Oh, the suckage

So Frea invited me, too, to post to her blog. And we all know what comes with great power. No, not great responsibility, silly. What comes with great power is the ability to bitch about stuff on a much grander scale, completely misusing that power. So here we go.

Fanfiction.net sucks. There, it's been said. I don't think that's exactly a revelation to, well, anyone that tries to use that website on a regular basis.

Right now, and for the past week or so, stories, updates, and forum posts have been disappearing like attractive teenaged girls in the Caribbean. It's beyond frustrating, as I'm sure any fanfic author could tell you, to spend hours upon hours writing something, post it, and then have no one be able to read it because the stupid website is a piece of technological crap. Even our beloved Frea has, at times, fallen victim to the sucktitude of FFnet. The stories always show back up, eventually, but don't we, the masses want to see Frea's work NOW, whenever she posts? Lord knows I do. I mean, honestly, that site makes me want to do this:

Of course, I'd never do that wearing that horrible color, nor any apparel carrying the name or likeness of ClemSCUM University, but the fact remains. FFnet, this isn't good enough, and you guys that run that site suck.

So I've decided to start compiling a list of things that suck just as much, but no more than Fanfiction.net.

1) Anna Wu's exit from the Chuckverse. Yes, it sucked. I'm not going to say that every part of Season 3 of Chuck sucked. It didn't. In fact, I've never loved Casey, or especially Morgan more than I did this past season. But there were parts that could've been handled better, chief amongst them, in my mind, the departure of the cutest little Nerd Herder. They could've made her a spy. They could've let her leave with grace. But they did none of that. THEN, they get a mulligan. A chance to make it all right. But did they take it? No! They brought Julia Ling back to further crap on my little Anna.

2) Being a Seattle Mariners fan. I've been a fan of the M's since I was a kid. Back when they had Griffey Jr. (my childhood hero), Jay "Bones" Buhner, The Big Unit, A-Rod, et al. And it didn't hurt that "Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball" for SNES frakkin' rocked. I remember playing that game for hours on end. And because they didn't have a license from the MLBPA, they had fake names for all the players, and they let you edit those names, so I could edit in my Little League team, and play as my friends and me ON A VIDEO GAME! It was fantastic. And it made me love Griffey and the M's even more. Know what that love has garnered me? A few playoff appearances, no World Series games, and nowhere close to a championship. Ugh, I may as well be a Cubs fan (sorry Liam).

3) Clemson University athletics. I think this speaks for itself. Clemson sucks, always and forever. In fact, it wouldn't shock me if the maintainers of FFnet were former Clemson athletes. It would make a lot of sense, really. Oh, and Go Gamecocks!

So that's my top 3 things that suck as much but not more than Fanfiction.net. Feel free to contribute more, if you see fit. And I'm sorry, by the way, for using Frea's (well earned) popularity to gain an alter for my venting. Okay, I'm not sorry at all. But apologizing seemed like it would be a nice thing to do. Anyway, you guys are awesome. Peace.


  1. Anonymous20.7.10

    You can always crosspost on LJ. It's not quite as...um...Pit of Voles-esque as ff.net. But then, what is?

  2. I actually do post some of my stories over at LiveJournal, but those are generally my more naughty, and/or alt pairing stories. Why I see fit to post those to LJ and not other stories I write, I couldn't tell you, but I do.

  3. Anonymous21.7.10

    Other things that suck as much as FF.net...
    The Pittsburgh Pirates
    The Chrysler PT Cruiser
    Reality shows in general (not the least of which is Dancing With the Starf**kers, but you know how I feel about that...)
    - Notorious JMG

  4. No, what really sucks about being a Mariners fan is that no matter how hopeful things look, you can be assured that they'll somehow manage to choke harder than the Boston Strangler. Other teams get fights to the finish; we get years of games where Norm Charlton or Bobby Ayala blow the win and send everyone home brokenhearted.


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