'Mused Put It Best

This review exactly sums up how Chapters 29 and 30 of What Fates Impose are, in reality:

So, there's a theme park outside of Chicago called Six Flags Great America. At this particular Six Flags there is a roller coaster called Raging Bull. Of all of the coasters at Great America, it's the one with the highest drop.

Being on a roller coaster with a high first drop, of course, means that there is an almost interminably long bit where you're sitting in your car, and CLUNK, the car attaches to that long chain that CLANK CLANK CLANKs your car upwards towards your impending doom.

This chapter? This chapter was like hearing those individual clanks. Chuck grabs something from this dude? Clank. Dude comes back into the elevator? Clank. Chuck completely forgets to deliver the letter? Clank. Radio Shack? Clank. Sarah finding out? Clank.

Basically I read this chapter and kept thinking "Oh God why did I sit in the front row oh crap oh crap I'm gonna die I'm gonna fly out of this thing and splatter on the pavement oh crap oh no."

Enjoy the ride, folks!

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