Some Changes

So without any warning whatsoever last night, I decided that while it was great to have a Frea blog, I wanted more of a community.  As a Chuck fandom, we've got great blogs like  ChuckThis  (they like me over there, so I like them, too) and the ultimate fansite ChuckTV.net, but there's not really a blog that's about fanfiction.

So I grabbed some  of my minions writing pals that have been around the block a time or few to serve as kind of a fanfiction roundup.  We'll talk about the show, our inspirations, review episodes, whine about fanfiction.net being a suckily maintained site (thanks, Wep!), post excerpts, outtakes, and talk about what we're reading now.

For example, what I'm reading now is a fantastic mix of All the Roads that Lead to You are Winding, Chuck vs. Project Quantum Leap, and I really wish professor-of-chaos would get on finishing Chuck vs. the Patriot Games.  The first strikes me as a breakout hit of the summer, an awesome mix of nerdery (Chuck as the Green Hornet!  Casey as Kato--what, you mean Casey isn't his Kato yet?  But he's his butler!  Sarah as Casey Case--what, she's not that yet either?  Huh.  Odd) and Charahness that people love to chew on in this fandom.  It's got just enough to make it almost "beach read" material, but there's substance there to chew over, and it's keeping me on my toes, which is always much appreciated.

Chuck vs. Project Quantum Leap has all of my requirements for good fanfiction--a good sense of grammar, interesting ways of looking at the characters, and Scott Bakula and Scott Bakula.  Okay, maybe the last is just fun.  My parents loved Quantum Leap when it aired, and as a kid playing with her Ninja Turtles on the living room carpet (you mock, but...well, just mock.  It's kind of funny, actually), I used to laugh whenever Scott Bakula had to dress up as a woman.  That probably says a lot about my sense of humor.  The fic carries just enough detail to make me nostalgic, while providing an interesting Alternate Universe.

Which is a subject I'll probably write about at some point: the rise of the AU.

Anyway, I hope that we'll eventually grow enough to invite guest bloggers to talk about their stories or things that strike them in fanfiction.  If you have a topic you'd like to talk about on the blog or one you'd like one of our intrepid authors to cover, send me an email at right2befrea@gmail.com.  Even if it's just to say hi, I'd love to hear from you!

- Frea O'Scanlin, Blogger Extraordinaire (or not)


  1. Anonymous20.7.10

    I might laugh if I hadn't also been a kid that played with her Ninja Turtles ;)

  2. OldDarth21.7.10

    Very slick.

    Nice companion to the OrionCave aka the OC. ;)


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