Because I'm Leaving -- Wait For It -- On A Jet Plane

Yes, folks, the Frea is once again headed west, this time to the city of Lost Wages.  I don't know what my internet connection will be like in this dusty city of sin and sentinels (you know, the eye in sky?  C'mon, that was great alliteration!), and I'll be with a large group of family, so I'm going to make a conscious effort to not be on the computer.  I've got email on my phone, so if there's a problem, toss it my way, and mxpw will have the password to my ff.net account if I don't have access to post the chapter (which is already finished and ready to go) on Friday, since I'll be back early Sunday morning.

Here are some playlists to console you while you count the hours until my return.  Megatronics has posted every song from the show, including ringtones, here.  Half of them don't work, but the ones that do are fantastic.  I regularly listen to The New Pornographers' Challengers because that song is just beautiful. One of the blog contributors, I Am Not Amused, made a playlist for the 2010 Awesome Awards that, in addition to being so freaking awesome it defies even the power of internet memes, is just a fun summer romp.

Just to warn everybody, my pace on What Fates Impose might be slowing down.  I wrote negative three pages yesterday.  The cuts were necessary for the pacing, but I still cut one of mxpw's favorite scenes.  It'll show up on the blog eventually, as it's cute and funny.  I was going to put up a little preview, but that drive is packed and in my luggage, so I'm sorry, folks.  I'll try and get some good writing in on the plane, which might be a little weird.  It's just awkward writing Chuck and Jill having sex while Sarah gives Chuck pointers through an earpiece when there are other people around.  ;)

(THAT WAS A JOKE, people.  Sarah would be a little more hands-on if Fates were going toward threesome territory.  Geeeeez.)

See you Sunday!

- Frea O-No-She-Didn't

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