So keep these things in mind while reading, okay? Just because we don't like how long it took Chuck and Sarah to get together in canon doesn't mean I can just skip building the common ground that these two need for a healthy relationship. If you're looking for an instant gratification fic, I recommend hitting up chuckfan56 or Armadilloi. I'm the tortoise in this race, not the hare.

- Frea


  1. JohnClark18.7.10

    Can I just say if your going to mimic a couple-in-a-trunk scene I'd rather it be a riff on that great scene from Out of Sight.

  2. Ayefah18.7.10

    Look, I'm just a crazy person who tries to spot patterns in everything. It's what I do! Turning out to be wrong is just part of the deal. :P

  3. Hee, John, I would love to emulate that scene buuuuuuut, yeah, I've played too many road trip games for that to happen.

    And Ayefah, who said you were wrong about anything? It's a long story. Crazy things are going to happen, which means crazy people may be right. ;)

  4. OldDarth18.7.10

    To paraphrase Frank Sinatra - 'You are doing it your way!'

    The trick to great writing is not to give the fans what they want but give them something better which you have been doing in spades.

    You have my trust. I will gladly follow you wherever you take the story.

  5. Thanks, Lou. :) That does mean a lot, and yes, I do have "My Way" stuck in my head. Also, remember you said that, for dark times lie ahead.

  6. OldDarth18.7.10


    Even better!

  7. takeitto2218.7.10

    What?! They're not getting together yet?! OH! I hate this story now! You've lost a reader! :)


    If you think about it, they're actually moving pretty fast after only having spent two months together. Chuck's already seen Sarah naked, Sarah's been having sexy dreams about Chuck...I mean, gosh. Hehe.

    You should take it as a compliment that people are getting so into your story though. I have a lot of nitpickers for mine...some people just take things a little too seriously, in my opinion.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, Frea! As always, looking forward to what's going to happen!


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