Spoiler alert!

So today's a pretty important day for me.  HUUUUUGE things happening today, you know?  It's the sort of day that happens only once per year, and the ripples shock all the way through the country, I think.  I am not talking about Comic Con and the Chuck panel starting in half an hour, but the fact that it's my mother's birthday.  Not only that, but it's a big year for her.  If I tell you how old she is, however, I'll be murdered horribly before I can finish typing fifty.

So what does that mean?

Itty bitty spoiler for you guys, since I can't post from the next chapter.  I don't want you to know if Jill was successful or not yet.

:)  More after the break.

Okay, these are all brochures I grabbed from the hotel lobby.  Ignore my trusty suitcase under them, please, but ONE of these brochures is a spoiler.  Do Chuck and Sarah go hiking?  Is Bryce coming back?  They're going to a gun range?  Oooorrr does Casey embrace his inner child and treat Sarah and Chuck to some go-karts?

You'll find out in Chapter 35.

I hope everybody's excited about the Comic Con panel happening in a few minutes/excited about the Comic Con panel that happened earlier (depending on when you're reading this)!  Please, let there be no repeats of 2009!!!

- Frea


  1. OldDarth24.7.10

    I'll take the guns brochure.

  2. Can't ignore the trusty suitcase. I'll take what's inside. I am seeing red herrings all over the place.
    No...oh well.
    Bryce coming back then!


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