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Hello, my little ferrets. This is Daddy Liam, though you can call me Justin. It's been a while since our girl Frea invited me to write for this blog, but until now, I've not had much to say. Frankly, I still don't, because I think blogs are evil and will cause the ruination of mankind. So take that, suckers.

I assume people actually read this blog, so I'll speak as though it's true. Some of you might be wondering, "Hey, Justin, what's the deal with you not writing fic anymore?" Well, truth be told, I've had little creative energy lately, and what energy I've had has been spent on my original writings. But now I'm feeling a surge of adrenaline. I might be doing some writing now. Including renewing my efforts on "Road to Innocence".

I know, I know. I've said that before. But I may actually mean it this time. I've begun work on a "review" of sorts. A summary of the first twenty chapters, with my own distinctive style, just to catch up you old readers who've stuck with it. It's also great because going back and doing this has allowed me to review the work as a whole, get myself reacquainted with it. Granted, while RTI will never again be my top priority, I think I can make room for it. So I'll try to keep everyone posted. There might actually be room for optimism to seeing a conclusion to this Awesome Award winning story. Oh yeah, I just said AA winning story.

Anyway, since Frea is an absolute baby doll and has more or less said I can speak on whatever I like, I might just take her up on that. I might also treat you guys to glimpses of some of this original writing that I'm doing. This is mostly scripts, since I aspire to become a professional screenwriter. Mostly horror stuff, but also some comedy. I'm also dabbling with an original short story, entitled "The Girl in the Library". It's a ghost story with a romantic twist. It's actually coming along quite well. Maybe sometime in the near future I'll post it here, assuming Mistress Frea allows it.

Anyway, I'm gonna sign off for now. I imagine I'll be doing this again quite soon. Until then, just remember, Daddy Liam loves you, but he loves your hot sister more.

Hugs, Kisses, and Cyanide,

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